Penolopes - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Pam S  (March 09, 2006)         

Dianas is now Penelopes, and sadly Diana is not there any longer.  It has been taken over by a man who used to work for her when she had a place in Argostoli.  Apparently that is where she has gone back too.
We visited Penelopes last July when we stayed in Trapezaki and whilst the food was fine it didn't have the same atmosphere.

Lourdas Resort - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Pam S           

This is in response to Martin Nareys comments about Lourdas being a dump.  What a load of rubish.  View everyone elses comments that have said what a lovely place this is and you will see that Martin is in a very small minority!!
We have been to Kefalonia for the past two years, the first time staying in Lourdas, the second time in Trapezaki (because we couldn't get the accommodation we wanted in Lourdas!!).  We are returning to Lourdas later this year, staying in a lovely villa with a view to die for.
I can only think that Martin was in a very bad mood for the whole of his holiday.
We love Kefalonia and the people who work in Lourdas that make it a happy and enjoyable place to stay in.
Pam Scaife