Taka-Taka-Mam - (Restaurants in Sami)

Donna W           

This place was excellent. The Giros are amazing. Hot, fresh, tasty, very fast, and "CHEAP AS CHIPS". These are addictive, and once tried never forgotten, they make any English fast food dull and boring. Best on the island. We drove from Lourdas Village, to Sami nearly every other night to gorge ourselves on these, and to soak up the Sami atmos of course. AAAHHHH GIROS BLISSSSS.

Maria - (Accommodation in Lourdas)

Donna W           

We went here in July/August of 2003 and really liked it. It is directly off the village square in a sort of courtyard. The apartment was basic but clean and quiet. The village square is really old greek type of place with gatherings of old greek men and families having parties. It is brilliant to watch the old greek men having a sort of "dance off" on the evenings when they get together and is not to be missed. It reminded me of THE FILM you know the one. Also the lady, Maria that owns the apartments has a restaurant off the village square that is very good and she is very helpfull. Also a plus is that the drop off and pick up points are in the village square. Not really far from anything really, there is a village shop and phone down the road, about 2 mins. The beach is about 10 mins downhill, and is a real effort on the way back. The Lara hotel has a pool about half way down if you cant take the pace on the way back. You can hire a car or jeep or bike etc in the village and on the main street, and I reccommend that you do.
I would go back here again in a heartbeat. If you are looking for discos and loads of noise and bustle this is not the place to go. There is a bar and a few other restaurants in the village, but most stroll either up to the main street or down to the beach for dinner. Oh one word of warning there is a mad dog, well I would imagine it is grown by now into a large dog, it was a puppy then. It took a fancy to mine and any other persons legs. Just a nip then, probably a chunk now.

Casa de Blue Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Donna E           

The guy that literally dragged us into this place was really miserable. He did not look at us once while we were ordering our meal, rather he preferred to look at the young women on the other table. I am surprised our order was correct. The food was really boring and nothing special at all. He was having a raucous with a young lad, who was with his new wife, when we walked past on our way back to the hotel one night, and he actually hit him. I would steer clear if you are female, under 65 and are breathing.