Dum Spiros Spero - (Restaurants in Svoronata)

Grant W           

Just returned from a week in Svoranata and visited Dum Spiros Spero most days. The meals were excellent and the service first class. Prices no different from other tavernas but the food was freshly cooked, well presented and tasted great. Owner, son and other staff extremely polite, caring and friendly. What more could you ask for!

Envita Apartments - (Accommodation in Svoronata)

Grant W  (June 01, 2003)         

Located 5 mins from the airport which has its pro's and con's. Don't pay expensive transfer fees with the tour operators, get a taxi. Don't pay for delivery of hire cars just walk back down the road (5 mins each way)to the airport and pick the car up. As only 4 or 5 planes land each day being by the airport is not a problem (you can't really hear them anyway). Accomodation very basic and the appartments are very small. Main room is just about OK but the bedroom has two beds almost touching each other. Access to the wardrobe is difficult. Balcony is right next to the pool so good if you have kids. According to the Golden Sun brochure the appartments are located in POROS or SVORONATA. In reality they are on the opposite side of the island from Poros just outside Svoranata near the airport! Despite the culture shock on arrival the area is nice but is on the main approach to the airport for coaches. Go there soon before the shops and appartments along the road are completed though.