Pericles Hotel

Accommodation in Sami

Joanne G           

I am writing in response to that hideous man who seems to think the Hotel Pericles is somewhat lacking. If he is as rich as he claims, why isn't he heading off to some far flung destination instead of Greece. Secondly, I would much rather listen to animals in the early hrs than drunken men on the balcony or traffic back home. Would you rather it be on top of a nightclub in Faliraki??? Get real! My parents have been visitng the Pericles for 8 yrs or so now and this yr was my second yr there. The hotel is second to none in welcoming you - particularly Nikos and his excellent staff. The rooms are exceptionally clean and without cockroaches (I presume because this guy can't spell they probably weren't cockroaches!) 95% of business there is repeat which I'm sure most hotels in the world cannot claim. It makes an excellent base in which to explore the island and Sami itself is lovely and the restaurants superb. He is the minority and unfortunately has plenty of time to knock back irritating remarks to genuine holidaymakers. To Nikos, Stellios and all the staff at the Pericles keep up the good work and see you next yr!!

Elfed J           

It is tempting to agree with Mr Silcox - but only because everyone else disagree's with him! It would be something else to see comments that concur with his views. Enough of him. This is about our experience in Sami staying at the Pericles.

The whole Island is sensational and the area around Sami is probably some of the best. We loved Anti Samos. This is one of the best beaches we have ever seen. The water is really crystal clear and it is easy to make friends with the local fish!
We hired both car and scooter. It is worth noting that some local companies do not come up front about the insurance on vehicles. Watch out for hire with third party cover only. Saying that we shopped around and found good, cheap deals. The tour towards Mrytos and Assos is awesome, however Fiskardo was we felt a little over rated. The Southern tour we took - Aggoustoli and onto Scala was not really as stunning as the northern part of the Island.

Around the resort there is plenty of good eating houses, the ones on the front offer good value and plenty of choice.

Sami is not a Butlins location but has a wonderful relaxing feel about the place. There are plenty of easy walks within reach of the resort and the hotel. Yes it is in the countryside, and that has to be part of the appeal. It is wonderful to sit on your balcony and hear bells from the local herds of sheep being shepperded in from the lower slopes of the nearby mountain.

The hotel is immaculate and deserves praise for the service and hospitality it delivers.

If anyone is considering a break in Kefalonia we would without hestitation recommend the Perciles and Sami as a base for a great holiday.

Lisa P           

Loved it, loved it, loved it !! Hotel was fine, no bugs, no injuries, OK, yes - you can hear the farm animals at night, but just take some earplugs and you'll be fine. Nikos was a lovely man ( and did you know that he checks out this web site and has been most amused by SOME of the comments !! ). Sami is a charming town, lots of good restaurants ( we loved the Dolphin with live music some evenings - la la la ). Plenty to do and see in the surrounding area without hiring a car. Take the bus to Fiskado for 3 Euro, for a stylish day out !! Walk in the hills and see the stunning views and hear the goats !! Can't wait to go back .... and HELLO to Nikos when you read this !!!!

P T           

very distraught to be back home in england after FAB time at Pericles, it was GREAT!!!!!! Rooms kept very clean, short walk to lovely Sami, Breakfast scrummy with view of the sea, Nicos a charmer (gave us a FREE drink), gorgeous poolside area with rare pine marten lurkin in bushes at dusk! Yes its got farm noises all night (take earplugs) - but where do you think the lovely food comes from??! Not BSE factory horror like UK for sure. Sami is full of great cheap restaurants and mad seadogs who try to snog you (HA!)Its even got a little sandy beach with fine view of horny coastguard. Plenty of places nearby to explore on foot/by boat/bus if you haven't got a car. Take the Sami Star to Itacha - its FANTASTIC.

Andy P           


Sadly I wasn't a professional footballer with Pompey. That was Robbie Pethick (no relation)

My own football abilities are more akin to Fowler (Pauline!!)

Andy Pethick

Russell S           

Hallo to all my frends. Hi it seems i,ve been missed by a few of you.A special hallo to Steve Davies ha ha , I,m happy you like my postes.But it would seem i have been sused out a little by an inteligent gentlman Andy Pethick. Andy did you once play prof football for Pompey? R/back?.For my next holiday i may go to Russia, Outer Mongolia or the Siberian Salt Mines. I not realy sure just yet.A.T.B PS, There are some iteligent people around if you look. I have been realy anjoying the reactions to my postes.What fantastic fun you all are. I bet iv,e helped you all to have an even more anjoyable holiday.There,s no charge .All my moanings are free of charge.Unles i meat you in the Pericles.Then i,m going to rip you of all that i can and make sure i clean you right out and you go home SKINT!!!!! HA HA

Steve D           

hallo mr pethick and your lovely wife (julie))

i am glad i have met the likes of you over the last 6 years and all the other lovely people that seem to be perfectly happy with the pericles. i hope that this will be my last contribution to this site unless a certain person has nothing better to do with his life.
to everybody out there don't let one sad b*****d put you off going to a nice friendly hotel .

Andy P           

Mr Silcox
I have just returned from my seventh consecutive holiday at the Pericles Hotel, and quite by accident have found this website. I wish that I hadn't as my blood pressure has become unhealthily high. Pity really, as I have just spent a week fully relaxing.
Anyway, enough about silly old me.
At the end of your first posting yo write; "enough said there's more but I can't be botherd"
I feel you are doing your modesty a disservice, as you have managed to bother on a further 10 occasions subsequent to this. Each if I may say so, with no offence intended, in a relatively condescending manner.
Indeed, as I write, I am already eagerly awaiting the little jolly pearls of wisdom your arrogance will ensure I receive.
Lets apply some logic here:
Virtually every posting on this website is of holidaymakers sufficiently impressed to put words to print to express happy experiences.
Then, taking the generally accepted theory that the majority of people write to complain and seldom congratulate, one can conclude that the Pericles Hotel is obviously a very nice place to be.
Now for my own experiences:
As stated earlier in this piece, I have just returned from my seventh visit to said establishment, and had already booked for 2 weeks next year to celebrate my 40th birthday. Along with my lovely wife (I would never insult mine to show off) I shall be accompanied by a further 22 guests (including 6 children and our parents) because the Hotel is good enough to satisfy the requirements of 3 generations of my family. How many Hotels can claim that?
I do not understand your motives for using such an "acid tongue" not just in your original posting, but in your replies to those who have dared to question your thoughts. I also believe that freedom of speech should be removed from those who abuse it, particularly when it borders on libellous.
The management and staff of the Pericles have become through their friendliness, warmth and charm (look the last one up in the dictionary) very close personal friends of mine over the years, and when you insult them, you are insulting me by association.
I am actually fairly sure that you are enjoying all of this attention, and are purposely being mischievous and looking to goad a response for your enjoyment. (Is your real name Sir Alex Ferguson)

If so, you have my congratulations on a job very well done!

Andy Pethick

Steve D           

Mr Silcox seems to have quiet on us all. Blessing in disguise
or what ?
There seem to me that they are far more positive comments than negative on this site
Nowhere is perfect but ,hey , enjoy and get on with your holidays.
Worrylingly like Arnie said "I will be back" cos he has nothing better to do with his sad life

Neil F           

I have just returned from Kefalonia and the Hotel Pericles. I was disgusted to read the purile rantings of Mr Silcox on your site. I enjoyed a great holiday which was made much better by Nicos and the rest of the staff at the hotel. I will definately return.

Chris K           

I stayed at the Pericles in June this year, and my daughter got maried in Sami at the same time. We all enjoyed ourselves so much we will go again. The staff are wonderful and the food is very good. As a very weak swimmer, I have to say the pool was excellent. Not crowded and I felt very safe. The hotel is very clean and is not sold as 5 star, it is rural Kefalonia and long may it stay as it is. I met some great people there, including the staff. All I can say is that Mr" I wish to register a complaint " and his comments should be ignored and that he would be better off spending his money on Adult Education or holidaying where he will be best apreciated. i.e Russia, Outer Mongolia or the Siberian Salt Mines.

Craig S           

I booked a last minute deal to the pericles. Apart from the weather, it was fine. Just a basic two star hotel, no need to pay "inflated" hotel prices with Sami 5 mins away. Dolpins and the Italian futher along the harbour both offer good food at reasonable prices. Wouldn't like to have been stuck without a car though...
Recommends... walk up Mt. Enos (don't get taken in by the false summits, unless you're stood on a barren rockscape with a trig-point and sign post, you ain't there!!)
... Mirtos Beach (a must, try and get there for sunset... spectacular)
... a visit to Assos, Fiscardo and drive along the Poros - Skala coast road.
... visit both churches at the St. Gerassimos monastery, the internal decor is breathtaking.
... if you like a quiet drink in your room / balc. then buy your wine from the Robola co-operative, it's half the price of supermarkets, a third of the price of the Pericles.
Regrets... not having desent foot wear for the pebble beaches (very painful to walk on)
... not having asked the name of the pretty young lady who was their for my first week and caught my eye (I don't suppose my wife would agree....)

Steve D           

Heard all about Mr Silcox whilst in Pericles this year for the umpteenth time. He sounds like one of these profesional moaners who will not be content unless he finds something wrong with a holiday and can recoup some of his money with complaints to his tour operator. It's interesting that none of the other contributors seem to agree with him much. What does that tell you? In all my visits I have yet to experience anything like his problems but then I go on holiday to relax rather than try to find fault with everything. I am happy with the knowledge that I am unlikely to bump into this ignorant man on future trips to the Pericles.

Keep up the good work Nikos,Stelios & all the staff

Sue G           

Yes i think there are basement rooms in the hotel... the Nicos apartments can use the facilities of the hotel, but they are situation just over the back of the hotel, down a small dirt road.. but a couple of minutes walk.
There are many good restaurants in Sami, our favourite was Dolphins, excellent food and very nice people.

Richard A

Hello been reading your comments,re :pericles hotel,could any body please answer the following,are there basement rooms if so how many?the apts nearby (nicos) are they part of the hotel complex,should i take a torch,can you recommend any restaurants in town.think that covers most things. sounds like a nice place,we can`t all be pleased all the time.thanks in anticipation,richard & lynne. ps, we go next june 04

Russell S           

walk is about ten minutes on the main road,but about 20mins the back road.The back road is a better walk.The back road runs along behind the hotel

Sue G           

Forgot to say you can book the apartments through Thomas Cook also !

Sue G           

I think the apartments that are associated with the Pericles are the nikos ? not sure of the spelling..
and the walk to town from the hotel is about 15-20 minutes... although we used to take the short cut into town from a dirt track road behind the hotel, which took us about 10-15 mins. We walked it everyday and everynight, and we found the dirt track route easier no traffic and also quite pretty.
Mark and sue

Laura V

Can someone please let me know approx how far a walk it is from the Pericles hotel to the main town and harbour?

Russell S           

yes there is a cash machine in Sami,near the port.There are two if i remember correctly

Laura C

Im writing from a travel agency in the UK, and have a client who stayed at the Pericles Hotel last year. She wants to go back next year with 22 other people! but stay in the apartments, which are aparantly part of the hotel. Do you know where I could book these apartments?

Lisa P           

Hello again, can anyone tell me if there is a cashpoint / ATM in Sami please ?

Helen H           

We have recently returned from our third visit to Kefalonia and the Pericles Hotel.I'm very pleased to say that nothing has changed and that's the way we like it!We holiday with our 3 young children and stay at this particular hotel with complete peace of mind and have never had any fears for their safety.As for the breakfast being boring,it is no different to eating cornflakes and toast every day at home!In fact there is a greater selection than on most British breakfast tables.Has Mr Silcox never heard of the saying "When in Rome do as the Romans"?When embracing another culture ,surely that applies to their eating habits as well.The best thing about this wonderful,unspoilt island is that it doesn't pander to the "Brits" all the time.
We too had the family room.It was spotlessly clean and the private terrace had twice the area of a balcony if one wished to "entertain".Also being tucked away would not disturb other guests who were sleeping.I am wondering why Mr Silcox needed a "seaview" in order to entertain in the evening.It was pitch black after around 9.30 so you couldn't see the sea anyway!
If Mr Silcox had wanted a fridge,T.V etc he should either have gone "self catering"or booked a 5* hotel.
As regards the staff of the Pericles,they are all charming,courteous and helpful.I appreciate Nikos is not everyone's cup of tea but we have found a friend in him.He is a charming,intelligent man with a great sense of humour.
All in all I would not hesitate to reccommend this hotel to those of you seeking peace and relaxation in a beautiful setting,with or without children in tow!
God Bless the Pericles and all who work there!
See you next year!

Sue G           

Hi, we stayed at the Pericles from Aug 3 - 10th 2003, and we loved every minute.. Nikos the barman was great, the hotel was great.. We met some really lovely people.
OK.. the hotel food wasnt brilliant but so what, walk into town and sample the many good restaurants there. We found the hotels rooms to be clean and the air conditioning was a bonus, and no sign of Cockroaches as someone mentioned before.
We enjoyed it so much we are going back next year and taking our two young girls with us . We actually thought it was a very safe place for the kids to be, ie the pool was locked up after 7pm so you could relax and not worry that that kids would wander outside and go near the pool area. Everyone has different requirements for a holiday, but for us it was perfect, and we have travelled to many places in the world.
We did the same before we went to the Pericles Hotels, we read all these comments to give us an idea of the place..... and to be honest after reading most we were terrified... but we have been and can now honestly say we loved it ! sue and mark

Russell S           

Richard, you must make sure you go to Mertos beach its lovely .That's if you haven't been already, Regards atb

Richard S           

My wife and I are booked for a late holiday in the Pericles and found your comments a couple of weks ago. The comments about cockroaches and paying for your breakest etc made me make enquiries with our travel agent apparently those who have books with Thomsons only 7 have complained(.3% I think) and that was about the air conditioning.
True or false? Well still going and could not care less about any connection with a war time banjo playing axis officer
P.S. been to Cephalonia twice already but stopped when that film ws released

Russell S           

Gazman. Forgot to say! you must have me mixed up with someone else.My wife looks like manwell.

Russell S           

Gazman Jones .Tut tut.This is a message board so please no bad langudge please ladys read this to.You shuold have spoken to me i cauld have realy put you of your holiday.HA HA.Have you ever hrd of banter.I am soory i cant splell all that good.But i am loaded and don't realy care.I onces stayed at a hotel and i thought it was a bit dangerous.But i did nothing about it.I thought oh well dos'nt realy affect me.But the next day or two i can't remember exactly a little girl got hurt.So that is probably as to why i look for dangers all the time.Its hard to relax.I just want the holiday company to improve it for others whom go to this perticular hotel.So it is safer.And yes i did put it back down, Don't blame children for the plastic poping up .It kept happening to anybody.One man cut his foot open.We enjoyed the area immensely.We love greece and have been to loads of greek islands and the mainland.Maybe if your room was in the basement you wauld have been alittle put out.My daughter has a medical problem. So we usaly like a belcony so we can invite frends around for a social on the belcony. while the children are asleep.That plan didn't work out unless you like looking at a hedge.I can assure you i am not the only one whom found this place not to good.Regards and Good holidays Maybe see you around Greece ATB

Lisa P           

Isn't that the point of a holiday ? To enjoy your surroundings and a good stiff drink ( or two ) ?? Seems that Mr S enjoyed neither ?

Gazman J           

russell. i was at the pericles when you were there, mate. i remember you walking around taking pictures with your sony digital camera, of all the things that you thought were wrong with the hotel. that picture of the pool and the lifted raised up bit of plastic? i remember you taking that. i was in the pool at the time. first of all that was pulled up by kids, secondly did you put it back? did you f**k! there is nothing more annoying than someone who comes away on holiday and moans the whole bloody time. i personally thought that the hotel was great. i have no idea why you would say it was untidy. i thought it was extremly clean. the only thing that was annoying was not having a fridge. but that's what you get when you go half board. not having a fridge meant that, yes buying drinks was expensive at the bar. dinner in the restaurant was a little dodgy, but the food in town was delicious and extremely cheap. my girlfriend and i had a great time and i would definitely go back. russell my advice to you is stop moaning and pay your beautiful wife some attention instead. oh and learn to spell...!

Sue M           

sorry, last comment should not have said average!!! 4 got to alter the dots!

Sue M           

no need to be quite so patronising but point taken re: Mr Cage. By the way we all need to be grateful for the ham and cheese, the first couple of times there was only boiled eggs !!!! so there has been some improvement. Will report after week there in Sept.

P T           

fancy that - not being able to spell
heh heh

Russell S           

tut tut didum's sue,calm down you'll give yourself a nervous breakdown,don't take people's comments to hart. We all know you love the pericles.If you look at the photo of Nick Cage at the reception he spelt it Periclis hotel, so it's obvious he's nerver been there. He probebly got one of his lackies to drop it of there. Poo. You obviously like a good stiff drink

Barbara L           

This will be my last posting to this message board. I have been kept amused and interested by everyones comments. All I can say about the negative things written about the Pericles, is, do not be put off. If it was half as bad as some people make out, I would not be saying 'go and see for yourself'. I am pretty confident that 99% people would not be disappointed with the hotel, its staff or location. I would certainly consider visiting it again. Unfortunately, you won't see me there again this year - I've just booked a fortnight in Skiathos next month. Everybody - 'kalos diakopes' - enjoy your holidays, enjoy the Greek experience. You'll love it!

Sue M           

Russell Silcox please go to Magaluf for your holiday. Dont refer to Nikos as a "barman". He is a very astute, and clever individual who can spot a fool a mile away and that is why some cannot take to him ( you for one)The Pericles is not 5* but is not advertised as such and certainly not tatty as someone described. It is perhaps better that these individuals do not want to return, more time for those who do. Thank you Barbara Lord for your common sense comments. Maybe we will see you there sometime to enjoy!! Avoid August, no chance of Mr Silcox then.

P T           

i hope they hav got a moosehead in the lobby!

Lisa P           

Haven't been yet, but well looking forward to the Pericles, can it possibly be as bad as some people make out ? Personally, all this bad mouthing of the Pericles is just making me look forward to it even more, I have this vision of Fawlty Towers, Greek Stylee ! ( and yes, that was a deliberate spelling mistake ! . I have bought my ear plugs and plasters, packed my corn flakes ( only joking, bread and jam will be fine by me ).
And can't wait to meet this Nikos geezer, who according to someone, 'doesn't like it up him ' ??? Whatever that means ??
Ah well, when in Greece .........

Russell S           

hello again,yes i can agree with some of Barbara Lord's comment's Maybe we were expecting a Greek hotel. That is what the tour operater sold us but again everyone has differant expectations as to what they should expect for there money.We payed a lot of money to stay here.That was partly as to why we were expecting a tidy hotel.Barbara You must admit it is taty! We have to small children and were told there was a childrens playground.Maybe you don't have any kid's? because the pool area was scarinly dangerous for them especialy.Our arms were twisted a little to buy from the hotel because there is no fridge in the room so having two small children we had to buy them drinks did'nt we.The hotel don't won't you goin up the supermarket and stockin up your fridge with refreshments.Also we enjoy a pool view from our balcony.It helps you feel that you are on holiday,no hard feelings.regards

Barbara L           

i've just got to respond to russells numerous and extremely negative comments re the pericles. i visited kefalonia for the first time in july and stayed at the pericles. it is not 5* luxury and it isn't advertised as such! what it is (from my experience)- is a well run 2/3* hotel. it has friendly staff (okay - you didn't get on well with the barman - i didn't particularly take to him either, but the gentlemen and young ladies on reception were extremely helpful and friendly. our room was kept immaculately clean with fresh linen and towel change 3 times per week. to say that anyone who has anything good to say about the pericles 'likes a drink', is a bit much. everyone knows that drinks bought in hotel bars are more expensive than elsewhere but nobody twists your arm to make you buy. as for the 'noise element' i much prefer to listen to cows mooing, goats bleating, c**k crowing etc to loud music, load mouthed yobbos, self opinionated individuals etc etc. anyone who has been to greece before, as russell has, should know that 'it's breakfast - but not as we know it'. the kiddies playground - what were you expecting - alton towers! last but not least, i favour the pool area being apart from the accommodation(and it's hardly a hike now is it?)- that way you don't get all the noise associated with the pool area (squealing, splashing, music etc)if you do not want it. i hope by posting these comments new visitors to the message board will get a more balanced picture of the pericles.

Russell S           

i forgot plasters and bandages for when you take a fall!!

Russell S           

The waldorf salad is harrendous,its crumy joint "as john cleese'es American guest once said!! On your head be it if you stay here!Make sure you take these precortions as well as others you will find on the way thru your visit,earplugs,a fan,insect repelant,anti cockroch spray,a map to find the swimming pools,walking boots,breackfast,a smile and loads and loads of money because you'll need it if you would like to stay around this building,Yasso,etc

P T           

goin to pericles soon and can't wait to try the waldorf salad!!

Russell S           

I have been to Santorini 4 times,Rhodes 2,Kos 1,Ios 2,Mykenos 1,Crete 1 and Athens 3 times.I have stayed in all sorts of accommidation from youth Hostels UP.I first went to Greece in 1983 b ackpacking. I am an expereance tourist When I say The Periceles Hotel is no good as in My last post below. So Sue, I think you like a drink or you didn't go to the pool area.Yes it is A beautiful Island shame about the crumy Pericles. I could go on.Cockroaches in our room how can that be Excellent Cleanliness?;Yes you get them in the med' But you Accomidation should be cleaned so they don't come into your room.Excellent quietness! You must be joking,It's RIGHT NEXT TO A FARM.Dogs,Cows,Cockerals,ckickens etc Unless you are drunk you can't help but here it.Excellent Location YES! I must stop, Yasso

Sue A           

We have visited the Pericles twice now and on both occassions could not fault it. What are people expecting when they go to an unspoilt Ionian island? We found all staff helpful especially Nicos. We are even planning our honeymoon in the same hotel!
Looking forward to our next visit very soon.

Sue Andrews
July 2003

Russell S           

just got back from the Pericles hotel"or" should that be Pericles Rooms,It's not a proper "HoteL" Myself and my family went there it was bad.It was more like "Faulty Pericles Woldalf salad hotel"The pool area is a complete disgrace very very dangerous especially for kids.There is a sharp tile edge that surrounds each pool the plastic filter grids are ill fitting and stickup in places ready for you to trip onto either the slippery pool sharp edge or the horrendous pebbledash finished floor that is nearly impossible to walk on.The grout in the tiles is nearly all gone,so when you slip in either pool you go along a tile edge that is dangerous. One person ripped there toe open then fell on the pebble dash with there knee and put a very bad dent in it,The water does'nt seem that clean.The kids play ground is just two swings and a slide.If you were to use the slide it would mean a visit to hospital.There is no shade provided over the area .You can fry your egg ang bacon on the slide.That brings me to breakfast ready;Bread cheese mank ham jam everything else you have to pay for.IE Cornflakes.But I thought i had payed for Bed & Breackfast it's a con. My kids can't eat bread and ham for breakfast. We had cockroaches in our room that was in the basement of the building the view from our terris was a bush and an old factory, appalling .There's a 30m walk to the dangerous pool area over stones and dust.There you can buy refreshments at ripoff prices.The Table and chairs are rubbish plastic falling to peices.I picked up a table and all four legs just fell off,The sun beds are like being in traction Rubbish.The bar area in the Evening is as greek as blackpool.English everything, so saves money and you will find the same abions at you local pub.I could go on forever. When We were there we got the feeling that all they wanted was the money in your pocket and they had two weeks to make sure they cleaned you rightout or they had failed and missed out on some Dollar.You felt as if you were getting no value for your hard earned cash. It was awfull. I sussed Nickos out straight away and he did not like that.Nickos the money ripper can give you banter but he done't like it uphim I,m sure he could tell how much money you had just by smelling .Take my advise don't stay there.The area setting is beautiful in sami that's all its got going for it.The rooms are awfull no safe,no telly,no mini fridge,no pictures on the wall,no fan,The furniture is rubbish.The air con is rubbish and its only on from 5 til midnight we awoke at 3am boiling if we opened a window we got crickets jumping in our room. Enough said there's more but i cant't be botherd. If you won't Greece Don't got to the've been warned!

Lord B           

Visited Kefalonia for the first time 1st 2 weeks in July. Loved the island - people friendly - food great (the lamb kleftiko at the Dolphin in Sami especially). Read a lot about the Pericles on this website before visiting and was a little anxious about comments re the barman Nikos - he isn't everyones cup of tea, but you get used to his little ways. Reception staff very pleasant and always happy to give advice and help in any way. It's a fairly rural location so it's only natural to expect some noise from cockerals, dogs etc (not to mention the early wake up call at 6am by the goat bells). All of this is what makes Greece different - I love it and I will be back.

Sue M           

Anyone who expects full English breakfast, and Guest House experiences should stick to Blackpool as they are not ready for Kefalonia. 7th visit to this Hotel coming up in September and we never tire of the welcome or the island. Pool area lovely and never too busy.Always had good service from all staff. Dont go to Sami and expect Benidorm!! Go Greek---we love it!!

Robert C           

We stayed at the hotel for a week at the end of june 2003.The rooms were basic to say the least and the electricity kept failing thus rendering the air conditionig useless!This persisted for the whole week we were there and the staff were well aware of the problem yet failed to act.At night sleeping tablets are well advised because if the wild dogs dont keep you awake the resident cockerel will.As for breakfast forget a full english,Breakfast was cheese,ham and bread(no toaster)some jam and a hard boiled egg, anything else is extra.The actual island is beautiful and i wouldnt put anyone off from going but steer clear of this hotel.!

Kevan B           

We have been to SAMI and have stayed at the PERICLES for some years now. We like the simplicity of the hotel and we have always enjoyed the welcome we have received and the facilities which are on offer.
Sami is a place for couples young and old who enjoy a relatively quiet holiday; but there is probably not a great deal to occupy and entertain young children and teenagers.
The PERICLES hotel is ideally situated on the rise just outside SAMI and the views are spectacular. It is only a short walk onto town where you can enjoy the many bars and restuarants.

Paul G           



Stayed there in August. Rooms basic, if you want an extra bed for a child you will get a camp bed. air conditioning goes off at midnight. DONT move the furniture around so you can chat with other guests because it will be moved back as soon as you stand up. Food basic, if you like hard boilded egg then you`ll love breakfast, if you want cornflakes you`ll pay extra. pool a little way to walk and pebbles around it so hard on the feet. On entertainment but you`ll be treated well if you sit at the bar all night and spend. organized excursions expensive. Several people wanted to move to another hotel, and were lucky. there were several injuries too. The group of people we met there all said they would not go back. hope you can sleep through dogs barking and cockrals crowing.

Julie H

visiting Kefalonia for the first time in September staying at the Pericles Hotel read mostly good reports would anyone know anymore information on the hotel, resort suggested restaurants ect, your information would be greatly appreciated

Pauline F           

A nice quiet hotel, ideal for a relaxing holiday. Friendly staff (especially Nicos) and comfortable lounge area. The pool bar serves the best Greek salad I have ever had. Rooms are basic but clean. Not much for kids to do - much more suited to couples and the more mature traveller wanting peace & quiet with all the usual holiday needs,i.e., nice pool,no fight for sunbeds,short walk to restaurants, sight-seeing, etc. (When we visit next time, can we have one of your best rooms Nicos!)

Maria B

We are interest in your hotel, for 01.07.2002- 08.07.2002, we are 2 adults and 1 baby 4 years old, we would like breakfast and dinner, we would to know the priecs, thanks

Roy M           

the Pericles is a fairly basic very clean hotel it is very friendly excellent pool wonderful evenings at the bar, food is pretty good prices of drinks etc. reasonable.NOT the place to visit if you want an action holiday but if you just want to relax and unwind this is the place. Most rooms are twins or doubles,there is not much there for kids, but is a great centre for exploring the island.