Lorraines Magic Hill

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Beverley T           

Great position, let down by very average food. Okay for lunch, agree that it's very hit & miss, another couple we met loved it. Fillet steak (supposedly) med.rare with sauce was very grissly

Andy W           

A great location just a short climb from the beach and with wonderful views of the bay but let down by the food.........which is a shame, considering that is its raison d`etre.  The menu, I think, is just too big so you might strike it lucky or not depending on what really is fresh and easily available and what is not.  This seemed to be the concensus when I was there in mid May and quite honestly I can`t see where it gets all these rating stars from.  Good for a snack and a beer but avoid the cocktails unless you like low alcohol drinks.

Peter S           

We visited Lourdas between the 2nd to 17th of May this year.
We found the food at Lorraines superb , particularly the seabass and seabreem which is highly recommended.  The service supplied by Lorraine, Mark and the Greek Adonis was exceptional.  This is a very romantic setting and at thoroughly enjoyable restaurant and very reasonably priced. We ate their 8 times and found that the high standard was consistently maintained.  We cannot recommend it too highly. 

Sarah S           

Well unfortunately after being such a good restaurant last year, Lorraines has gone drastically downhill this - what a shame.

Lorraine did remember us from last year and made us feel so welcome this year, but unfortunately the food was so bad we did not return.  Sorry Lorriane there will have to be a big improvement before we visit your restaurant again.

Joan F           

Having  visited Lourdas three years in a row, Lorraines Magic Hill restaraunt is one which we never fail to return to. The friendly welcome always waiting from Lorraine,Mark and the staff,the lovely food in such a beautiful setting make it a place you want to keep returning to.

Sarah S           

Last year this was a superb restaurant with an extensive menu, good fresh food, and great service.  I do hope this really has not changed this year.

We are going back to Kefalonia is just under three weeks time and we will be going back to Lorraines - I just hope it is not as bad as some of the reviews that have been posted this year.  I will keep you informed.

Mick T           

Ok, cannot find anything to complain about. The main difference between here and the Klimatis was that the menu was not so extensive.

Philippa M           

 Brilliant for vegetarian food and fish. A bit more expensive but you get what you pay for and this was really good food , very friendly service and fantastic location.

Gavin E           

Hmmm well what to say about Lorraines Magic Hill. This was the slowest, most expensive place we ate at although the food we did have was good. The location is just great, set just up the hill overlooking the sea. The 1st time we ate here we got there quite early, only 2 other tables taken, but it quickly filled. Food came after a longish wait by greek standards, we gave up wating for someone to ever take an order for dessert & left (2 waitresses stood doing nothing whilst we sat there with an empty table). The 2nd time it took an hour from ordering to the food arriving (this was quick that night, another family told us they saw us there that night & their's took 2 hours & then 1 dish was not cooked properly ie fairly raw). I did hear that they received an appology later in the holiday when they went back & were told that the staff were being told to improve. There is a children's menu. On the whole overpriced & slow. Could do better.

Richard M           

my wife linda and i have just returned from 2 wonderful weeks in lourdas beach and ate several times at lorraines and found it great fun and the staff were lovely and friendly and of course Lorraine made us most welcome,she is lovely and such a character,we fully intend to return next year and will go for the sea bass again. great place.

David H           

We just returned from Lourdas this afternoon.

We ate at Lorraine's one evening, the place is great location on the hillside overlooking the beach. The staff were friendly and the service was great.
But have to say the food was not very good and  much less value for money than many of the other  local places we ate at. 
Saying that they  the chef may have been having a bad night,  and Its certainly worth a visit for a drink at least.

Paul Q           

Ate in Lorraine's 4 times over the 2 weeks and never had any cause to complain. The food and service were spot on every time and I would recommend it without question. With regards to the prices the difference was very slight compared to some of the nearby taverna's so comments made on here are a joke,no doubt made by people who would rather lay in the sand on the beach rather than pay the 3 euro for a sunbed........


Good views, big menu. Food and service only average and a bit more expensive than most.


AKA Magic Hill.
Great location overlooking the beach,excellent for sunset meals.
Service is good and menu extensive.Try the goat!Check the specials!
Some of the meals were just too big!!!!Couldnt eat all of them,some starters were enormous!!!No bad thing i guess!!!?
Friendly and good prices.

Martin N           

Not expensive by English standards but certainly by those in Greece. Huge portions of very indifferent food and an over bearing proprietor in Lorraine.

Geoff W           

What can I say, We really enjoyed eating out at Lorraines. With a family of five to cater for we found the childrens menu a real boon.
Mark and Lorraine couldnt do enough for you to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. I thought the prices were very reasonable and the portions were huge. If it is on the menu, try the Goat Madras, it is gorgeous. One word of advise though, get there early as it soon fills up.
To the people moaning about the prices, bear in mind this is a Resturant and not a Taverna, so its bound to be a little more expensive.
If I ever go back to Kepfalonia I will certainly visit Lorraines again.
Thanks Lorraine and Mark and all the family for a super holiday.

Barry R           

A very warm welcome from Lorraine and her staff..fantasic views.
The food is good although not the cheapest in the area.
Hope to be back next year.

Keith M           

I would just like to say how much I enjoyed Lorraine's Magic Hill restaurant, and also the fabulous burger I had her beach snack bar.
My only regret is that we found the place on our last night so we are going back next month.

Lorraine even drove us back to our apartment after a superb dinner, the view over the sea as we dined really was magical. I would urge anyone who goes to Lourdas to have at least one if not all their meals there.

Stephanie N           

We had very high expectation of this restaurant after having read so many great reviews. We were greeted with friendly service, but found the approach of selling the specials heavy handed and the prices were omitted. We ordered off of the special list and were rather disappointed as we both found our meals of Mussles and Sea Bream very plain. However the Baklava was the best I had on the island. The bill was double of every other restaurant we had been to, so we were really shocked. Yes the views are lovely, but so are the views at some of the other restaurants and they managed to serve excellent food at a more reasonable price.

Nick C           

We visited Lorraines to enjoy the sunset and have a meal in the process.

We were given the menu, and before we had a chance to read them Lorraine pounced to read the Specials.

Specials " ASK THE PRICE"

The food was ok, nothing Special.
Not as good as it sounded!
But the bill, WOW - I think the free Brandy is to help you over the shock.

To top it off, Lorraine ask a waiter if he had shown the specials to table 14 or 4.
No he replied they are GREEK!

Yes we loved the view
No we did not like the feeling that we had been RIPPED OFF.

We would of made many visits back to eat there, but out of principle did not return.

We found a restaurant at the top of the village that was happy to serve us a drink whilst we watched the sunset.

Question to Lorraine, How may customers do you think you have lost
with over priced specials ?

For the people who say great food and such like, perhaps you are used to paying over the odds for food, and of course you would get smiles and help for the amount of cash you must of handed over.

David M           

We visited Lorraine's several times during our stay in Lourdas, and had excellent meals each time. Service as you arrive is welcoming and efficient - and quite honestly, if service of meals is slow (some nights they're so busy surely it can't be helped - at least it suggests they are cooking the food to order!) who cares when sipping cool wine and dipping fresh bread into perfect tzaziki looking at THAT view! As for negative comments about the price - it was a little more for our party of 4 than other Lourdas restaurants but the portions were huge. To be honest, I'd have paid the excess just for the setting anyway (but don't tell Lorraine that!).

Anna C           

Well what can I say. I was on holiday with my friend Dinah and her Linda McCartney Pie and fish finger loving 7 year old, Thomas, who happens to only drink apple juice. Not only was Lorraine's Magic Hill restaurant on our doorstep, but what a stunning setting and view! Forget that for a moment, but they had a childrens menu with fish fingers, and they served apple juice !! Then we found that the bar housed a satellite TV showing live premiership football matches - Thomas was in heaven! The food was wonderful and the fish so fresh, unreal ! We were made to feel like old friends by Lorraine, Teresa and Mark who were wonderful to us, and Mark spent many a free moment ensuring Thomas had front row bar stool to view the nights football match on the TV. I would recommend Lorraine's to anyone, and for those of you who decided not to return, well I can only say that I don;t think McDonalds were open! Long live service like that!
We love you guys!!!!!

Paul D           

As we were staying in apartments near the beach we mostly ate at the restaurants at the sea front. This was the most expensive and the least enjoyable. Service was inconsistent with a 40 minute wait between courses. The food was the most disappointing however. We went for two of the trout specials. Sounded delicious but were overcooked and were both dressed in revolting and congealed sauces.

Bill R           

Eat here just the once - food very average & certainly pricier than all the other restaurants - not recommended

Gill D           

Just imagine a warm scented evening -twinkling lights on the bay below and superb cuisine. Lorraine's Magic Hill Restaurant is indeed Magic for us. We have visited many times and hope to visit many more.

The food is excellent - try the goat - the fish - the chicken in a prawn garlic sauce - the steaks -oh boy and the paella -wow the paella. The food is an eclectic selection of Greek and International dishes and the choice is great - not to mention the size of the portions - huge.

The hospitalityand ambience are brilliant- friendly, enthusiastic. In fact they just cant do enough to make everything 100% for you: - Lorraine Peter Teresa and the team we love you all!

Oh and did I mention the view - the cocktail bar and the beach snack bar- oh those chicken pittas - I'm just drooling - cant wait to get back. Gill & Rex Dixon & family

Michelle P           

The food was a little different, less traditionally Greek and the portions were huge. It was very nice food but rather pricey.

Adele W           

We had a meal here the first night as it looked very magic and appealing. The meal was ok but took AGES to be served up. Lorraine was friendly and explained all of the menu which was helpful. We had a starter and main each and 1 dessert with not many drink and the magic bill came to 90Euro. We didn't return. I didn't like the blackboards everwhere trying to get people in - surely word of mouth gets people in? We spoke to a lot of people about this place who had only been there once and had no plans to return because of the price.

Belinda C           

I forgot check the 'Thumbs Up' box on my previous comment, and whilst revisiting the comments box I'd also like to mention that you should check out Lorraine's snack bar on the beach front during the day - the toasted sandwiches are excellent!

Belinda C           

During our holiday we dined at Lorraine's Magic Hill Restaurant on 3 separate occasions. The menu was extensive, the food was always excellent and the portions were enormous. I'm a veggie and there was plenty of choice, with Lorraine suggesting several veggie 'specials' that weren't even on the menu. My partner is most definitely a meat-eater and managed to work his way through a varied selection including chicken, swordfish, lamb & pork. Most of the ingredients are home reared/produced and are really fresh and juicy. Lorraine's is in a wonderful setting on the hillside, just a short walk up from the beach. You can sit on any one of three levels looking out to sea, with each level offering a slightly different atmosphere depending on how busy it is. Lorraine and her family are really hard working, but in between preparing and serving the food, they managed to find the time to make us feel really welcome and if we ever find ourselves back in Kefalonia, we will definitely make a return visit to their restaurant. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK LORRAINE! Best Wishes, Belinda & Sharif xxx

Jodie F           

The food was really good the first night, one of the best meals we had. Although I didn't feel that Lorrraine really wanted us to be there ( which was a bit of a downside). It didn't feel as cosy as some of the other, more traditional, greek restaurants and although Lorraine appeared welcoming I didn't feel it was whole-hearted. We chatted to the other waitress and she was friendly.
Perhaps I could say it just wasn't quite what we were looking for.
However, it was busy when we went so it was clear that other people enjoyed it.

Richard B           

We had a lovely meal here, well cooked and nicely presented and a beautiful view over the sea too. The prices were a bit more than the standard Lourdas fayre but worth it. The service was friendly and prompt and Lorraine was happy to explain the menu if asked. The night we ate Lorraine was worried about the '3 underdeveloped shrimp' message on this site - she genuinely seemed to care that customers enjoyed eating at her restaurant, no doubt she will be concerned about the FREAK message too, but there are many more positive messages than negative so that must say something.

Ann W           

I wonder if the previous reviewer would have been as brave with his words if he had put his full name on for everyone to see??? Also, looking at the spelling, he/she is either illiterate or had one too many drinks before daring to write such a personal attack on Lorraine. Anyone can appreciate a bad review, if you did not enjoy your dining experience, but to use foul language and to belittle a person who works EXTREMELY hard at pleasing people, is a sign of a misspent youth, I believe. It's unfortunate that your night did not go as well as you had hoped, but believe me, Lorraine's Magic Hill, in my opinion, has the best food around and all the staff are extremely friendly, and helpful in any way. Keep up the good work, Lorraine.

J P           

Well what can i say. we expected the stars on our way up the 'Magic hill' only to find god had forgotten to pay his electricity bill!!!!!
All started well with a well mannered man showing us to our table. Lorraine will be with you shortly he added.......Lorraine? who's this we thought. Then screeching out of the kitchen came, Lorraine. Plonked herself at our table as if we were long lost friends, here are our speacials......erm i am a vegatarian i said, Well ok said lorraine...... we have lamb that we chop up like this.. Lorraine then showed me the actions of her previous days butchery. Then we put rosmary in it like this..... SHUT UP FREAK!!!! When we ended our tourture and eaked for the bill a distraught L came over to ask if we wanted coffe and dessert before our free local brandy!!! Do us a favour Lol, stay in the kitchen..

Paul B           

We had read all the comments about Lorraines and were really excited to go however it did not match our expectations. I had Mixed Kebab and the wife had Chicken. Neither of us enjoyed our meal and found them overpriced Chicken was salty and kebab very small. The service was slow. The resturaunt has however a fantastic view. Perhaps we went on an off day or chose the wrong meal but did not go back there to find out.

Ollie H           

Just got round to writing this mail, I promised sterling reviews back in May. The food was great, baby goat and suckling pig to be precise, and the service was also excellent. This restaurant is a little more expensive than some of the others in the area, but when you consider the free Greek lessons from Lorraine’s daughter and the quality of the food it’s a bloody good night out. P.S. Sorry about the mess.. Love Ollie & Em Harrison ( + Em Ionian Sun Rep)

Ken S           

This was one of our best eating experiences in Kefalonia. The location is stunning and well worth the walk up the steps from the beach. The food was superb and the house red - unlike some other places - was very palatble indeed especially at 8 euros fora litre. Argostoli offers some excellent restaurants but for good cuisine in a fabulous setting Lorraine's takes some beating.

Ann F           

The best menu, the biggest portions, the prettiest view and the friendliest staff. Haven eaten in many other places in Lourdas - Lorraine's restaurant is just that, not a place where you stop for a bite to eat, but a restaurant where you want to sit for hours and enjoy your evening. With all the different seating levels you can choose your view and then retire to the bar for cocktails or whatever you desire (Teresa will always accommodate :o)
Lorraine will leave you in no doubt of what you are ordering with her explanations of the menu and you can choose from genuine greek cuisine or from a wide selection of other dishes. I loved the chicken parmesan - the most succulent chicken I have ever eaten and TWIN chicken breasts - you will not go hungry. The staff are superb and the location is perfect. I have even witnessed Lorraine driving some of her customers home at the end of the night, now that's service. If you want to remember that you are on holidays on a beautiful greek island then spend an evening in Lorraine's Magic Hill.

Michelle H           

We have just come back from 2 weeks in Kefalonia and had the best dining out experience in Lorraine's. I believe the comment from previous diner is totally unjustified as we found Lorraine and all her staff (hi to Teresa & Mark!)experienced, informative, efficient and, most of all, very friendly. The restaurant is perched up on a hill, just off the beach, with the most fantastic view you can absorb while eating the most scrumptuous food, which I may add, was the best we tasted in Kefalonia...we would definintely recommend the steaks....mouthwatering. The prices may be €2 dearer per plate than some other restaurants that we visited but, as the saying goes "you get what you pay for". We were staying in Lassi (20 min drive away) and we visited Lorraine's 3 times during our stay. After finishing our meals, we retired to the bar (which is on a level below the main restaurant) where we were served with beers, cocktails and good humour by Teresa. In the previous comment, the diner must have been suffering from heat exhaustion or sun stroke because we couldn't fault Lorraine's even if we tried. Keep up the good work folks and we look forward to seeing you all again on our return visit! Definitely "MAGIC"!!!!!!

Paul D           

Having eaten at the restaurant several times over the 2 week stay, we wittily renamed this establishment - "Lorraine's Tragic Hill", as opposed to Lorraine's Magic Hill. There were several factors that lead us to form a negative opinion of Lorraine's. Whilst on the one hand, the first meal we had was very good, unfortunately subsequent visits indicated that either we were being affected by the heat, or that we had consumed several glasses of wine prior to our visit. The food is (and for no good reason)overpriced. My partner had a shrimp dish that contained a mere 3 underdeveloped shrimps. This would not have been too unforgivable - except that the dish was priced at some 12 euros. We found Lorraine to be equally parts abrasive in her manner, and distinctly poe faced. We had the impression on our second visit that she actually didnt want to be there. Perhaps a clinical approach is acceptable - even preferable to some, but not for us. Perhaps we are young and cynical - but then again, perhaps Lorraine is old and jaded (before her time).
Unfortunately for us - there was no 'magic' in Lorraine's hill(wherein the problem possibly lies).

Martin W           

was there in sept 2002 going back 2003. W e are both vegies food was fantastic

Nigel T           

Best food on the island,great service from Lorraine & Teresa and great cooking from Lorraines husband Peter.Most of the meat comes from their own farm,my wife says the veggie food is really good too. We liked it so much that we bought a plot of land just up the road!

Liann L           

Lorraine is a Gem. She is great with the customers and really knows her food!! Great Chicken wings and Charbroiled baby goat.

Lynne W           

Fantastic views,food and friendly staff have combined to make this the best place to eat for miles around. TRY IT!!!

Katrina P           

What we liked about this resturant is that Lorraine took the time to explain her menu. Excellent food all round, a little more expensive but worth it. Excellent service.

Vaughan S           

This is a gem. The food, service and the sea view make it well worth a hike up some steep steps. It is a touch pricier than most, but then the menu is more imaginative: good baby goat dishes, and the goat or lamb kerimekato especially recommended. Good portions too - especially for starters: I couldn't finish the excellent, crunchy-textured houmous. Lorraine and her staff have the approach that they really want customers to enjoy the experience of dining there. Simple really - yet in so many restaurants, this is the missing ingredient. Though our waitress hadn't heard of a Bloody Mary, Lorraine undertook this herself and reappeared with two of the largest BMs I've ever seen. They had a mule's kick, too. Don't miss this place!

Steven H           

Great place to see the sun set across the bay, fantastic location, really tasty food and good prices, house wine was the best we had, friendly and helpful staff. Definitely a must during your stay.

Lorren P           

Really liked it, very conveniently situated next to our apartments. Loved the view. My little ones enjoyed it there as they just liked walking around the circular/lower terrace and back again. The stuffed trout was great but the roast baby pig was dry with no sauce. They were very helpful with childrens food.

Alan J           

Probably the best view of all the restaurants in Lourdas.Nice food, but a bit overpriced.Limited veggie selection.We each received a complimentary brandy after the meal.


Great food but a bit pricey. Doesn't really cater for kids.

John S           

Very good food and service but a little overpriced. 7 out of 10.