So Simple

Bars in Lassi

Terry G           

the so simple bar brillianr, it was the best club in kefallonia and the people were amazing but hopefully we will be going back to lassi next year and we will be going in there every night.

Kelly H           

hi wishing i could have come back to kefalonia this year and gone to so simple but unfortunatly couldnt i heard everything was brilliant though and so simple is even better. although it seems to me compliments arent taken very kindly these days, whats the world coming to. i thought there was only one grumpy person i know but it seems there are two now  everybody stop being so  and cheer up all messages below seem nice saying you hate them is quite rude because you know you dont

hopefully see you all next year love ya all keep  xxx

Kay C           

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hope u like pics!!!!
(the lovely john!!!!!!! pirro n costas - the sexy dj hehe
& the gorgeous yanni & me!!!!!!!)
really miss u all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*********
hey guys!!!!!!!  
missin u loadz still cant w8 2 come bak next year!!!!!
me n loz have started saving already!!!!!!
love 2 yanni-wkd!!!!!!!!!!!! ur amazing mwah!!!!!! keep practicing the cheek thing haha xx
hey 2 pirro hope ur ok babe. thanx 4 keep licking my face thru out the hols. thats thanx 2 loz teaching u!!!!
hey 2 john hope ur good. lauren misses ya. c u in october wer show u all the clubs ova here!!!!!!!
hey 2 big yanni (u are lovely thank u 4 always making us feel welcome!!!!!) ur a lovely man!!! xxx
hey 2 mirianna didnt really get 2 know u as u have now left but if u eva check these comments i thought u wer lovely & enjoyed comin ut with u on ur last nite n dancing on stage (u me & loz)
hey 2 louli (shark boy) miss u lots babe especially wen u spun me round and bent me back u nearly broke my back haha.
hope ya like the pics!!!!!
love u guys millions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
counting the days till i come back next year!!!!!!!!!

Lauren H           

Well we made it back home and missing so simple and everyone so much!!

Wont be able to get rid of us next year as coming in may till end of august. Loved so simple so much was there everynight and always there till the end. Miss ya all so much.
See u in england John
Dont miss us to much!!!!!

Kay C           

Went 2 So simple every night!!!! The bar staff r lovely. Yani the manager is wkd!!!!!!!!!

John is lovely!!!!!! The DJ's are wkd and know wot true music is!!!!!! (thanx 4 the CD by the way)!!!!
We will be seein u next year  - coming for 4 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Didnt wanna come home
Cant really comment on the babe section cos i wasnt looking @ the girls (lol) but the hunks were fit!!!!!!!!!

Beth E           

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hiiiiiiiiii gen!!!!

THE CREW 06!!!!!!aww fanx bron!!! evry1 make sure you go der 4 a wkd time!!!! bin back hmmmm about 48 hrs no and im missin it like crazyreli missin 1 boy he nos who he is!!!! missin u all....spesh evry1 i met there like bron,david,rich (bottle boy lmfao).jenni and nat not 4getin evry1 i nown 4 yrs!!! dey made ma hol evn better, c u all next year!!!!!!
loads n loads of love 4eva x.x.x.x beth x.x.x.x

Bron M           

Just got back from hols in kefalonia and it was great we went to so simple every night and it was so cool!  All the bar people were soo lovely and gave yaz free drinks! It was amazing and everyone is so nice! I met some well nice people in there (inc. Beth) and I really hope they all keep in touch! Im comin back next year so it better be ready for me!

Beth E           

hey guys!!!!

just got back went to so simple nearly every night ! it is the best bar in lassi n i wudnt go any wher else, and evry1 in there is so lovly n they all looked after me when i was there spesh big yanni the till man hehe!!! and im missin u all spesh john lewis and pirro <3 !! cant wait to see you all again !!! and just want to say sorry to john !!! ive been going to kef for soooooo many years now n really is one of the best places to be the long beach and so simple and ya sorted 4 ya time there
make sure ya all keep in touch
lots and lots of love always <3 xxx ~*beth*~xxxx

Elaine K           


Michelle J           

nice atmosphere here, and good music (R&B) and good service, would recommend.

Kathy M           

I absolutely loved it here!  My friend Nikki and I had an absolute ball, and were in here every night.  We were known as the dancers by the staff who were so polite an friendly...lots of free drinks, and lots of napkins thrown at us for our dancing!!!!!!!!!  Thanks to everyone there...can wait to come back.

Margy F           

This was a fun bar with a really good atmosphere!

Lauren R           

So Simple bar rocks!! the best club in kefalonia by far!

the drinks are amazing - especialy the cocktails - and its a brilliant place to spend your nights!
when me and my sis jenny stayed in Lassi, we went there everynight! and it was great meeting all the bar staff, especaily Yannis (no idea on the spelling ) who was amazin to me an my sis!
And the other yannis as well, of course, who told us about how to write on here! an weyhey i remembered the address! '-'
thanx alot, for hours of fun, i hope i can come back again and see you all again soon!  
love you all! - Lauren xxxx

Michael N           



if u go lassi, go to so simple, had a right laugh there. was a bit over priced but a good place to start after a night at oskars then before bass! good get u going kind of atmosphere and the english waitress from caterham was wicked!! croydon!!!! c ya soon


Pirro K           

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  hello  evrry  one    how  are  u  thats  me  hello  lauren????

Sefra and natalie            

hey everybody!!! how are you all? this is sefra and natalie from the sexy uk!! we wanted to say a massive hello to the sexy guys and ina, in so simple including spiros, the big scary boss !!! how are you all? congratulations to albert, we love ya sooo much!!! hope you lovely djs (kostas and mitsos) are studying hard, and ina and big giannis are surviving the parenting life!!! hey little yannis hope your loving the single life. live it up and we honestly mean it!!! send our love to big spiros, and give him a big kiss from us!!!

to everyone else, this is the best bar in kefalonia. we are the ex waitresses and we have to say it is the best place to be!!!!  
thats all folks!!! mmwah lots of love, hugs, and kisses to you all!!!   x x x


So simple is a fantastic place.We were every night there and we loved it! The Dj was very sexy!!!!!

Kerry C           

nothing amazing about so simple, come her almost every night in august and may, so far, been to kefalonia 8 times. much better clubs in argostoli,eg bass and phoenix. go to lassi after a night at oskars to get in the mood for argo. drinks.. kinda on the expensive side, but well worth a visit, me n my sister dancing with all the greeks to greek dancing was probally the best time, we were the only english, it was going so fast! really nice people who work there! stayed till closing, had a good time, no complaints, but bigger livelyer places, try bass, much better, and only 5 mins in a taxi, drinks more pricy thou!!!!

o and watch out for the loo's there minging, ur better off holding it if u can!;p
love kerry, c ya in august, nyc in may this time xxx

Lauren E           

jus got back off our holiday in kefalonia, so simple is the best bar around lassi we were in it every night, the music in theres great and most people get up an have a dance. yarnie should remember all 24 of us as he was at my uncles wedding, the best thing was the fit bar men, dont know there names.  hoping to go back for my 18th see ya then x love loz xxxx

Kelly H           

hi got back from kefalonia on the 4th sept 2005 loved it so much were coming back on the 18th sept 2005 its all booked so see you all then cant wait to go to so simple again to see everybody,

see you in a couple of days kelly and lauren x x

Lauren H           

ive been coming for 3 years and and i make sure that i always go to so simple coz its so good. i really wish i was still there i now hate england and want to work in kefalonia. i loved sitting at the bar with beth we had some right laughs and it was great getting free shots from john and albert.i really miss everyone so much but i will see you all soon. make sure u go to so simple u wont regret it.

love ya all so much
lauren x

Kelly H           

just got back from kefalonia third time there it was just as good as the other 2 times, so simple is brilliant the people there are so friendly. Thanks to natalie for being so sweet to me hope you are ok

i hurt someone whilst i was there and im sorry i acted cold because i knew in the end i would have to leave and it was going to hurt enough anyway but i never meant to hurt you i was just trying to protect myself and i was wrong as now i feel worse.
I probably wont be coming back again because i hate saying goodbye  so thanks to everyone who made the holiday as good as it was.
i hope you have a good flight back sefra
loadsa love always Kelly x x x x

Pirro K           

   so  sorry  4r  all  u  ppl  all  my  friends

  this  15  days  from  21  ogost  till  4  of  semtembre 
i woz  fill  like  a   more  then  s**t  some  ppl  broke  my  dreams   and  some  ppl  woz  verry  cold  with  me  some  ov  can  wnderstend  what  am  tokin  about  somme  not  d  mater
am  not  any  more  at  kefalonia just  cheange  but  kelly  to  know  i  dont  love  u  any  more   if  ya  wont  friends  stp  tex  me  and  stop  call  me  evrry  5  minutes
hapy  birthday   so  simple  is  the  best  all  the  time  evrry  time  u  to  comme  at kefalonia  u  gon  a  enjoit  bye  bye  bye  bye  lots  of  xxxxx   4 r   ya

Lynsey +           

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Hello Everyone at So Simple, Thanks for making our holiday extra special.
Pirru you made us laugh every night Ohhh Luv are you alright my Duck!!!
Mum + Dad you adopted us and looked after us and got us up dancing on the bar! Tongue
Albert trying hard to get us drunk on  Shots every night!!
Gianni you were cool, you'll have to let us know when your in england we'll take you out and show you the sights of Nottingham!! You need to keep in touch and put red in your hair
Marcus thanks for taking us to Base we had a fab time you were great fun!!
We miss you all loads Cry
Zoe + Lynsey

Beth E           

i looove so simple !!!

just got back n missin it already....spesh ma lil bar crew lauren jack and co! jack dnt 4 get our hand shake mr or der b trouble !! ignore all the comments bwt the albainans der the nicest people eva, sometimes alot nicer than the greeks but there all cool! cant wait  2 come back spent everynite in the so simple bar wid lauren at d bar ! helooo 2 pirro toni eri kelly lauren jack n der family and the sweetheart danny  thnx 4 d comment on ma last nite hun ! oooo and i miss the ringos   good luck 2 sefra btw !! and enia billy's so cute! cya all next june with other beth
loads and loads of love beth

Kay B           

We love So Simple !!!! Came out in June and must have spent every night in So Simple.  Just sit outside and chill untill it gets busy then dance the night away....with good booze and good company.... he he !

Its fantasic ! Everyone has to go !  Theres always something to entertain , there was a guy called Loui that i think worked a Mystic Gusto that always managed to get us up for a dance.... hi if anyone reading knows them ! 
Great music really friendly bat staff (thanx for all the water...sorry) They mix the best cocktails on the Island too !!!!
Will be back xxxx

Pirro K           

  ya  dont  write in    so  simple pagge a  bull  s**t  about  albanian  ppl  tania  or  della  or  ema  coze  u  haven  a  fun  with  them{ no  with  me!!!!! here and  we  woz  meake  ur  holiday  greate  yanis  albert  sefra  and  evry  one  at  so  simple  u  haven  lots  of  free  shots  and  to  know  somthing  maybi  u  told  in  of  but  verry  stiupit  one  ok  have  a  nice  time  from  me  and  evrry  one  from  so  simple 

lauren  hall    i  can  wait  kelly  and  u  to  come  here
iiiiiiiiiiiiiii  lllllllllloooooooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee
    kellyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  and  lots  of  butrflye  kisses 
lauren  i  get ur  cards  very  nice  thx  u  tx  me  a card  from  my  birthday

Lauren H           

I think these comments about the albaninans are stupid either u like them or you dont but dont start slating them if you dont get to know them. I admit i used to think bad about them until i met piro and the others and they are decent people and great friends me and my family should know we have stayed friends with them for 3 years and i can trust them fully, like everywhere u go there will be bad and good people not all albanians are the same.

So simple is great and worth going to. Ignore the petty comments

Lois L           

I would just like to clarify that i dont see how it is racist in saying that it attracts too many Albanians, Tania!!! 

Lois L           

I have been kefalonia twice this year and went to so simple a couple of times and thought it was ok for a quick drink. 

I thought there was too many albanians there to be honest. But if you are with good company then it doesnt matter.

Emily S           

Just come back to reality after my second year holidaying in Kef. We stayed in Lassi both occasions and spent almost every night in So Simple dancing on the bars and even tried a bit of greek dancing occasionally!! The barman even recognised us after a year!

Keep up the good work guys- the only think i would say is that the DJ often plays music that only he seems to enjoy. Try playing a bit more old school, rock pop and cheese, NOT just dance tracks that not everybody recognises!!

Much love to everyone in So Simple.

Emily xxx

Beth E           

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hey guys!!

its the two beths!! we loved so simple best bar going in lassi even though aint really good for our age we still lovvvedd it, we didnt like going in 2 a beacuse 2 many p**vey men !! but john & albert looked after us :d blonde beth is back on the 23rd of aug, pirro...other beth is not coming this time she going to spain :(  but other will beth there :d but we both back in oct, go to so simple...the waitress is dead dead nice music...ok?!?! once it gets going its better :d
p.s john txt beth
cya soon love beth and bethx*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x*x 

Tania R           

My friend and I were on our first trip to Kefalonia, Lassi was our base, and So Simple was our home! The cocktails were fabulous and the decor is amazing! The bar staff were super friendly, specially Sefra and Giannis who looked after us oh so well - thank you guys! The owner was also cool, believe his name is Spiros?! Soon as we scrape our pennies together again we'll be back! Miss it already.. enjoy it for us!

Jenny J           

Hi guys,

So simple is the best!!!! Was in Kefolina for 6 weeks and was in so simple nearly every night!!!! Bar staff and waitress are great!!! missing you all like mad and miss dancing on the bar!!!  cant wait to come back out and see you all again!! you dont get rid of me that easy i will be back!!! love ya loads Jenny x x x

Gemma W           

So Simple is great. .   I have been to Greece 12 times.

John H           

decent bar not the cheapest but the decor is nice-dont go if it has been raining as the outside is open to the elements-music alters through the night.

Missy P           

This is a fab bar, we had such a great time, we spent 14 nights there! The locals are nice, so much so, we have kept in contact with many. This is a great place for couples or single people who are not looking for a mad bender. I would recommend that you give it a try............................ Back in september 05. Mx email me at

Kerry C           

dont bother with any of the clubs in lassi, take it from exprience.. head 2 argostoli for a good night, bass rocks, so simple is ok for a quiet relaxin time, but still good, music the same every night!! but go with good company n it will b fine!!!! drinks expensive

Lauren H           

  SO SIMPLE IS THE BEST. It really is good everyone would enjoy it as there is a nice quiet bit u can sit in and watch people dance through the glass windows but once u go through the doors to the dancing thats the best part of so simple.  


its along the main lassi road, where all the restuarants, shops are etc etc. you cant really miss it, but if you do deciede to go and cant find it, any of the locals with tell ya, as its very wel known. we liked it however prefered the clubs argostli more.

Pirro K           

alexi the email wher i been write ov a ther its my email
plz send me ther email wi miss u so much and paula
so are u coming back this summer tx in my email plz
xx pirro my email


So Piro, is there any gossip from the island? I take it you have been working in so simple all this time?
By the way, that email address you have written, it's not mine!

Alexa C           

So Piro, any gossip with Kefalonia
And that email address you have written - it's not mine!
Have you been working in So Simple all this time, is Jon still there too?

Yannis B           

kiss kiss to natalie

Pirro K           

to paula
so then evry time i bin ask alison 4r u she tell me u have a baby am verry hapi 4r that {laphing}its no my babe ok!!! happy new year and all the best to u and alexa wi can 4r get u xxxxx

Pirro K           


Pirro K           

hello ppl happy new year and all the best from me
so hello ALEXA CHRISTOPHORIDIS nice to her from u
darling so wi miss u u are nice frend
kelly cerfoll u!!!!!!!!


Hi Piro

I am assuming this is the same Piro I knew back in 2001 and 2002? Remember me?! Anyway, send me a message when you get a chance!




its a real shame that kefalonia shuts down for the winter but will be back there again next summer sometime and will make sure i visit so simple while there. highly recommend this bar to people!

Pirro K


Pirro K

hi ppl plz dont write more things about me plz plz plz coze i gon a bee mad with you that s it s wher a say ok! thx
loads of kisse s 4r u?

Kelly H           

missing you so much pirro cant wait to see you maybe we can get married again!!!!!!!!

Kelly H           

Just wanted to say so simple is brilliant love ya loads pirro missing you so much but i promise i will be back to see you soon. Hi to everyone especially jon miss u aswell, cant wait to see you pirro love u so much


when does this bar close for the winter please?

Lauren H           

so simple is the best its really good so i dont no why people have rated it poor they must be really boring and dont like dancing and music. just want to say hi to pirro we all really miss u especially kelly. say hi to john and lucy and everyone else there we all miss u lot aswell. well see u soon cant wait to see u love u all loads xxxx


Great bar with great beer! Will b bak soon to party!


hey pirro! or should i say spiros???? do you remember me i am the 14 year old! how are you? say hi to all the lads behind the bar for me!

Pirro K

woz nice

Pirro K

so simple the best

Pirro K

hello! so thank you
about evry thing writing 4r we hier its nice to coming hier to vizit as egain
my name its pirro and im going to so simple evry singl night 4r all summer
coze i liket the staf there r nice alkol its clin and u not gon a fine chraboll in this pub coze its dimitris nice dor man cheking out evry thing
i love kelly b back i really maryt u
any time with love from pirro

Pirro K           

hello ppl so thx what u been write about so simple
so i am hier to cephalonia coze i live hier but i he lods a bud stuf about me i dont ke 4r the ppl been in this pub
just to know somthing so simple staf weit u to vizit
all the best 4r me! thx to kelly and lauren
hoppi they r ok i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee
Emily from chefield
u b back love u pirro

Jo C           

I am amazed this bar has 10 out of 10!!!! After reading the reviews on here it was one of the first places we went to and what a disappointment!! Of course if you like watered down beer and spirits and are happy to pay more for them as well, then go, but tina and lisa ........ i wouldn't bother!! Also the music is naff as although most of the music is up to date stuff, it is not the original artists singing! We tried most of the bars and we ended up in Trentis Bar nearly every night, where the music was good and we were well looked after.

Charly B           

i went to lassi a week ago and it was propa good.... so simple is the best bar ever part from the long haired waiter coz hes a knob..but the other one who worked on the door was ok... we are definetly coming back next year coz it is well good.. also the chelsea fc cocktail was well nice!! cya soon charly xXx

Alan H           

We watahced the England versues Austria match here last Saturday. ( enough about that..) One of the staff took my fiancers chair away when she went to the toilet and gave it to some greek goprilla sat by the DJ area. then later a kid of ten brought had his chair swiped by the dsame guy and moved elswhere in the bar!! the kid protested and the staf told him to f~~k off!! they are only interested in the next paying customer, not those who have already bought drinks, the attitude stinks. I told him this and he said- the bar is shut so go home!! So about half of the pub left as a protest. Im back to cyprus for our wedding in June nad would not go here again! As a DJ t i thought the music sucked- nothing but chessy 70's and 80's, give me Ayia Napa any day- the people are friendl;y and the muci is cool


i loved so simple when i stayed in greece. we went about 4 times and it was brill! i will be back very soon.
lots of love sophie x


This place was ok - not very busy and the waiter seems to have a rather offish attitude. Looked nicer from the outside than inside - it was a little run down. Drinks a bit more expensive than in other bars. We didn't bother going back as there were nicer places to relax in.

Jacquie C           

So Simple was a great bar....just came back from lassi last week and spent a good few nights drinking in this bar....the barmen are friendly and really efficient...remember you drinks is trendy and fun.....but found more like minded people to hang out with in Odyssey.....which was a bit cheaper too!

Tina and lisa

Is so simple still up and running in late october? We are going at this time and hope to visit this great sounding bar. any help will be appreciated. thanks

Jenny P           

I visited Kefalonia two weeks ago and i had a fantastic time.So simple bar was great.The athmosphere,the music,the stuff it is definitetly the best bar in lassi.The only thing i was ver upset about,was that some of the stuff who worked last year are not there anymore. i espacially missed the nice barman Yannis....

Paul S           


Pete H           

This is a reply to John Taylors comments below.

John, if you are going to lassi for a wild time (as your message suggest) forget it. Having been to all the resorts you've listed Lassi doesnt compare. Lassi is a family orientated resort and as for dancing on tables I would tend to agree with your partner!!

Lewis C

Has anybody been 2 the cinema bar in argostoli? if so how does it compare?

Hilary F           

My partner and I have just returned from a week in Kefalonia and had an absolutely brilliant time. Loved Kefalonia and its beaches but the restaurant Monte Nero was a must every night - food excellent and their garlic butter is something else! I must mention the So Simple bar - we made friends with the owner Spiros, doorman Demetrios and DJ Billy (not to mention the bar crew) - lovely guys and an excellent bar. Danced the night away most nights once the footie had finished! I can recommend this bar as the nicest in Lassi with the best staff. Hope to see you guys again soon.
Frank and Hilary - who danced the night away more than most...