So Simple

Bars in Lassi

Lewis C           

Cocktails are tasty but a bit more pricy compared with other bars. The music can become a bit repetitive but has a variety of styles and there is a huge choice of drinks.

S S           

It is the best bar in Lassi.The bar staff are great they really now how to have good time especially Yanis he is a nutter, but we loved him.
The atmosphere was great, the music was good to dance to,it was that good we even went back on our wedding night.

Laura S           

Funky unusual decor with a variety of music. Great place to start the night before going to argostoli.


Just back form Kefalonia.
Had the time of my life.. what can I say, if your up for a laugh this is definitely the place to go.
The barmen are a scream as for the waiters.. yum yum!!

John T

We are travelling to Lassi (first time to Kefalonia) on 4th July. I m concerned about the level of nightlife. Will Lassi be busy as I am used to like Kardamena in Kos, Faliraki in Rhodes and Malia in Crete. The wife feels that at 35 I am too old to be dancing on tables. I know this is not that kind of resort however I am concerned that the nightlife will be limited .Please tell me there is enough to keep us entertained during the day and night. What are the prices like in Kefalonia as I am reading it is more expensive than other Greek Islands.

Sophisto L           

Trendy Place 2 be!!! Great decor!

Sophie B           

Yasoo to everyone at so simple!What a great place! All the best this summer. Love sophie x

Paul H           

Great bar and atmosphere, even though we visited in early May.
The staff were all very friendly and befriended you straight away giving an excellent service. Good music and the cocktails were FAB.
"Mr Tillman" who takes the Euros needs a lesson in Footy as he thinks Middlesborough and Bolton play the best football in the Prmiership!
He needs to start watching Portsmouth more, what can I say 15/5/04 POMPEY 5 Middlesboro 1. THOROUGHLY RECCOMEND THIS BAR.

Claire G           

Just opened about 4 days into our holiday due to the start of the season. Loved the decor of this place, a bit different to other holiday bars/pubs. Good music and a dancefloor. Nice toilets which makes a change for Greece. Spirits expensive but they were in the other bars too. Lots of free shots though. Lots of local and albanian lads looking to pull so watch out any single girls (or probably even attached girls). Definitely the best bar in Lassi but there again there's not many bars to compete with. Not really a party place.

Jade R           

OMG can i just say the guys in that bar are so good looking!!!! I went dere almost everynite. The music is good especially after 12 wen its the lock-in and all the greeks come in and show you how to have a good time The drinks are good and the free shots they gibe r even better!!!!

Lauren H           

Everyone who has slagged off the male staff are wrong about them and your just judging them. Me, my sister and my parents are friends with them and there the most nicest blokes you could meet they looked out for us and made sure we got back ok. We are going back next year to see Piro and some other friends we made out there, they made are holiday fantastic. Cant wait to go back and see Piro. So simple is brilliant.xxxx

Kelly H           

me and my sister lauren went to lassi in august so simple was brilliant everyone there was so friendly we made really good friends with a bloke called piro it was because of him our holiday was as good as it was we are still in contact with him it was the best holiday i have ever been on and im going back twice next year

Sophisto C           

So Simple is the best bar in lassi with some cool tunes and a dance floor. The staff are really friendly and helpful and I will be returning there on my next visit in may 2004. A great place to meet some local hunks and have a laugh!

A V           

Had to add this comment after reading a negative one complaining about the male staff. My bf and I felt the place had the potential to kick off quite nastily, however during the two weeks we have just spent in Lassi we visited the bar several times and always enjoyed ourselves. The male staff seem to be very observant at all times so that if there were a hint of trouble offenders would be ejected quickly and smoothly. (To our knowledge, nobody was ever asked to leave). Service was never a problem and I hope if I return for a 3rd holiday, at least some of the staff will be there still.

Brad P           

Had to pop back with word of warning !!! Avoid the reps - they look tasty but are probably all gay. They probably even fall in love with locals called Dmitri behind your back. Not that I'm bitter or anything .... also avoid the NRG cocktails if you have a liking for karaoke - any singing after midnight in this resort is likely to get you banged up !! Big up Lynn and Dave - just tell us now - what did you do with the lilo you robbed ???

Brad P           

What a fantastic place !!! I went down there in my polyester sun frock and espadrilles expecting your usual greek waiters dancing and smashing plates - and was pleasantly surprised by the hard core techno and underground dance music !!! Soon popped home and changed into my day-glo boiler suit and obligatory white gloves !!! Boy did those Scottish ravers in kilts like my whistle, glo-sticks and 'jack (of knobs) your body' moves !! The NRG secret recipe cocktail was a hit - I'm thinking the ingredients were grey goose vodka, chantreuse and cristal champers ?? Anyone agree ??

Eartha K           

Just back from a week in Lassi with friends. We went to So Simple a few times - it was really lively and the cocktails (especially the secret recipe nrg) were fab. The DJ is quite into his hardcore rave though - we requested some Queen one night and he got a bit stroppy with us! Even the OAPS seemed to love the place - there were quite a few over 70s getting down on the dancefloor when we were there...maybe they had sampled the NRG cocktail too!

Jackie.t. K           

Hi All,

Just got back from a week in Lassi with my friends - we loved it.
So Simple is such a good place to go - the best in Lassi for late night dancing. Try the N-R-G cocktails and make friends with Biro - he is a good guy. We got free shooters which is always a bouns....and a very nice key ring too!
Stay away from the gold tequila - no salt and an orange to suck on afterwards....need I say more?!?!
Also - keep an eye out for dodgy blokes plying you with drink and trying to get you to go away with them on their bike. As Nicky said in Corrie last night - "NOT A GOOD MOVE" xxx

Jessica W           

my boyf loved it here cos he fancied the blonde waitress! It was a nice atmosphere, but not so good when it rained!

Luke G           

i have info, get a life she has a boyfriend ive just come back hes some greek guy who works there

Alan D

hi im still uking 4 the english 17 year old waitres web address if u have the web addres her addy or her phone number i would b so happy as the story gose i fell inlove with her on the second to last night i didnt get to tell her how i felt we flirted alot i wish i could see her again so simply (exscuse the pun) help me find her i think her name was vannesa but i cant b sure so plz if u have any infomastion i would b so greatfull to atleast try and reunite a fantastic love plz ppl in so hart broken

Greg H           

im just posting a few complaints about this place! firsly i could not sit down in a chair without the albanian dicks lookin at me! also wat was with that asshole takin pictures of all d girls on his fone! in ireland if u were doin wat he was doin ud be thrown out and beatin! takin pics up girls skirts and everythin! also none of the guys in there liked english lads! i was out wit a couple off em and they treated them like s**t in there! i was mistaken for english and wen they found out i was irish they were my friend! remember guys! i was the guy who stood up 4 myself against every albanian person in there! ill quote sum sayings from them! "i have guns!i will kill u" and "u cannot talk or dance 2 any of the girls here because they are all taken" that was sed by one of the bar men!!!
overall this place did not feel safe 2 b in, the albanians sed they'd kill me and i werent aloud sit down or talk 2 girls in there! basically this place is s.h.i.t

D J           

Loved this place! Its kind of got a jungle theme going on so you forget that you are on the main road in Lassi! Drinks are good but pricey, but as its open most nights til 4 am we used it as the last stop! The lounge service is excellent, music great too. Also most of the waiters around the area go there most nights ;)

Mike R           

Nice bar, good location and surroundings. From what I could see it was probably the liveliest disco bar in Lassi during our 2 weeks there at the end of August. We found it a bit pricey, and the drinks(spirits\cocktails) were not very strong.

Kerry C           

we came here once, but it wasnt that busy maybe as it was 4 am! the music was still well gd, im 15 and the guy i went wid was 24 even my parents came along, and enjoyed them selves! says it all, every one will enjoy this place, trust me!

Ryan L           

So simple is the best bar in kefalonia, with good music and lovely babes your in for a good time, but be careful because they chuck people out for being bad dancers.

Steve J           

By far the best bar in Lassi. Tropical surroundings, good atmosphere and trendy music. A bit expensive, but very good lounge service. Depending where you sat, could have a relaxed or as livelier night as you wanted.

Lisa S           

The bar man Albert was sooo georgeous. If you are reading this Albert you have my number.
Went with my brother nearly every night and we thought that you are fab keep up the good work.

Hi, it's Sean here, can you say to the waitress that i think she is really gorgeous! can i have her number, PLEASE!!
Might see you all in the near future!


Rob B           

Very nice looking bar, but way too expensive.

Cost me 4.5 Euro's for a Bailey's which was mainly ice, and 5 euro's for a Tequila Sunrise.

I much prefer Odyssey bar, although So Simple is better for single people on the pull.



Alan D           

man i no your pain i fell in love with a young 17 year old waitress called vannesa she thort i was the same age so that was fantastic i would of realy loved to tell her ho i felt but i didt get courage to tell her i was also slighty drunk at the time so i forgeot her name so one's again just to be sure she was 17 english/greek she had a tatto just above her bum and had browny blondy hair i would love to get in contact with her i realy like her so if ther is a email addres for the bar tellphone number or postle addres or even better HER address i realy would be greatfull

Christian B

I need jenny! I love her! Please help me!

Christian B           

I was there two weeks and it was the best time of my life! Because of Jenny. I love her still and forever! I hope everthing is allright with her. I miss all of the so simple bar so much. Spiro, Vanessa, Albert, Natalie, steff, janis... I miss them all. If somebody from so simple read that please tell this jenny.

Jim C           

Top bar in compared with others on the Island. Great to go and party if you like alsorts of varied music and a laugh until 4am.
Beer was cold and wet.....job done.......

Laura N           

went here for a few drinks during our two weeks holiday, really enjoyed it! Music and atmosphere was good. Also great cocktails, especially the olympic cocktail! Seemed to be the only decent bar in the area with ugly women!

Alan D           

fantastic thancs o thanc u i fell inlove with her thats great u didnt happen to get her email addres did u or the bars email address

Claire W           

Just come back from there yesterday. For everyone who wants to know the young 17 year old waitress, her name is vanessa. The bar men were gorgeous, and they often took me out around greece to check out the clubs.

Alan D           

just to make sure her hair was sort of blond like light streeks in it

Alan D           

no there was a gurl who had a greek father and a english mothershe was 17 she was 2 yrs older than me


the blonde girl from so simple is greek not english

Alan D

i would realy like to no the name of the blond girl from so simple she was only 17 she was english if u have her email addres it would also be very helpfull i mett her when i was there and didnt get chance to tell her how i feel so if any one can give me her email addres the bars addres or her name i would be very thankfull

Alan D           

man i just got home from kef and im missing it allready the bar is fantastik i went there almost evry night i fell in love there and i woas hopping somone mite have the email adddres or name of the young 17 year old waitress with blond her she was from england she also has a large tatto just above her bum any info wud b great because i would realy like to get in touch and tell her how i feel so plz help me find out who it is

Rebecca S           

just out of pure curisosity what fruit juice do you people drink cos i wouldnt mind some! i had one cocktail in so simple and a martini and lemonade and the cocktail blew my head off! and also were do you go for your cocktails cos the local cokctail bar round mine charges 3.95 for a cocktail which is definately more than 5. the music was great anything from proper dance music to emimen and destinys child. talent was ok even though the greeks can be a bit p**vy somtimes. was better than my local club anyway!

Ellen S           

i know some one from Argostolie, and he kept sayin so simple was his favorite bar, so on our 6th holiday there, we decided give it a go (me and my older sister) as soon as i went in, i fell in love with it. The plants were gorgeous, the waiter was gorgeous, the talent was ok and the music was fab. going back next year for the 7th time, and i think ill spend the whole 2 weeks in there.
the drinks were a little expensive, but you would pay that at home, so you cant really complain!
100% recommend so simple!

Sara P           

We didn't visit the So Simple until the end of our holiday, because it gave the impression of being a bit too trendy and also the drinks were more expensive in there. However, we decided to give it a go - and didn't go back again! The atmosphere was good, but the drinks seemed to be a bit of a con - beer and wine were more expensive than the other bars and the cocktails tasted like they hadn't even been shown the alcohol. We weren't on our own with this opinion and did here other customers complaining on their way out that it was "a con"!

So Simple? More like 'So Sober'.

Claire R


Jamie W           

This bar was quite good. The cocktails were nice (even if they were a bit weak.) We went in there 3 times and were given a free shot each time. The waitress was lovely.


Great atmosphere, cocktails were nice, but expensive. The waitress runs round like mad all night(thats why she's so thin). Watch out for the unisex toilets as it can really throw you off when youv'e had a few.

Nia E           

Nice relaxed atmosphere to start with and livens up after 11pm. Excellent coctails and if you order shots, they may ven give you 2/3 for free!

Esther B           

Plays really bad eurovision music. Less tacky than the other bars in lassi-although only tourists go here. Drinks are pricey.

Nicola F           

This was definetly the most trendy joint in Lassi, but the Drink was definetly NOT up to Irish standards, we sent our Cocktails back 3times, the owner wasn't impressed, but he still gave us no alcohol!!!! I would Highly Recommend the "Phaedra" Restaurant/Bar for the most friendly, happy staff and the best Cocktails in Lassi.....

Lena and john W           

We have just returned from lassi,we tried most bars but this was the best one about. A real holiday bar,open air with palm trees and mossy walls,the music was good with everything from Eminem to Wacko Jacko,stick to the beer 3 euros a pint,as we were paying 10 euros for a weak vodka&coke and a bottle of breezer.popular with greeks and brits alike,check out the greek Marti Pellow on the door and the kittens who run across the dancefloor

Irene L           

Drinks in So Simple were dreadful - My friend and I ordered Vodka and Cokes that had barely any alcohol. Same with the cocktails. This seems to be common practice around the "younger" bars in Cephalonia - we went to a few bars in the main sq. in Argostoli and same thing happened (especially in Central Cafe - total rip off!) Stick to beer. Disco in S.S. hilarious. Full of pre-pubescent Greek males throwing shapes. However DJ on Wed. has lots of Indie stuff if you ask nicely.

Hm B           

The only thing of any interest in this bar was the decor - and the smoking cauldron in the one corner. The cocktails were hugely expensive and mostly fruit juice....although this wasn't confined to the So Simple, all the cocktail bars seemed to have the same policy of showing the spirit bottle rather than adding any.

We finally resorted to cocktails at the Olive Press bar where we could see the barman actually make up the drink.

Stuart D           

Arrived back from Kefalonia begining of June, So Simple was about the best bar we went into but the Cocktails were a little overpriced considering the amount of alcohol that goes in them. The music was cheesy but just right for your hols and the small dance floor was nice and cool.

Clare O           

Just arrived back from Lassi June 2003. Had a lovely holiday apart from our visit to So Simple. First time we went we were overcharged for our drinks. On our second visit we decided to go for cocktails - these were not cocktails they were watery fruit drinks! We complained to waitress who took drinks back to bar. We were thinking to ourselves that the drinks may come back that strong we may not even be able to drink them - that was not the case, they were exactley the same watery fruit juice. We only paid 24 euros for 4 watery juices. Do not go to So Simple. Sunset bar/restaurant are the best cocktails.

Vicky S           

Just arrived back from 2 weeks in Lassi. Had an amazing time. So Simple is the best bar by far in Lassi! The onlt place to go for youngf people really. The staff are really friendly especialy the lovely waitress (who my fell thought was foxy...grrr!) and the lovely gorgeous ponytailed man who was always on the door. Think he may have been the owner. Drinks were lovely, music great. Lots of friendly locals and the artmosphere and decor were excellent. Thorouighly reccomend this bar. Brilliant! Thanks for making my holiday evenings fun! xxx

Sarah B           

What a weird place, moss growing out of the walls. Very atmospheric but dated music.

Guy U           

Had loads of great nights out at the "So Simple Bar" drinks were fantastic, music great, people very friendly and only a short staggering distance back to your apartment!!!

Carolyn M           

Good place to go if you want a good dance, drinks are a bit of a rip off 5 euros for G&T in a very small slim glass full of ice, so get tanked up before you go in or stick to beer. Lots of the local staff go in, quite a few Greek and Albanian hunks.


Good cocktails at reasonable prices. Latest tunes and some golden oldies. Waitress was blinding!!

Emma W           

This was the liveliest bar in Lassi and reasonably priced for drinks. Staff all very friendly and it was open til late. The toilets were a little confusing as they did not really state male or female so becareful. A good atmosphere with a small dance floor,playing lots of cheesy holiday music alongside dance music. Well Worth a visit!!

John F           

The Best Bar in Lassi . Yanni and his staff really made our Holiday . Will be returning for another visit .

Thomas M           

We along with other guests who were staying at out hotel were ripped off on more than one occasion when we were served by both waitresses who add an extra round off drinks to your bill if they think they can get away with it.

Tanya C           

Excellent plants and worth a visit. Average on prices and if it's your thing the best place for talent spotting!!

Tasha S

Me and my boyfriend are thinking about going to kefalonia in september. Which is the best resort for nice beaches and loads of bars, and where should we stay?

Matthew C           

So simple is the liveliest & busiest bar in lassi. The staff are friendly and we had up to 4 free shots each within a 2 hour period. The music provided is that of a "wedding disco" but went down well with most. Later on the "bar" turns into a "club" which basically meant one of the glass doors is closed.

Gerard D           

Visited So Simple in 2001 and bored our daughter (15) silly with how brill this bar was. Returned in 2002 with daughter and she was hooked after our first visit. The hunks rating is not mine! Great selection of drinks, good music for most ages and fantastic atmosphere. Friendly and efficient staff.

Gemma T           

We really loved this bar, it is the best in Lassi! They have a great selection of drinks which are good prices and the setting is beautiful! The staff are really friendly and bring around free shots! We really recommend this bar!


the most lively place in Lassi. great atmosphere and setting. staff friendly and serve you at your table. the dancefloor livens up very late in the evening with great music!

Louise W           

Pleasent seating area at the front with a dance floor at the back with the bar. Very friendly staff and an excellent place to mix with the locals. The dance floor comes alive at about 11pm with a DJ and finishes at around 4am - excellent night out, I would definatly recommend it!!!!!!

Carol D           

So Simple ........... So Great! On second visit waitress remembered our drinks order. Great atmosphere, good lighting system, reasonble prices.


So simple was on the main strip, and in my opinion is really friendly. The staff are great and the drinks they offer are varied and reasonably priced. The decor is stunning. It has tropical plants and trees on the outside and really adds to the atmosphere. Its generally quiet during the day, but gets quite lively from about 10pm playing a real mixture of music to suit the crowd. It closes around 4am and taxis are always outside. I spent many a night there on my recent vist and made some great friends too. I honestly recommend you give it a try even its just to view the plants and trees(apparently shipped in from all over the world.Bring your camera!!!