Best Time to Visit


when we went in July, the first thing the rep said to us was she had been living on the island for 3 years and this was the hottest she had seen it. for great night in July may i suggest Oskars (Fanari road) as the entertainment is brilliant. and during the day the malibu pool.

Agnes C           

wow! we were there the last week in june, first week in july - our first trip to the greek islands. i tell you what ! - you can keep majorca !!! it was very warm - remember to carry water with you !!. it was so lovely and peaceful - we felt we had been on holiday !! i want to go back - now !!!!

Matthew C           

visited lassi in July 2002. First week was very hot 38 degrees+ was burned within an hour on the beach wearing factor 25!!! so please be warned.

Andree P           

Hot!!! 42degrees and 38 in the shade. We stayed in Poros Bay so to walk to Poros square & to the beach was quite tiring in the heat! An umbrella on the beach is a must as it stays hot until at least 7pm. It was still relatively quiet (which we were told was a little unusual), some times you could be the only ones on the beach - great! also it wasn't full of fat,white tatooed English yobs - even better! The greeks tend to hit the beach at about 4pm (siesta) & then disappear again around 6ish. Tourists mainly consisted of Greeks, Italians, fair amount of French & English and a few Germans.

Andy S           

We visited Trapezaki in early July And it was incredible hot and incredible hilly. Be prepared to drink gallons and sweat buckets but your reward will be the best holiday ever

Carol D           

We stayed in Lassi in July 2001 - weather was very hot, sea getting warm, evenings cool. Just Great!! No problems as long as you top up your sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

Lisa G           

Best time to visit, hot hot hot, fun fun fun!

Arlene B           

For all you heat and sun worshippers july is a must,,, just remember to drink plenty water. Very hot and the water temp is better than in the earlier or later months.

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