Sto Psito

Restaurants in Lassi

Chris B           

I am delighted that people have finally seen the light on this place -frankly it stank.

Jim C           

Horses for Courses and all that but this was the worst place I'd eaten for a while (09/08/03). We'd reserved a table for four and sat down with what has to be said was a great view(This was over the bridge and mozzy pool and over to the far right). When then noticed a smell that was something between fish and something we couldn't quite place. Still we order and starters came and then we placed that smell......the toilets.....they smelt worse than the monkey house at London zoo. Had Fillet steak....nothing to right home about really. Food was average to below presentation (Garnish was half a lemon) at all.....and veggies were cold......But give it a shot you may just like it........

Fay W           

How can anyone rate this restaurant No. 1. I think we had our
worst meal here. After asking if they had the Octopuss and they
said yes, we sat down, ordered drinks which arrived and the
obligatory bread, then the waiter came back and said ‘sorry no
Octopuss’ so we had to order something else, if we hadn't
already started we would have got up and left. The food we
ordered was average and also the waiters could not be
bothered. Save the best meal of your Holiday for Monte Nero, by
far the classiest restaurant/ wine bar on the Lassi strip! I also
reccomend The Ionio with the blue checked table cloths and
also Phaedra, both excellent freshly cooked cuisine.

The B           

We had a very enjoyable meal - I can recommend the cod in garlic mashed potato sauce. The view is good and we were not troubled by bugs.

Trevor M           

The view was good but unfortunately the food was no better than average.
I was really looking forward to the stifado after reading how good it was, but i could only rate it average because that's how i found it, not like the meat pie at Monte Nero's or the kleftico at Sirtaki which were excellent.

Tina B           

The best thing about this restaurant is the fantastic view - best place in Lassi to see the sun set. Food was ok but have had better - I made the mistake of trying the Lamb Kleftiko and should have gone for the Beef Stew which seems to be their best dish. We found the waiters to be friendly and nice enough and was never bothered by mozzies - but did anyone spot the uninvited guests above?

Dimitri T           

My wife and I visited here from Athens and We enjoyed the view, food and the atmosphere. We first read about it on another site, If you don't believe the comments you can see for yourself and enjoy the free wine that we did! Go there it's fine and as to mosquito's we din't see any and if there were this is greece!

Laura A           

We enjoyed a few excellent meals in this place and we were never bothered by mosquitos at all. It is a great place to eat if you want some peace and quiet throughout your meal and a lovely setting.

Leanne G           

We never had an evening meal here, but the full English was so good we'd walk from Fanari every morning.

Toast and sausages were particularly fantastic, but more importantly, the tea was made with proper milk, not UHT.


Hm B           

Although the food was passable (the moussaka wasn't anything to write home about) and I can't disagree that the setting with regard the view was the best in Lassi, I would warn that anyone particularly prone to mossie bites might find the whole experience rather uncomfortable. The nicest part of the restaurant (overlooking the bay) was set under a leafy canopy and flanked by two ornamental pools which were acting much like a mossie farm. It was a bit disconcerting sharing ones feta with a family of mossies - although that was preferable to them eating us I suppose, but even though we seemed to avoid getting bitten we did spend the whole evening feeling terribly itchy.

As for the service - I didn't think it was that brilliant and having eaten in the TRATA, didn't think the latter compared unfavourably.

Bob G           

This is the best restaurant in Lassi, beautiful location, excellent food with vety friendly staff, even the prices are reasonable.
Along with a relaxed atmosphere the people from "TRATA" really should pop down one evening and see how it's done.


I've visited both this location, and the original in Argostoli many times. The food is always great, and the presentation and service are excellent. The atmosphere is quite appealing, and adds greatly to the experience. Sto Psito is always at the top of my list of places to dine while on vacation.

Angelique V           

Well - I am a little biased here..because my cousin operates this lovely taverna by the sea. But that being said, from an insider's point of view I can tell you that everything is made fresh and cooked to order by locals who know the authentic way to prepare the dishes. This is also the restaurant of choice for many locals when they choose to dine out...why? The food is the "real thing", the prices are very reasonable and the atmosphere is lovely - if you go during daylight you will have a view like no other and if you go at night you will relax under the stars. Definitely worth a look.

Chris B           

We christened this the "whiskas" restaurant owing to the similarity between the filling of the meat pie and the famous cat food. We found the waiters to be surly and unhelpful; the heavy emphasis on concrete was akin to dining in an inner city playground. A huge letdown

Tanya C           

By far the best Greek we had, although depends what you have. My husband had Lamb Kleftiko 1st time round which he didn't like, but I had the Beef and Onion Stew. We went back for the Beef dish twice more, as it was so gorgeous (melt in your mouth, no fat and plenty of it). If you want best seats best to reserve or get there early. Used by many Greeks as well, which to me says a lot about the place. Highly recommended. Best restaurant we went to.

Peter C           

well worth the visit,lovely sunset to look at.

Kim P           

My parnter & I ate here twice & thought it was the best restaurant we visited. We would recommend the mixed starters for two & the sunset just enhances the good food. We would advise anyone to try this restaurant.

Beverley P           

After all the rave reviews saved the visit for a special night. The setting was pleasent but the food no better than any other in Lassi.

Martin P           

Fantastic situation with excellent views of the sunsets, but the food let the place down. After all the hype I had read on the various sites as to how good it is - I was expecting somthing really exceptional - but unfortunately it did not come up to expectation. The food was only average (I had a beef dish, but it was full of fat and gristle and very little meat)and the menu was very poor on choice - offering exactly the same as all the other Tavernas in the area.We did try it twice in case we had been unlucky the first time but no improvement.


Beautiful restaurant with lovely views. The service was very good. Definitely worth eating there. The food was ok, but it was not as good as I had been expecting.

Ian R           

I took my partner for her Birthday and it was by far the best meal we had, had all week and we ate very well the rest of the week. Well worth a visit.

Malcolm F           

Perhaps the best restaurant we went to. It certainly had the best views across to Lixouri especially at night.Service excellant and is one of the eateries that the Greeks use themselves

Maria H           

Delicious food, great, friendly service and a beautiful setting. best taverna in the south of the island in my opinion, though i havent eaten in them all! i think that there used to a be sto psito in argostoli

Ivan M           

excellent food, excellent service. in my opinion, the best taverna on the island

Susan B           

Reached by going down the little road to the lighthouse, it has great views and fantastic sunsets.