Trata Restaurant

Restaurants in Lassi

Carrie A           

Nice seafood / fish restaurant with a good choice of non-fishy foods too.
Red snapper, swordfish and prawns were all fabulous and the ice-creams are pretty good too - just watch out for the sparklers!

Gary M           

Nice place.Food ok but nothing special.The owner took great pains to explain to us that each meal was served with three fresh vegetables so it was no surprise to find they were fresh out of the tin.

Jo S           

We loved this restaurant. Quite an extravagant setting, but really
lovely. A great place to spend an evening with your loved one!

Chris B           

Our second favourite restaurant in Lassi. The king prawns were superb, but the coup de grace was the red snapper fillet - very tasty. Very clean place and a nice atmosphere.

Jackie S           

Disappointed in the selection of starters at trata, did without both times. The lamb Trata was very good as was the fish. Whatever you do don`t eat all the bread before your meal. Even without the starter we were stuffed. Biggest bread roll I`ve ever seen.


What a fantastic steak. Need I say more!!!!!!

Martin B           

I have spoken to our Greek friends about the restaurants in Lassi and the comments are always the same. They serve the food that the tourists want, someting familiar. This is why the food arrives too hot to eat and with chips. If it doesn't the tourists complain that it is cold and send it back. If you want authentic Greek get out of Lassi. It is unfair to criticise the Trata, where we have eaten many times, for merely providing what the market demands. Pleasant but a bit bland. We have been watching George the owner in action for 13 years now and his sales technique is worth the price of the meal.

Go to the Trata, enjoy the food, the excellent service and the sunset. Just don't expect authentic Greek.

Gail K           

Excellent fresh fish here. The service was good and the waiter even produced grilled kalamari, which was not on the menu. Very good value compared to the high prices of some of the other restaurants in Lassi.

Leanne G           

Not a patch on Oscars, but much better than the Olive Press.

The Renee from Allo Allo look alike had good patter to try and drag you into the place.

Red Snapper was nice. Again, nice views.

Hm B           

I wasn't struck on the appetisers selection in the TRATA, but the fish was very good. The staff appeared friendly enough and were quite attentive and this was the only restaurant where they produced a complimentary glass of metaxa with our bill.....must be worth some points

Stuart D           

In my opinion this was about the best restaurant in the resort, which believe me isn't a major feat as generally the food is either overpriced or overcooked. The moustached fella doing the meet and greet job was friendly and the steak was very nice. The best seats are near the fountain.

Bob G           

This was the worse restaurant we ate at in Lassi.
The Moussaka, which the owner assured us he had spent all morning with his own hands was burnt on both sides was served by staff that were rejeced by the Athens branch of Mac Donalds, was only complimented by the frozen mixed vegetables.

Dean A           

Thoroughly recommend the Kefalonia Meat Pie!! went here twice in a weeks holiday, wish we went everyday! great atmosphere, service and food, a little more expensive than some, but bigger portions made up for that, u gotta try it out!!

Andrew D           

Best resaurant that we tried during our stay - the surroundings and atmosphere were excellent. Food was great - I had Kephallonian meat pie which was very good. Free brandies were a perfect end to a great evening

Marianne G           

The portions are massive! And the fried courgettes (pumpkin, as they call it), are yummy. You also get a free glass of mataxa at the end of your meal. We went there twice as we enjoyed it so much

John L           

A very good place to eat. Large portions(Beware the large bread roll).Good service and friendly staff. House wine as good as any we tasted. A good place to eat.

Nicki F           

What a great place - service was fantastic and nothing phased them. Huge portions and well worth the visit.

Gerard D           

Our favourite restaurant in Lassi. The service is unbelievably quick. Prices very reasonable and the house wine much better than some of the bottles we tried elsewhere. The Lamb Trata is to die for and should not be missed but try not to eat all your bread bun before your meal - it's massive!

Jackie H           

Food here was excellent!! Varied menu, HUGE portions and great prices. We ate here 8 nights out of 14 (are we sad, or what) Staff were friendly and the veiws were superb and everyone has a complimentary brandy at the end of their meal.

Anthony G           

A friendly relaxed atmosphere and a very warm welcome from the staff. We made five visits during our 14 night stay and we were never dissapointed, all dishes were superb especially the lamb. We shall most definatly return.