Sta Vento

Bars in Skala

Rach and su   (August 17, 2005)         

Stavento is right on the beach and is a great place for a drink during the day and the atmosphere at night is brilliant about 2 - 3 when all the locals go down it is worth heading down for a drink the DJ is excellent and the musics always good , the barmen are always giving everyone free shots and it will stay open til the last person leaves (usually us !) about 5 or 6   so definatly pop down here for a drink whateva time of day  

Rach and Su x x

Sarah M  (September 09, 2003)         

If you use their sunbeds you get bottles o water for your 7 euros, added value. This is a beautiful looking beach bar and the owner Makis is lovely. They really looked after us. Unfortunately, as it is away from the main street it's difficult to get to at night (no lighting on the road). If you do make it it's great to look over to the mainland and see the stars. Te music is sophisticated "Cafe del Mar" style and the atmosphere is almost Caribbean. It is frequested mostly by young Greeks as they know the name from another bar in Argostoli. Well worth the effort.

Alan P  (September 18, 2002)         

This is a lovely bar to the right hand of the beach next to the Sunrise. It is very different in style to the others with a much more modern style. They play great ambient music and seems to be more popular with locals than tourists. The food is somewhat limited and erratic but what is offered is good. Charming service and the drinks are ice cold served in iced glasses. A great place to escape from the sun for a cool drink