Bars in Argostoli

Jade R  (November 06, 2005)         

Good everything, It is a nice place to relax during the day and an even better place of an evening!?!?

Kerry C  (June 06, 2004)         

when we went, the music was totally greek, um.. we were dancing on the bar, but i banged my head loads, so be careful! good place 2 relax, and i got 2 free shots, rather yummy, hehe! oo by the way i am only 16 and the ages in here ranges! old and young!

Jade R  (March 09, 2004)         

I fink dat dis is a very nice bar i have been to kefalonia three times in teo years and have been to this bar everytime and enjoyed it. The cocktails are very nice and they play good music

Kerry C  (January 30, 2004)         

we went here twice, i think maybe more, at about 3am, it was very smokey and crowded! the music was ok, but 4 a english person, it was very greek, no space 2 dance! the free cocktail was nice thou. probally a good place 2 chill in the day time! but good in the evening, kind of like a chill out after a gd day! watch out for the chairs!

Kerry   (October 25, 2003)         

went to this place about 3 times, for it a good place to chill after a good night out!as many people have said, watch out for the stairs down to the loo's, it looks like u go through a door, but there are steep stairs, not a good idea after a few drinks!!

Shawn V (October 16, 2002)

I was on holiday in Argostoli in 1998, I am looking for Leanna and Maria Tsimboulas. Please could somebody help, they have a house on the Island as well as the main land but they spend lots of time on the Island. regards Shawn van der Merwe

John H  (September 11, 2002)         

A great place to chill out on the square. Excellent cocktail menu with prices from 6 - 8 euros and liberal helpings of spirits! The 2 waitresses were friendly, helpful and babes! A definate place to visit.

Ian H  (September 11, 2002)         

Spent a lot of time here whilst my girlfriend went off shopping. Excellent location. The music is great mix of everything and staff are great. Worth a visit to have a cold beer and watch the life in the square. The spiral stair case to the toilet was probably designed for little people. Watch your head on the way up.

Rachel   (July 14, 2002)         

Have been to Kefalonia three years in a row and have also been to this bar in the square of Argostoli each year as well. It's a small place but the music is a great mixture and the atmopshere is what you make it! Beware on the stairs down to the toilets though, especially after a few cocktails!!!