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Ollie B          10/10

Was in Kefalonia for the first two weeks of August in 2006. The weather was great, really warm and sunny in the first week, but it cooled off towards the second week (thankfully!)! There was a nice breeze which took away the 'sting' of the sun and made it a bit more bearable. Bring lots of sun cream!!!

Amy S           

We stayed in kefalonia for the first week of august. IT WAS FABULOUS! great for getting a tan as weather was scorching. luckily for me (and my sunburn) the heat dropped towards the end of the week and there was a lovely soft breeze. As we stayed in svoronata it wasnt too busy but going in to Argostoli was crazy! whilst in argostoli i advice you to be careful of young children as you have to nip between the cars on the (very) busy road.

Toby L           

August is ideal for those sun soakers. Very, very, very hot indeed. We visited in August 2003 and arrived in the middle of a heat wave. Temperatures reached as high as 48c and rarely dropped below 40c in the day. Take lots of sun cream coz bout 10 mins on the beach and you'll have sweated it out. Visting for my honeymoon in a week and looking forward to it. I would also recommend hiring a moped for visiting other parts of the island. You get a lovely breeze whilst riding and a feeling of freedom a car cannot provide. This comes into its own when visiting Argostoli(very crowded) as mopeds can nip through traffiic.

Gareth L           

i recomend you go to lassi inthe augest because its extremley hot and the beach is the perpect place to soak up the sun.We went for 2 weeks and we loved it the fodd was nice and the locals play footie with you.If you like nightclubs zorbas is a great place to go even though we didnt go there it looked nice.Watch out though there are a few lonley dogs (strays)

by Gareth

Kato C           

We visited Skala during the last week of August 2005. It was not too crowded and there was always plenty of space on the beach and in the restaurants and bars. The temperature was 27 to 34 degrees Celsius but a pleasant, cooling breeze made the hotter hours tolerable.


was in skala 24 aug-7 sept last year. was very hot, 38-40 in the day but somehow bearable. however it was the night that really hit you. trying to get to sleep in such intense heat was hard even with a fan and the door to the road open. But as soon as it go to september, the heat changed. it went down a few degrees and the difference at night was amazing. last year though in the 2nd wek of sept, skala experienced freak weather-ie thunder storms, torrential rain and flooding.

Chris K

went to lassi last year for first time in june this year we have to go last 2 weeks in august will it be very busy or will the olympics take some of the tourists, and how bad will the mosquitos be?

Louise S           

Kefalonia is a wonderful place. We have visited several Grrek isalnds and this is the best. We have been several times over the years and every time we go somewhere else we ask ourselves why?
Give it a try you won't be dissapointed

Denise C

I am interested in going to one of the Greek Islands in August - Kefalonia looks great but am not sure which Island to visit - does anyone have any good recommendations?

Shirley W           

Although it was quite busy in August, I personally found it a lovely time of year to visit the Island. We went from the 21st to the 28th and the weather wasn't overly hot, about 30 degrees. We come on holiday for some warmth anyway so for us that was a lovely temperature as we could explore the Island without being too hot, but sunbathe and get a tan if we wanted.

Luke G           

Two problems with August in Kefalonia , Too hot (42C),too busy simple as that,thy sept instead!!

Rob B           

Just got back last night, can't say we hated it but it was way too hot (38 most days, 42 at hottest!).

In some ways, it could spoil your holiday.

If I come to again, it will be May/June or September.

We were lucky to see Dolphin's due to the heat (first to see in two weeks), and we were worried about the kids who always want to play in the sea.


Rob Brown, Derby, UK


i would suggest, oskars for a meal it isnt full of old people and the music is fab, or the so simple which is close, u will b hooked on both!

Ian F           

This is a quick message for Madi and any other youngsters going on a family holiday. If you have younger sibblings then I suggest being really helpful by babysitting for your parents so they can visit bars and clubs. What is wrong with clubs with old people and how old are we talking about. All bars/clubs in Kafelonia are frequented by all ages over 18 unless accompanied by an adult. By the way have you actually asked your parents whether you'd be allowed off on your own as like most they will probably annoy you by being sensible. I suggest that you take a book, you're going for relaxation and to get a tan - not for clubbing!

Madi P

i am visiting kefalonia in august and its a family holiday. im 16 and havent got a clue what its going to be like can any1 give me some advice on anything i can do and is there ne clubs which r for young people and arent full of old people

Rebecca C

I would love to go to Lassi in August this year, but have concerns over the weather and it being too crowded. Also, are thunderstorms and tremors common for this month/island?

Leo G

Accomodation HI, We are looking for a place in Lassi to suit 2 adults , 3 children (6/5/3)for the first three weeks of August. Important things ; near a beach / two rooms / ground floor / aircon or fan / great if theres a pool / reasonable price. any suggestions?

Chris R           


Sharon H

I have been advised by someone not to visit Lassi during August as it's full of noisy italians & greeks on the beaches, and also the service in the Taverna's is really bad compared to normal. This info was actually given by an owner of some apartments in Lassi !!! Has anyone been there in August who can confirm if this is true.

Rob E           

We landed at 09:30 and it was already 37 degrees. It was fiercely hot. You can see why the greeks like to have some shade available.

Tanya C           

Unheard of for Kefalonia, but we had 4 1/2 days of torrential rain, thunderstorms and lightening, followed by a tremor. It didn't put us off as we had glorious sun either side of the rain. It did however send some people back to UK early as they didn't see the end of rain in sight.

Janette H           

We were there in August 2000 and it was HOT. so hot one day the fire brigade was called out as the area surrounding the beach caught fire, it really made a mess.

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