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Gord C

  My wife and I (69 & 66) are considering Lassi (Kefalonia) in the first week of September.

Is it still hot (not baking) with no (or little) rain at that time of year?

Alexander S

I'm just (2 weeks) back from the Emelisse.  I've been staying at the Emelisse several times before, and it stays an amazig place!  I have to say that i've have never seen so little wasps than this year, maybe one saying hello at braekfast, but apart from that i realy started to miss them...  I don't think u should worry to much...

Natalie B

I am thinking of going to Kefalonia for the first week of September abd staying at the Emelisse hotel by Fiskardo. I have 4 children, and am worried about the wasps. How bad are they, my youngest gets very upset by them.

Mark G          10/10

We have visited Kefalonia twice both times the last week in September the first week in October, we stayed in a James Villa Holiday home, the weather in general was fabulous, couple days of rain which did not affect our holiday in any way, we love the beautiful scenery the ruggedness of the country the attitude of the locals and the peaceful tranquility that this island offers, we will be going again next year and as often as we can afford thereafter.

Lizzie R

Of a 7 day holiday 20-27 September
Days 1 to 3 hot but not too hot,
Day 4 grey clouds rain in the afternoon. 
Day 5 torrential rain, thunder, lightning begain midday continued through the night and into the morning of the following day.  The villa we were staying in was struck by lightning.  It was so bad we could not go out in it, even to just walk to the local taverna as the villa was built on a very steep hill, so we had to go without food.
Day 6 heavy rain.
Day 7 light showers, high winds, warm in the afternoon.
I would never go at this time of year again as Kefalonia is very reliant on good weather - otherwise you may as well holiday in Derbyshire. 
The roads are winding, mountainous, primitive and treacherous in bad weather. 

Roger H          7/10

Just come back from first visit to Lassi (and Kefalonia). We enjoyed our holiday but if we return we will come earlier in the season.In our 14 day stay it rained some time in the day 5 days. I do not know if this is typical? We came 08/09 and left 22/09.

Joe D          9/10

Have been to Kefalonia 8 times and have yet to see any wasps, we have always stayed in Lassi, so I would not worry, going again this year, must be the best place for us holiday, friendly people great food and always had good weather. Good luck and hace a grand time

Kate H

I wondered if anyone can help me?  I have just booked a holiday to Lixouri in Kefalonia and am now worried that there will be loads of wasps.  We are going from the 30th July until the 9th August.  I have two small children who are really scared of anything like this, so I need to make sure this will be safe for them.  Any advice welcome.

Jenile J


We're thinking of going to Kefalonia. I've heard it's a beautiful place. We want to relax, eat well and see the best beaches. Which is the most picturesque area to stay and what is May like for weather?

Adrian C

Hi we like the early part of the year June but we are going in Sept this year. The weather will be warm for you the water should be well warm by then having all summer to heat up. Wasps can be a pain at this time of year as the grapes will be ripe by then but saying that we have never had a problem.    

Laura P

Ive booked to go to Kefalonia, staying in the pericles hotel, on the 31st august till 6th september this year.

Can anyone tell me what the hotel is really like this time of year and what type of weather i should expect?

Simon B          9/10

September has to be the best month, We were married in Skala last September.

The weather can be changeable, warmer early September, overall a very nice temperature.
Plenty of wasps, but they don't seem to bother anyone.

Vikki W           

Beware the wasps of Septmeber - they were a real pain.

Jodie P           

September is not a bad time to visit, as things are getting quieter, but just enough life to keep you entertained.  Wouldnt want it much quieter though - although most restaurants are full at night, cocktail bars are completely empty.  Far fewer children though, which can be a bonus if you want a quiet tim eround the pool.

Weather hot in the first week (we stayed 11-25 Sept), with one big thunderstorm.  Second week was mild but quite changeable, a little more cloudy and more rain, about 3 days fully overcast.  dont know if this is usual or not for the time of year.  The sea in the 2nd week was much choppier with the wind, and not that warm. 

Ronnie S           

we were in kefalonia from the 18th sept to the 2nd oct, the weather was great, the odd thunder storm and an earth tremor on the 1st monday night. but one of the nicest places we visited. we stayed the pericles hotel in sami, and i would recommend both hotel and the resort to anyone 

Gaz E           



Clare W           

We went 25th September -2nd October 2005.  It was half and half of sunshine and cloud.  There was a massive 4 hour thunder storm on night, but it didnt seem to clear the air for the next day!!  Perhaps we were just unlucky as when we came on on 2nd October it was blue skies and white fluffy clouds.

Darenne P           

We went from the 6-20th Sept this year. We always tend to go these weeks as the sea is warm the weather is usually good without being too hot and the best of all is that the kids are back at school so it is more peaceful.

We did have quite a few earth tremors this year though!

Cat N           

we went from aug 28th to sept 11th and weather was pretty good. First week was a scorcher, temperatures up in the 30's, beginning of the 2nd week we had thunder storms and rain but that passedin a couple of days and the weather picked up and was hot for the end of the 2nd week.

Karen M           

we went 23rd september 2004 till 30th september 2004,the weather was not that good...rain,thunder,lightning but the sun did come out butit didnt spoil our holiday,we had been to zante in june of this year and the weather was very hot,kefelonia is a lovely island and we hope to go back.

Keith R           

This is the fourth time we have visited Kefalonia and our third time in Agia Efimia - so you can guess that we love it! Sadly we returned home yesterday after two weeks (14th-28th Sept). As usual we had a fantastic relaxing time. The first 11 days were very hot and sunny. The last 3 days were stormy with some rain, but what the hell - if it wasn't for the rain, Kefalonia wouldn't be so green. Things are a little busier and livlier with more opportunity for social interaction in August and you might prefer that. If you like soap operas then Agia Efimia in August is small enough to get to know many Greek and UK characters on your very own set! The only problem for us is that we HATE coming home.

Linda L           

We went 5th - 19th and the weather was up in the 39 degrees but mostly had a nice breeze and it wasn't a heat to make you 'sweaty'.
You need something for your shoulders in the evening as temps drop around 7.00 ish.
Good because there were hardly any children about. Weather begins to change towards end of Sept. apparently as it gets rainy and also beginning of May is same but end of May is hotter than Sept. was.

Kenneth W

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Mike J           


Stephanie N           

This is a great time in terms of weather. It wasn't too hot, but perfect for days at the beach and the ocean is the perfect temprature. However, I don't know if the Greeks are fed up with the tourists by now. The restaurant food was average everywhere, some places were better than others, but over all it was pretty bland and the services was relaxed. Often the staff could be seen having chats together while you waited for someone to come and clear your plates away. The other thing is the tour operators can't seem to guarantee your flights home. We were switched at the last minute to an early morning flight and then left waiting at the airport for a 5 hour delay...we were less than thrilled with this and the tour operator that was suppose to help us, was a real jerk to everyone and he basically told anyone who had any questions to go with someone else next time.

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