Blue Sea Restaurant

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William Trueman

Having just returned from Lourdas, a place I have been visiting since 1994, this place is lowering the tone of this beautiful and unspoilt resort, by attempting to turn it into the "Benidorm" of the Ionian Islands. We were subjected to the caterwauling of some dreadful Greek singer one evening until 2 am in the morning. The advertising of a forthcoming Karaoke evening, I am sorry but Lourdas attracts a more down to earth visitor who goes there for peace and quiet. Also I witnessed the incident a few years back of the owners treatment of the dogs which used to come down to the beach, and I can assure you that was not a pleasant sight at all, my friends and I were appalled, he thinks he can get away with anything because of his corrupt connections. This so called taverna should be avoided at all costs.

Sue Lacon          10/10

Just come back from a week in Kefalonia.  Family have been going now for 20 years and raved on so much we thought we may as well give it a try.  Well.  This is the most chilled out place I have ever been to.  The restuarant is so lovely and the views spectacular.  The staff our so helpful and friendly and make you feel extremely welcome and the kids loved them.  The sea food is delicious.  Already saving to go again next year,  Highly recommended 

Marie J          10/10

Home one week from Katelios missing Blue Seas Taverna we have been eating there for 24 years never had bad meal was thrilled this year to meet Louis de Bernieres who was also dining there 4 years ago it was Tom Cruise you should give it a try

Tracie C          6/10

I have been to the Blue Sea every year for the past 4 years and I have to agree that the staff are really friendly and do there best.  However, the food is not as good as it was the first 2 years.  I think more staff are need to cope with the high volumes of people.

Colleen B           

I stayed in Katelios 2nd time this year got back last tuesday. I had a meal here it was absoluly delicious   Vangelous hope thats how you spell his name and Illios are always very friendly and extremley polite. They always asked Te Kaneis.  Next year I wil probably have more meals here. Thanks

Ashley H           

Felt I had to add a comment following the two really bad meals other contributors have had. We visited twice, and the squid and meat pie were both v nice. Yes, service was slow and prices were high, but overall we had 2 good meals. However, it most definitely isn't the fantastic restaurant that older guides suggest.

Sue H           

Just back from an amazing time in Katelios. The only bad meal we had was at the blue sea, the waiter was rude and abrupt, told me the little fish I chose was 8euro, when the bill came it said 18...he just said you heard me wrong and walked off. Best food is at Katelios taverna and Lighthouse and Jimmys up the hill

Dave A           

We found the 'Blue Sea' less than average, the service was slow and poor. I asked the waiter if I could have my Red Snapper filleted, "of course". When it eventually arrived it was full of bones and accompanied by one slice of tomato and half a lemon. That was it! No garnish whatsoever. At 25.5 for the one fish it can only be described as a 'Rip Off'. You have been warned!

Ana H           


Rowan M           

What can I say? I agree with the great comments above. The half lobster with spaghetti and lovely sauce was delicious and very reasonable. There was one cat which hovered around our table for scraps but we didn't mind, especially since finding out about the cat situation in Greece. It didn't put us off eating outdoors with such a lovely view. The road back to Skala after sunset is a little scary though!

Lisa S           

We enjoyed eating here many times during our two week stay in Katelios. The food is lovely and Bagelis the waiter is very friendly and great with the kids. The tuna salad is a must as is the Greek pizza, spagetti, oh and not forgetting the delicious but very naughty Baklava!

Dai B           

True, most of the restaurants are nice on the one road, the food is good the service is good and they are very hospitable. However, they are only nice as long as you don't mind 20-30 cats sitting around your feet jumping up onto your table and legs to try and get some food. I have never seen so many cats, all fighting, throwing up, some of the most foul cats I have ever seen! Also a few dogs about. The only way around this is to eat inside and who wants to do that on holiday!. If you hate cats stay away from Katelios!! they're everywhere.

Gill W           

We have visited Katelios for many years and the Blue Sea is our favourite place to eat. Anyone who likes fish should eat here - the lobster with spaghetti is fantastic. Good selection of food and wine. Nothing is too much trouble. Highly recommended...

Tanya B           

Excellent food and service here. Came here several times during our recent stay and enjoyed very much.

Gary G           

The best restaurant in Katelios and one of the best on the island. Count the number of locals eating there. Always a sure sign of quality and value for money.

Rosalyn T           

very good service with friendly waiters!/food good

Bev E           

Fantastic food and friendly WAITER service. Tuna Salad is a must. Authentic Greek food. Worth a visit.