Jerrys Elliniko

Restaurants in Katelios

Nigel & joan G          10/10

Firstly, I read some of the comments about this fantastic restaurant and it does make me wonder if some people live in the real world. Of course you will get insects. mice, cats, dogs wondering into the restaurants (not just the above). We had ants in our beds sometimes and lizards wondering into our room. This is Greece - get real people! Anyway, we arrived last Wednesday 23rd September after a horrendous delay in our flight and more delays with our hire car. We threw our cases into our room and arrived at Jerrys! The first thing that strikes you is the fantastic staff, who were genuinely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about not just the menu but the area. I loved them all! This seemed to be one of the only restaurants in the area that had a variety off dips with Pita breads as a starter - again delicious! We decided to share the fish platter thank goodness - because there was lots of it and was heaven! Most of the deserts are hand made by Jerry's wife in the morning, all scrumptious. My favourite dish of the week was Kefalonia Bekri Meze which just melted in your mouth served on a bed of rice, just beautiful. I'm not going to bore you with everything we ate but you will find more information on Trip Advisor. Breakfast was astounding value - Full English, Toast (jam) fresh orange juice and tea on included on the price which was about 5 each. We ate at the restaurant over 5 nights of our stay and could not find a bad thing about it. Yes the fish platter at Captain Jerry's in town was larger and included things like tuna and bigger prawns but it was twice the price. So if you want friendly staff, good food at a reasonable price I would recommend Jerrys Elliniko's to anyone! You will not eat better in such interesting surroundings.

Helen H          10/10

Have just returned from a one week stay at Katelios and ate at Jerry's Elliniko on quite a few occasions.

We were never disappointed with the choice of food, high quality fresh ingredients and would certainly recommend.  Friendly owners and staff, well done to you all, wonderful place you have.
Cannot wait to return next year and we will definately eat there again...

Lee B          10/10

Wouldn't usually comment on these things but I have to here because I'm baffled at the low score given by one or two.  I've eaten all over and tried allsorts of places.  Indioan and Greek are our favourites. We love eating out and I thought Jerry's was very good. The best we had on the Island in two weeks.  Its open to the elements and to wondering cats on the beg, it not being the bog standard Brit building of 4 walls and a roof etc. So I'm not suprised that a mouse wondered through as well, possible a lizard or two and few crickets no doubt. I'd echo the higher scores and say do  not be put off, it was 10/10 food (by the standards of the Island any how). The owners are friendly too without being over the top. Me and arr lass really enjoyed it.  Some of the other places in Katelios....well they're a different storey & weren't up to much really (one down by the beach was really naff).

Richard W          8/10

  Just returned from Katelios,ate at Elliniko on three occasions plus breakfast on last day.Jerry a great host and all his staff very good.Food was very good and different from all the beach side restaurants.
Richard and Janis(North Wales) 23rd Sept 2009

Christine O          10/10

Having eaten at the restaurants on the seafront, Katelios, we found Jerry's Ellinko ... and we went there all the time afterwards because nowhere else compared! Great food.  Not served with the typical rice and bland veg!  Beautiful potatoes, green beans in tomatoes with all of the meals.  Kefalonia Bekri Meze was superb as was the pork with mushrooms .. mousakka was gorgeous ... enormous!  Jerry and his team were very welcoming ...  It might not have the views but you can go for cocktails at Fresko on the seafront after!


Pat W          10/10

just  returned  from  katelios  and  ate  nearly  every  night  at  jerrys  elliniko .

The  food  is  the  best  in  the  village  and  the  atmosphere  and  staff are  fantastic.
Jerry  is  a  great  host  and  his  partner  Maaike lovely  . I  would  recommend  that  people  try  the  taverna  you  wont  be  disappointed .  One  last  thing  try  kefalonion  meat  pie  (superb) .

Michael H          10/10

just returned from a week eat 5 nights out of 7.owned and run by a lovely couple,spacious non-pretencious, food great ,setting rustic,family friendly,and small children welcome always.would recommend the Bekri Mezi.we were in a party of 6 including twins of 3years old and they loved it.Kids meals good as well.

     Well done!

Terry A          10/10

Must say very good food on all visits and Jerry is a star also the lovelly Dutch girls also nice mavro skilla all the best jerry from terryand Lucy

Duncan W          1/10

Just returned from fantastic 2 weeks staying at Efrosini. Went on 3 occasions throughout the holiday. First time okay, nothing special but then downhill after that. Lamb Kleftico definitely to be avoided, the worst I have had across all the greek islands.  

They do have a wide and varied menu but perhaps this is the problem! Gordon Ramsey would have a field day.

Rachael S          9/10

Whilst staying in Katelios we had a lovely meal at Elliniko, infact it was our first greek meal and we'd already been there 5 days. The atmosphere was lovely, the staff were polite, curtious and helpful and our meals were so good that we forced ourselves to finish them despite the fact that we were full to the brim! Even the children have come home raving about our meal there as they will never forget that they got free ice-cream (with their meal)

Mark S          1/10

Had a reasonable few meals here due to it's proximity to our apartments.

Unfortunately, on the last morning, we were having breakfast and a mouse ran through the kitchens. The staff didn't bat an eyelid.
Now I know why it's called Jerry's. If there was Tom the cat in hot pursuit it would have been a bit more reassuring

Gary G          7/10

My wife and I went to Katelios at the end of May and ate several times at the Elleniko (why do they call a Greek taverna the Greek Taverna?).  I can only think that the previous respondent had a bad experience because I can find much worse food in Katelios.

Overall we found the food of reasonable quality and the service good.  The prices, like everywhere else in Katelios, were high (certainly compared to other parts of Greece we have visited) but there were more expensive places.
Don't be put off.  Try the Greek food and avoid the more international efforts and you won't be disappointed 

Sarah H          2/10

Were on holiday in Katelios for 2 weeks and only ate here once as the food was by far the worst we had in the entire stay. They state that they are recommended in the Lonely Planet guide but we could see no reason why!

Tony F           

We ate there 3 times in 2005 and also in 2006 and had really great food every time and the Elliniko even in it's new location continues to get our number 1 vote against the very strong competition in Katelios.  The courgette patties are light fluffy delicious concoctions made stunningly fresh to order and we had them on every visit they were so good.  Try getting Jerry to say the name in Greek - even he can't manage it! Several other places have followed Jerry with the beef stamna (see previous post), a rich beef casserole topped with cheese.  His is by far the best and comes in a trencherman's portion that should really be renamed beef stamina.  Jerry's daily specials are good value - the only downside is that he mostly doesn't have the fresh fish his competitors on the front provide but he more than makes up for it with quality, range, freshness and service.
Tony Farson and Kath Jones

Alison M           

Wow- something must have changed from the comments below.We have just come back from a week ,end of June beginning of July.Stayed at the Blue Sea appartments across the road.We called this place Jerry's.He is the owner and Canadian.His family come and help to serve and he lives locally on the Island.Jerry would often come and chat at our table and tell us the best things to do and visit.The staff were all pleaseant and again if you engaged them in converstation they were great.Place always busy with the same people night after night,so it cant be that bad!.we ate at two places on the sea front and found them expensive and processed food.Did anyone think that the reason that you have to wait a while for your food at Jerrys is because it is always cooked fresh? The food was fantastic.Tried most of the menu between the two of us.All was fantastic.cant recommend it enough.We finished off the night at Nemeis bar and had some great cocktails watching the wide screen TV and the football.Only thing we could complain about was Engalnd losing!

Ron H           

We had two lunches here and both were wonderful. The sardines were the best that we had on the island (and they were very good elsewhere too). Great moussaka too. We didn't find the service slow at all - we wanted freshly cooked food in a laid back atmosphere and that was what we got. Thoroughly recommended. 

Caroline B           

Fantastic food and service, the best vegetarian selection in Katelios and the cheapest 'San Geriasmos' (Kefalonia's own award winning wine). Salads, mezes and seafood all sampled and strongly recommended - definitely our Katelios Taverna no. 1!.

Diane H           

Jerry's Elliniko is now situated close to the Nemesis Bar & the bakery.

Worst meal of our holiday there. Wouldnt go back. Half the menu wasnt available.

Helen P           

They are moving back off the beach to the main road to Katelios this season (nr Nemesis) and we ate there a few times - absolutely fab every time we went, can particularly recommend the Meatballs and Scallopini but they will also do assorted Mezes if you ask very nicely - I ordered far too much but it was delicious (if only I'd been more hungry!!!!!)
Really nice people who run it too, just can't do enough for you.
Could do with some atmospheric music though..... Just a thought!

Ashley H           

We ate there twice this year - the specials were excellent (roast lamb and grilled pork on the occasions in question). A couple of the staff do seem to need sense of humour implants, but, hey - they're British like us and so aren't supposed to enjoy waiting on tables. CDs were good, Monday night band were hilarious (think Smith and Jones playout with bass and keyboard). Animal entertainment was first rate - ducks, geese, cats and a dog crossed with a hearth rug.
Would dfinitely recommend it!


Food was nice. Good location and views. It is run by Enlgish folk.

Vicki H           

We really liked the location, and the monday night music (provided by Keith and Terry) was great for getting people up dancing. Only thing that let this lovely taverna down was the lack of smiles from most of the waiting staff !! Not even a "hello" or a half cracked smile - great shame.

Vicki H           

The food was good, location is great, the only thing to let them down was the fact that only one of the many staff seemed able to smile. A real shame, perfect in every other way.

Tony F           

Surprised to see comments about the service. We were hugely impressed by the number and attentiveness of staff even when it was busy, and had intended to post to that effect even before reading others' views. Food has gradually improved and was excellent in 2003 and am glad to see the beef stamna praised. Only taverna in Katelios that doing it and not to be missed, though do not expect to return to the UK (or wherever)without adding a few kilos ! Music fans will be impressed by the CD collection and Gerry may let you choose when he retires to the bar late on. After several years in Katelios the Elliniko is now our all round favourite taverna.

Min A           

I hadn't been here for many years so decided to give it a try (summer 03). It's
in a great setting right on the sea.
It seemed to be run by a variety of foreigners - mainly English and American.
They haven't quite got the idea of a restaurant. I found it difficult to get
anyone's attention to get a menu, ditto to order, the food was OK when it
came, but once again difficult to get someone's attention to pay. In fact . I
have never seen so many dopey people working in one restaurant.
Seemed more like an ex-pat club where - although they were supposed to be
working - their social needs took preference over those of their would-be