Phaedra Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Rosemarie S          10/10

Just returned from two weeks in Lassi....Phaedra's BY FAR the best restaurant there....ate there every night after trying others.....amazing food.....lovely atmsphere....friendly and helpful staff.....very reasonable prices.....try the lamb kleftico, beef stifado or, if you're really hungry, the Kefalonian meat pie!!

Aquarius - (Bars in Lassi)

Rosemarie S          10/10

Just back from two great weeks in Lassi and visited Aquarius most evenings.....lovely bar run by father and daughter...really friendly happy people....we'll be back!!

Butlers House - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Rosemarie S          5/10

Ate at Butlers House once during our two weeks in Lassi...were drawn in by the lovely look of the place and the live Greek music.  The atmosphere was good, although it was very crowded and waiters were rushing around........the food was fine, although the portions were smaller than you get in other restaurants in Lassi which serve food as good, if not better, at more reasonable prices.  I agree with other comments about the waiting times and being served by several different people. Not the kind of restaurant you'd want to visit several times during your stay, in my opinion.