Old Village Restaurant - (Restaurants in Skala)

Caroline G          10/10

I have to say the Old Village rescued our holiday last year from being a complete disaster.  We went for the October half term and found almost everything shut.  The places that were open seemed to be staffed by people who were consistently rude, unhelpful and determined to demonstrate that us tourists were in no way wanted. 

However, the Old Village was an entirely different place.  We were made to feel welcome, the menu was varied, the staff helpful and the food excellent.  We were greeted every night we went in Greek and were encouraged to respond in the same way.  We were remembered every time we visited and always made welcome.  We had such terrible experiences in the other restaurants that by the end of the week we decided to only frequent the Old Village and they never disappointed.  The owner even went as far as taking us home on the last night when there were no taxis available.  I can only say that I cannot recommend the Old Village too highly.

October - (Best Time to Visit)

Caroline G          1/10

October is not the time to go!  We went in half term and had the worst holiday of our lives - and 6 months later it still leaves a bad taste. 

Everything was closed- trips were not running, shops were closed - even trying to buy some fruit and vegetables was impossible.  There was not a bus running or a taxi to be had.  We tried to go to the winery - closed, the castle - closed, whole villages were closed.  There were only 4 restaurants open in Skala (where we stayed) and most (apart from the Old Village) were staffed by people who clearly wanted to be elsewhere. 
If you want a holiday where there is nothing to do and nowhere to go then October in Kefalonia may be for you.  If you think a holiday should be about more than just a beach go elsewhere!!!!