Odyssey - (Bars in Lassi)

Nikki B          10/10

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Absolutely the best bar in Lassi!!!!!!!!
Edi(DJ) & Eri(Barman) we love youuu!
amazing cocktails, and even a free lift home ;)
we spent every night in odyssey!, we even stayed to clean up with them!

we <3 odyssey

San Lorenzo Village - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Nikki B          10/10

First time in Kefalonia, we eventually got to San Lorenzo after being dropped off at Lorenzo Hotel but a complete kid stranger, took us there in his car :/ he didnt look old enough to drive! but that was just one of many funny things that happen to us during our 14nights in Lassi!
San Lorenzo is gorgeous complex! the pool is lovely, and the sunbeds were always free, even when we woke up! After spending the night in Odessey & So Simple!
The ladies behind the recpetion and bar were lovely, they looked after us very well being to young girls on our own! they were fantastic!!
Aprt from the flies from your food, which can't be helped, eating at san lorenzo for lunch was lovely. we had tuna salad nearly everyday!
The hill, well with high heels on not good, you just fly down it. walking back up, just have a few and you'll be fine. Wont even notice it ;)

Highly recommend San Lorenzo, would go back!!