Captains Bar - (Bars in Skala)

Julia F          10/10

Just wow. I must say that Captain's Bar is the best bar in Skala. It was so lively and if it hadn't been for Nikos (a local) me and my friend wouldnt have gone!

The cocktails were absolutly amazing! The longest sex on the beach I've ever had brillitan music and amazing atmosphere.
I'm planning to go back to Skala next year and will be at Captain's Bar every night  

Veto Bar - (Bars in Skala)

Julia F          10/10

was here every night - best tequilia slammers  the staff were so friendly and the atmosphere was great!

Mikelatos (Scandinavia) - (Restaurants in Skala)

Julia F          10/10

Guess who  

Just came back from Skala yesturday and the first night me and my family ate here, I had no idea what it would turn into!!
Nikos and Dinos are the best team! They are so lovely to the customers and even knew how to win mine and my friend's parents over!
The food was amazing, it was delicious!!
We also ate here on our last night aswel. The last night I had meatballs which were soooooooo good and the quick service for my bottles of water was excellent.
We (me and 2 friends) were even allowed to use the toilet after closing hours - we name dropped naturally. All the staff were extremley friendly and I'm very sad to have left having only known them for the last three days of my holiday.
I'm hoping to come back to Skala next year - you better look out for us lol
I've forgotten the name of this 1 alchoholic shot they chose for me and my friend, but it was so good so I should really say yammas to that right?!