Trifilli Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Andy W          9/10

Trifelli is a great taverna which offers a simple menu and well cooked food.  It is tucked away opposite Hotel Lara and is easily missed from the road because all there is to advertise its presence is an understated `A` board which doesn`t even show a menu.  Step through the gate, however, and you will find yourself in a gorgeous small courtyard enclosed by olive and orange trees.  The German/Greek husband and wife team are GENUINELY friendly and wonderfully accommodating - a great deal more than can be said for Lorraine`s.  As a bonus the food is slightly cheaper than most places around and the house wine even more so.  A great find.

Lorraines Magic Hill - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Andy W          5/10

Why do so many people rave about Lorraine`s?  Having just returned from my second visit to Lourdas I still believe the place is vastly overrated.  Yes its a great view and if that`s your main concern then fine, but the food is no better than anywhere else around.  Its hit and miss.  If you order from the specials menu then its ok but dare to order from the main menu and you really are risking it. 

On top of this you have to put up with the falsely over effusive woman herself who has an annoying habit of adding chips if she thinks you`re not spending enough.  A ploy, I must say, that is not unique to this restaurant.