Olive Garden Apartments - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Jeni P          8/10

Olive Garden Apartments was one of the smallest resorts we had ever stayed in and absolutely loved it.  The rooms were clean (there was a lack of loo roll) and the pool was cleaned every evening.  We did get caught for the 2 air conditioning units (8 euros each or 15 for the 2 which you had to pay - could not only have 1). 

It didn't matter what time you went to the pool as there were always enough sun beds.  All the kids seemed to mix well and everyone shared their inflatables.  The pool bar was run by Andy and Jen and they could not do enough to help. 
One night we had a power cut but the lights stayed on in the bar so we just had a drink and within 30 minutes the power was back on.  On another occasion, the whole of Lassi lost power but, I say something for the Greeks, they got to work straight away and the power was back within 20 minutes.
The hill is quite steep, great going down but a bit of a hike after dinner.  We decided to shower after dinner because you would always need a shower when you got back up to you room.  Taxis always available to take you up for 5 euros (don't tip because they have the monopoly on the hill).  Don't be fooled by the free delivery from the Lassi supermarket (you'd order everything and they would bring it up at 16:00, Mon, Wed & Fri) - the man who owns the apartments also owns the supermarket.  We learnt that if you used the supermarket on the right at the bottom of the hill, everything was between 20 and 140 cents cheaper and, if you brought a big shop of water, wine, lager, bread, milk, butter and cheese, you could save the money and get a taxi back with your shopping - saving you the walk up the hill.