Pericles Hotel - (Accommodation in Sami)

Nick E

I am going to stay at the Pericles in August (not long now ) but I have some questions.

Is there a pool table or something similiar to entertain my teenage children and are there other children there?
Secondly, I have read conflicting reports about the availability of sun beds.  Are there plenty or do you have to get up with the sun to grab a bed 'German' style?
We went to Kefalonia last year but stayed at Svoranta so we know what to expect on the Island, but visiting the Pericles hotel is something new.
Thanks to anyone who can help.

Thomas Cook - (Tour Operators in Kefalonia)

Nick E          7/10

The rep was fine, typical in that her Greek was terrible (yes mine is better  ) and her knowledge of the island was ok.

Thomas Cook airlines on the other hand, forget it.  The leg room is the worst of all the major carriers and when I wrote in to comlain, they tried to tell me that they were amoung the most generous!
Kefalonia is great and my favourite place to stay is ......... (not telling you as it is a secret), but Thomas Cook is a no no.  Unfortunately you will have little choice if you ignore TC, so you may have to fly or go with them.  Expect the worst of all flights but the best of all holidays and you will not be disappointed.