Irilena Hotel - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Polly           1/10

Just got back from the Irielena Apartments and can honestly say I would never stay in them ever again.  They have to be the worst accommodation I have ever stayed at in Greece.  Granted the views are fantastic even the outside is adequate but inside is horrible.  We were told we had a 2 bedroom apartment!!  It had beds in two rooms but it definitely was'nt an apartment.  The air con only did one bedroom (cost us 45 Euros per week)  The kitchen was a room that had a piece of plasterboard between ourselves and next door to separate it into two rooms (it was'nt even a room more of a corridor).  We have stayed in two star accommodation before in Greece but this is never a two star a one star at a push.  As for the shower that I read on another review that was SO powerful, it might have been in 2005 but in 2008 its obviously worn out never to be replaced.  Being in Kefalonia more than made up for the naff accommodation and we only put up with it because your not in it that often.

Kefalonia I would recommend, Irielena I definitely would not.