Filoxenia Studios - (Accommodation in Katelios)

John C          9/10

 we have just returned from the Filoxenia apartments in Katelios. What a delightful stay we had. True it is not the height of the season and therefor there were not many visitors to the filoxenia other than those staying there but we found the family a real treat. Ileas spent most of his time at the family restaurant but Angelika spent long days at the apartments and on the occasions when she had to leave there was always someone left to attend to the bar. She did have friends who came to see her but this did not detract from her attentiveness should someone need service. The apartments were well tended and she told me that they were hoping to install air con. next year. All in all a good choice. the resort was friendly and good food was to be found. The only Taverna that did not float my boat was the Garden in the back street. service was really long winded even for Greece and the food was no better than anywhere else when it came.

The tears above are because we had to leave and certainly dose not refelect how we feel about the place.
If you go ask Angelika to sell you some of the family olive oil. At 10 euros for 1.5 litres it offers good value and is the real mcoy.

Olympic Holidays - (Tour Operators in Kefalonia)

John C          5/10

went to Katelios on 8th June. Disastorous outbound flight, wife got severley burned with coffee then we spent 5 hours on the tarmac at Athens due to the earthquake. Filoxenia apartments were excellent. Got on great with Angelika and her boys. Found out two days before leaving that she hired fans for the rooms - pity the rep. didn't mention it at the welcome meeting! Ross took over for the second week I think because we never saw him. Flying home not much better - taken to airport when it must have been nown that the flight was running extremely late. it didn't leave manchester until 4.07pm uk time. Seems a critical report but was great value for money.the rating is mainly based on the journeys.