June - (Best Time to Visit)

Amanda P

Im going to Kefalonia on the 17th of June. Its the first time I am going and was wondering if anyone has any hints and tips for me?? They would be really appreciated. We are staying in a place called Olive Garden Apartments. Anyone got any info on this place at all? Also has anyone done any excursions that they reccomend? 

Thank you Smile

Olive Garden Apartments - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Amanda P

Hi, I'm going to Kef on the 17th June 08 and cant wait!!!!!

Im going with my bf and his best mate and gf. From all the reviews I've read it sounds like an amazing holiday! If anyone has any hints and tips please let me know as its going to be my first timne there and they will be appreciated. SmileSmileSmile