Jerrys Elliniko - (Restaurants in Katelios)

Gary G          7/10

My wife and I went to Katelios at the end of May and ate several times at the Elleniko (why do they call a Greek taverna the Greek Taverna?).  I can only think that the previous respondent had a bad experience because I can find much worse food in Katelios.

Overall we found the food of reasonable quality and the service good.  The prices, like everywhere else in Katelios, were high (certainly compared to other parts of Greece we have visited) but there were more expensive places.
Don't be put off.  Try the Greek food and avoid the more international efforts and you won't be disappointed 

Katelios Taverna - (Restaurants in Katelios)

Gary G          9/10

A matter of opinion I know but quite simply the best in Katelios.  Excellent food, excellent service and not as outrageously expensive as some places along the front.