Andreas Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Lauren F

Hi there, my boyfriend and I have just booked a holiday to the andreas apartments for two weeks time, and after reading some of the comments here to be quite frank I'm now quite worried that I'm not going to enjoy my holiday. I am in no way jumping to conclusions but it seems that the owner of the complex does not like younger people staying at the accomodation. My boyfriend and I are both 20 years of age, and mature, relaxed and friendly people, but we do however, look younger than we are, so I fear we may not be treated with the manners and respect received by some of the people who have posted positive comments here. I also find it interesting that there is such a huge extreme of opinion - how can a person be so nice to some holidaymakers and then not to others?!

I would be so grateful for any guidance from anyone...

Andreas Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Lauren F          10/10

Hello again, thanks so much to everyone who posted back to me before my holiday. We returned a couple of weeks ago and had a thoroughly enjoyable holiday  the only downside was that on our last night we were evacuated because of huge fires all over skala - a very unpleasant experience indeed! After we left the apartments we were sent down to the beach front where at one point fire blew out into the road and people were running for their lives! A long sleepless night followed and we were eventually taken to poros at 4:30am but thankfully we had all of our luggage and our plane left on time the next day. I have to say a very strongly worded letter will be on its way to thomson as the reps just cracked under the pressure.  It was clear they didnt know what they were doing and at one point one rep denied she was a rep at all (despite the fact she was wearing a uniform!). The first choice, kosmar etc reps were up and down the beach in fluorescent jackets with water, giving information, telling people what to do and generally controlling the situation.

I just felt sorry for all those who had another week left or who were just flying in - we were also there at the same time as the couple who were getting married the next day! I would very much like to know what happened after we left and if they managed to go ahead with their plans!
Thanks again to all those who replied