Aquarius - (Restaurants in Skala)

Tony & madeleine P          10/10

After spending a week trying various restaurants in Skala, we eventually found the Aquarius, unfortunately on our last evening (I wish we had found it on our first evening) After reading a most comprehensive Menu, including wines from around the world, I started with Prawns in Garlic ~ my taste buds opened up...we followed this with Duck a la Orange, cooked to perfection and presented as good as any restaurant we have visited in the UK and or the continent,  (But then we are not the normal  'WELL DUN' ENGLISH . . you know the shoe Leather Type)  washed down with a beautiful cold Rose wine. Our gourmet evening ended with a selection of Greek sweets . . we especially enjoyed the Kataifi, which at our request was slightly warmed and served with Greek yogurt.    

Eleven out of Ten . .  cannot wait to go back next year. 

Avra - (Restaurants in Skala)

Tony & madeleine P          9/10

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Actually staying at the '9muses' complex, our first evening was conveiently spent in their AEOLOS restaurant, situated in front of the 9Muses Complex. I unfortunately ordered a main course which was not what I expected (should have asked ?) but my wife and two friends thoroughly enjoyed theirs, in fact we returned a further two evenings during our week in Skala.  I did especially enjoy the Pork in a Honey & Apricot sauce and each time, we ordered for our Starter a plate of Greek dishes for two, but shared between the four of us as there was plenty and a good selection....see photo. 

Excellant service, friendly staff   BUT  watch where you sit in May, if the House Martins are nesting . . ha ha !! 

The Pines - (Restaurants in Skala)

Tony & madeleine P          8/10

Excellant relaxed evening meal...good quality, friendly service and you must visit at least once to experience the 'Special' Toilets. Press the button and stand back in amazement.

Pines Too - (Bars in Skala)

Tony & madeleine P  (June 01, 2007)        9/10

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Snack bar with a splendid VIEW !!!  Perfect for a Mid-day snack and drink. We had Pizza's normally, washed down with a Black Rum Bundy on the day it rained or a Mythos when the sun was out (rained like hell on one of our days in May ~ don't normally need an excuse for a Bundy . . make sure the Coke/Pepsi is from a bottle though)

The girls (wives) were on the beach most days from mid morning, eventually joining us for lunch, returning after a cool drink and a snack to their sandy piece in the sun.  Previous comments listed, dated 2004/2005 must really be ignored now, as we really thought the place was ideal for a simple mid-day brunch, it is after all, only a snack bar.

IT DID NOT OPEN IN THE EVENING during our time in Skala..

Flamingo - (Restaurants in Skala)

Tony & madeleine P          10/10

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Enjoyed a light lunch here on a couple of occasions,  found the staff very friendly and helpful. Try their 'real greek' Croquette Courgettes and Big Beans in a rich tomato & Garlic sauce . . followed by a slightly warm Kefaifi and ice cream . . absolutely tops !  Washed down with a glass of Mythos from the tap, not bottle.

The picture by the way, was of a quickly sorted 10yr Wedding Anniversary present for my wife ( TIN -  10yrs )  prepared by the Patron, who is standing in the background.
Ten out of Ten again for improvisation !!  

Nine Muses Hotel - (Accommodation in Skala)

Tony & madeleine P          10/10

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First time to Kefalonia, Skala after fifteen years visiting KOS....we could not have choosen a more perfect location for a week chilling out. The Complex was wonderful, up at 0900hrs every morning for a dip on our own in the excellant pool, friendly staff, air con. rooms, TV for the UK News if you were interested ! !   Picture is from the pool area looking towards the beautiful appartments.

A definite future return visit.  Thanks to the 9Muses for a wonderful break from daily UK routine.  

First Choice - (Tour Operators in Kefalonia)

Tony & madeleine P          10/10

FIRST CHOICE . . FIRST CLASS . .  what more need we say ?