Dionysos Taverna Menu - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Alix M          8/10

I think Dionysis deserves a much higher rating than 3/10.  We have been coming to Kefalonia and Lourdas for the last 7 years and eat in Dionysis every time we visit.
The food is good quality greek food.  Yes they serve chips occasionally but just ask for potatoes or rice instead and they will be happy to comply.  They do a local Kantades music night on Mondays and the place usually gets booked out - if you go on this night then the food is a bit more basic and the service is a bit slower but the music is good and my tip is to either go early or later (instead of turning up at 7.00 with all the reast of the brits) and you will really enjoy it.
I agree with the last comment - the red wine is great here and the deserts are great too!!
Maria is really friendly and the place is great for kids.
We went last year in both June and October and the outside was closed?? (in June it was cold so no surprise)  it would be good if the back bit was open again this year.
Looking forward to eating in Dionysis again in July!

Lorraines Magic Hill - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Alix M          4/10

Everyone gives Lorraines really good reviews so we went to eat here in June last year.  The views are great but we must have gone on a bit of an off day.  Service was not great - staff seemed  to have friends eating there and so spent most of the night chatting to them.
Food was not great either - steak came with a baked potato which was a bit odd and the special chicken dish was swimming in garlic. This was also the most expensive meal we have paid for in Lourdas.
We may have just gone on an off day