Chinese Dragon - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Matt S          1/10

My girlfriend and I were really looking forward to our meal here, and we drove from Skala for the privilage.

To start with it looks promising: you really cannot fault the view, it is a spectacular place to eat a meal...
However, for us, this was the only highlight. The service was poor, drinks ordered did not arrive, and the food, was possibly THE WORST chinese meal either of us had ever eaten. Remember you really are paying a premium here...Hot and sour soup was neither hot or sour, and contained no meat/prawn at all. The fried rice was stale, and the meat dishes were akin to cat or dog food.
We were very disappointed, and the only time the staff showed any interest was when they realised we were unhappy and may write as much in their visitor book.
After talking to other people of our experience we discovered this is the only one of the 3 Chinese restaurants in Kefalonia (one other in Lassi, and one in Skala - which is superb) not to employ a chinese chef...Go for the view, but if you pay for this food, you will be ripped off...

Chinese Dragon - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Matt S

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I would like to reply to Mr Aris, who kindly responded to my earlier review. As he points out, we are all free to air our views, and it seems mine is very much in the minority. This proves how subjective restaurants and food can be. 

I would also like to apologise for misinformation concerning the Chinese chefs - this is what we were told, however is clearly not the case. At the time we did not consider more detailed investigation into this matter during our holiday.
My review was not timely as I had only just discovered this website, and after re-reading my review it does appear strong - I can assure all however, that it reflects our experience, but also, as Mr Aris points out it is not representative of what other have written, bar a very few.
We will be returning to Kefalonia this summer for the 6th consecutive year, and I would like to that Mr Aris for his invitation to return, which we will kindly decline, but wish him all the best for his restaurant in the future.