Suzuki Vitara (4x4) - (Hire Cars in Kefalonia)

Lesley S           

We choose this opentop compared to the jimny as there seemed more room in the back (there were 4 of us.)

Enjoyed driving in it although not on the day of the big storm!

Skala Resort - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Lesley S           

Back yesterday boo hoo!Scala is a lovely resort. Many restaurants/ tavernas. We didnt have  bad meal once in our 2 weeks stay. Not the place to come to if you want 18-30 type holiday (thank goodness) Lovely beach, never too busy,water sports if you want them, friendly people supermarkets etc etc.

Hire a car/jeep and see the rest of the island, the views and scenery are spectacular. Missing it already. Not many other cars on the roads, bliss.

Andreas Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Lesley S           

This is the 3rd time I've tried to add a comment here, so here goes, maybe it will be 3rd time lucky.

Got back yesterday. Kefalonia is a beautiful island, Scala a lovely resort and as many other posters have said Andreas Apts clean, well fitted out, with beautiful views and a lovely pool.
However, if you have children you need to think twice about booking a holiday here. Elizabeth the owner, doesn't seem to like children and should really advertise her property as adults only. She was extremely intolerant of any children around the pool and failed to realise that they were on holiday and wanted to have some fun in the water, not just sit on beds around the pool spending money in her bar. There were many rules, some understandable, but others downright ridiculous. Our two aged 15 and 11 are well behaved and didnt splash around when other guests were swimming, but were told off on numerous occasions. "Don't splash in the pool, or all of the water will come out!" "Get out of the children's pool its for children " when there were no other children around. "Dont play with a ball in the water" were 3 of the comments given to them by Elizabeth.
We felt as though we were being watched when around the pool and even when sitting on our balcony. One afternoon, we had invited 2 other guests from the apts onto our balcony as it was our daughters birthday and we wanted to share some of her birthday cake with them, as they had bought her a pressie. Elizabeth miraculously appeared from her apt above, glared at us and frantically started watering the flowers in front of out patio with a hose. She gave us daggers the whole time we were there! 
Even guests at the apts without children commented on her attitude.
We loved our holiday, the island and the friendly Kefalonians. What a pity Elizabeth wasn't one of them.

Myrtos Beach - (Beaches in Kefalonia)

Lesley S           

Spectacular beach, proably best viewed/photographed  from above. Pebbles/stones make it very hard getting in and out of the water without shoes. Get there early to avoid traffic chaos going down and parking. Also beware, as there are some patches of oil on the beach. A must to visit for a short while and get those all important photos!