White Rocks Hotel - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Kate           10/10

 Just come back from a week in White Rocks Bungalows.  Had a fantastic week, really quiet and relaxing holiday.  The grounds and rooms were all clean and maintained to a good standard.  The pool area was clean with lovelly views of the sea.  The views all round the grounds were fantastic, lots of shady areas to relax as pine trees all round the grounds.

The evening meal was ok, but not the best I've had, so we opted for lunch which was better,  I really enjoyed lunch overlooking the beach and out to sea.
I wouldn't recommend this hotel for young children so many places for them to climb you will be grey by the end of the week!
The staff are helpful, it is a friendly hotel.

Ionio Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Kate           10/10

 Really worried about meals in Kefalonia as by three nights in and I had three poor meals.  Went to this restaurant expecting the worst, and I am pleased to report I was wrong.  The meals were really enjoyable and a good size.  We went back for the rest of the week to try the other meals.

The staff were great, especially Andreas, this is a man who really enjoys his work and nothing is too much trouble, he always remembers people, and makes a point of coming over to chat.
We had different meals every night, all of them were tasty and a good evening was had by all!! 
This is a friendly restaurant with a good greek feel to it, unfortunately alot of the restaurants seem to play old English songs and have too much of a british feel and too many british menu's.

Sirtaki Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Kate           1/10

  Went to this restaurant in July 08 after reading good reviews.  All I can say please do not bother.  The meal was the worst I have had in all the 9 years of visiting different areas of Greece.  The meal was of the standard of Tesco value meal, the garlic bread was stale normal bread with a scraping of garlic butter.  We visited as a family of four, and all of our meals were of a really poor standard. 

The waiter who served us was rude and extremely sweaty.  The sweat was dropping of his face, he looked generally fed up and seemed to dislike the british.  After watching him, I noticed he treated everyone the same,  seemed to dislike people!
Dont throw your evening away.

Captains Table - (Restaurants in Argostoli)


Visited Captains Table on Saturday night.  Really busy so did not mind the wait.  The food was ok, all meals were just ok, the fish was all from frozen and not fresh.  I found the meal to be quite expensive for the small portions you got.

The atmosphere was good as live bands were playing in the square and lots of locals were out with the children.