La Calma Restaurant - (Restaurants in Svoronata)


We visited La Calmas last week when we had a evening meal out arranged by the reps. When we first walked in to the Cocktail bar we were instantly made welcomed. Our night was full of enjoyment, fantastic cuisine and delicious wine and endless Gin and Tonics. We spent a further 3 nights at the bar our only regret was that we hadnt discovered the bar earlier as we had to leave sunday. All the staff there are very friendly and the atmosphere is fantastic. Las Calmas is the place to be.

Now back in not to sunny Wales, we are counting the days to our return in August!!!
Hi to Thanos the Great and to Philip, thanks for a fantastic time and making us feel so welcome and making our holiday the greatest ever.Looking forward to seing you both again soon!
Lots of Love
Fiona And Debbie!!!xx

La Calma Restaurant - (Restaurants in Svoronata)

Fiona O           

Hi all!! just to say that Las Calmas is definetley the place to be in Kefalonia. All the staff are so welcoming and the service there is fantastic. Philip is a very friendly person and makes the atmosphere there amazing, the food is very delicious and service at the bar is very efficient and entertaining (Thanks Thanos!). Caroline is a very friendly waitress and makes you feel very welcoming!!(Caroline, the monster munch are on the way in the post!!!!!)

Now back again in Wales, i am already misssing our nights out at Las Calmas, nearly all of the 2 weeks we were on holiday in Kefalnia were spent at Las Calmas and each moment was filled with enjoyment and friendly company.It was sad to leave on tuesday  We will definet visit again sometime in the future as it is the best place to be.
Philip, missing you already, thanks for making us feel so at home and welcoming!!!!
all the best, love
fiona Owen xx