Scandinavian Bar - (Bars in Skala)

Steven K           

We are just back from a 2 week holiday in Kefalonia and we spent all our evenings in the Scandinavian bar. The staff were so friendly and really made our holiday with their generousity and hospitality. Food was exellent and is the only place on the island that does a desent english breakfast. Laugh Their steaks were second to none and the price was very reasonable with plenty of choice on the menu. Entertainment was fantastic and it was the only place to put on a disco catering for all ages till late. Smile If you go you cannot bypass Micheals cocktails they are the best on the island and if you are really nice he may even feed you with loooooovelllysss and make sure you have a good hangover.

Many thanks to all the staff for making our holiday more special and memorable hope to see yous again soon from Steven & Nicola in Belfast from Northern Ireland

Captains Bar - (Bars in Skala)

Steven K           

We stayed in the captains house / hotel but found this to be a very unsuitable place for a young couple as had no pool or food or anything for young people its seems more geared up for older couples & we found this to be a very boring resort & spent most of out time in the resorts olong the beach front. The bar pride themselves on being the best bar in Skala & say they do the best cocktails but they do the biggist & fanciest but not the best as we found the Scandanvina bar / restaurant which the staff were far more friendly & the cocktails <done by Micheal barman> were stronger & nicer & done all types of food & late entertainment till approx half 3ish.

will not be staying there when i go back