Chinese Dragon - (Restaurants in Lassi)

Julie B          10/10

I have to agree with previous comment, this was one of the best restaurants in Lassi and wished we had made the effort to go there earlier.

We had two lovely meals there, very reasonably priced and the service and quality were excellent
What better way to spend any evening that watching the sun go down over the Lixouri penninsula, whilst enjoying a great meal.
Keep up the good work and ignore the previous message that has been posted with a grudge I feel  

Lassi Resort - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Julie B          8/10

Just returned home from Lassi, staying at Princess Hotel which was just off the main road, but not so far up the hillsides as some of the apartments we spotted.

 I say main road, at this time of year it was like a country village, is you saw 5 cars at a time, it was rush hour, but can imagine it gets busier later in the year
Buses were not running yet, but 5 euro (3.45) taxi fare into Argostoli isn't bad  going
Good range of restaurants and tourist shops and pleased to say not as commercialised as expected (comapring it to Argassi in Zante), although no pharmacy, clothes shops etc, but these can be found in Argostoli.
Many restaurants were only beginning to open up as we got into our second week, and saw no late night bars open, but go to Aqua Marina near Medditeranee hotel for cocktails - very reasonable at about 6 euros a time.