Chinese Dragon - (Restaurants in Lassi)

John R           

Just found this web site.
My wife and I are biased. We have been visiting Lassi for over 10 yrs.
We eat at the Chinese Dragon at least 4/5 times in our 14 night stays in June/July. Aris & George, we are booking our 2005 holiday soon and we look forward to eating at your wonderful restaurant again.

Chinese Dragon - (Restaurants in Lassi)

John R

My name is LAZARIADES ARIS, I am the owner of the Chinese Dragon restaurant.

I would like to reply to Mr. Matt Smiths' comments.

Our Restaurant is operating for May to October welcoming holidaymakers from all over the world.

Everyone is free to write their comments on our visitor book at the restaurant or to use any internet pages as soon as they return back home. Mr. Smith has taken at least 5-6 months to write his comments on the Chinese Dragon dated 04/04/07 ( we closed end Oct. 2006, and we have not opened for the 2007 season yet.)

This is our first bad comment since we opened in 1994 (13 years). We our proud of the excellent comments we get from our diners, said to us personally and via the many international web sites.

You drove 45 kilometres from the Skala resort to eat at our restaurant, when you returned disappointed, you say you discussed it with other people who told you we did not have a Chinese chef.

Perhaps you should spend some of your energy in getting the facts right.

The staff at the Chinese Dragon consist of Myself, 2 CHINESE CHEFS & 5 Greek staff.

Myself and the staff of the Chinese Dragon will be very happy to welcome you again at our restaurant as we do for 9000 to 9500 satisfied tourists every year and we hope that your opinion will be better next time........

Wishing you and your girlfriend the best.......