La Gondola Menu - (Restaurants in Argostoli)

Debbie D           

We ate here in May 2003 and the service and food were excellent. We have just come back from another holiday in Kefalonia and because of the good experience we had last year we went back again. Big mistake! The food was freezing cold and we were just putting our cutlery onto our plates when they were whisked away and the main course arrived. We were very disappointed this time - don't know if it's because it was high season but that shouldn't really be an excuse

Glass bottom boat trip - (Kefalonia Excursions)

Debbie D           

This is the 4th time we have done this trip and once again, it was a fantastic day!  Some people might say that it is expensive but I can assure you it is worth every single penny.

You start the day boarding the boat in Argostoli (we saw some loggerhead turtles feeding on fish in the harbour), then go out toward the fish farms to see if there are any dolphins about.  Unfortunately, the day we went we didn't see any, although on our other trips we did.  All the kids on board make friends immediately and go down to the bottom of the boat to look out for fish in the glass panels.
We sail around for a bit then we go over toward Rabbit Island for snorkelling (kit provided) and then dive for champagne - which my 9 year old son managed to win this year!.  Then we went over to the red sands of Xi Beach where Captain Makis rigs up a volleyball net between the boat and the shore.  Two kayaks are also available.  After playing volleyball for about an hour, where everyone bonded brilliantly, some of us went and helped chopped the salad for the brilliant lunch - 3 pork souvlaki, Greek salad (with or without feta cheese) and bread.  Vegetarians also catered for with BBQ'ed aubergine slices which were yummy and very garlicky.  There were also seconds of more souvlaki, aubergines and Greek sausages followed by water melon and gallons of white wine, orange squash or water.  The lunch and drinks are included in the price however, if you want a drink/snack on board the boat you will have to pay extra.  After lunch it was time to cover ourselves in clay!  We all looked so funny!  You smear the clay on and then leave it to dry, then rub it off and then wash it off in the sea afterwards.  Our skin felt so smooth afterwards.  It is packed with minerals which is good for your skin.  About 4:00 pm we head back onto the boat and head back to Argostoli, with karyoke or entertainment - even Captian Makis joins in!
A fabulous day, great food, great entertainment, lovely people and staff - what more could you want.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to absolutely anyone, it's fantastic and well worth the money (hence this being our 4 time!).