Siroco Restaurant - (Restaurants in Skala)


Good value, authentic Greek restaurant,well worth a visit, try the Orgion Red, you won't be dissapointed

Siroco Restaurant - (Restaurants in Skala)

Nick P           

Siroco, siroco siroco!!!!

We just came back from Kefalonia, the day before yesterday.
End of season, everywhere really quite, but Siroco prooved for one more time that is the best. People were leaving because restaurant was packed ...and everywhere else was just not very busy. Don't miss it while you are in Skala.

Siroco Restaurant - (Restaurants in Skala)

Jackie C           

Siroco is the new upmarket of Skala. What to say ? About the food, about the bar, about the night sky ....with the stars .... about the toilets ??? oh, boy ....don't miss it ...because your holiday will be incomplete!
jackie x