Kaliva - (Restaurants in Skala)

David H           

Waited until the last night of our holiday before visiting Kaliva, the experience was unforgetably awfull. The service was dreadful: We waited some minutes to be shown to a table, gave up and found our own only to be moved from it to another by the tall, miserable waiter who served us for the rest of the evening. I ordered a litre of white wine, while we looked at the comprehensive menu. 15 minutes later I prompted him and he fetched it. We ordered a main course of chicken, we both had the same, which took 50 minutes to arrive!!! The sauce was a seafood sauce not the cream in white wine we ordered - we were starving by now so ate it anyway. The plate smashing started at about 9:40 - 3 plates and we saw nothing!!! Ordered a peach boat dessert for my partner, when it came the waiter tipped most of it on the table and over my partner's arm!! He used a spoon to scoop it pack into the dish, wiped my partner's arm with some tissues and walked away leaving the mess in front of her!!! She ate some of it before feeling rather unwell. I asked for the bill, when it arrived I was told it was wrong and that things had been missed off so he would take 30e!! I protested but without effect we left before my anger got the better of me. NEVER AGAIN!! We had visited a number of other tavernas during our stay in Skala and foubd them to be excellent but this one is really very poor - perhaps things have changed from last year.

Arkontiko - (Restaurants in Skala)

David H  (June 26, 2003)         

I think Arkontiko is over-rated although the house wine was very good. Food is average, you can buy better elsewhere for the same cost. Look out for the waiter who clears up the plates, he'll want to take yours even if you've only just started your meal!!! Service is very good otherwise.

Apostolis Taverna - (Restaurants in Skala)

David H           

This is a grill only taverna so choice is rather limited. Did enjoy the chicken souvlaki though and the service was excellent. Worth a visit for a quiet meal.

Old Village Restaurant - (Restaurants in Skala)

David H           

A dissapointing experience after the hype. Had the chicken in lemon which was a very generous portion but rather over flavoured. Did eat it all though!! No real atmosphere, surroundings seemed a bit strange - not comfortable. Service was good and attentive - only went there once!