Marina-Anna Studios - (Accommodation in Trapezaki)


We just loved it! this year they're working without tour operators!
join them! book straight away! their email is

Trapezaki - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Katerina K           

Hello, visitors of justkefalonia! Im the owner of Marina-Anna apartmets and would like to say that Trapezaki is the ideal destination for relaxing and sunny vacations!!!
Some tour operators are trying to convince guests and even (think about it) the local people that this lovely area will be abandoned from everyone! For no perticular reason. Just because they want to play their own games! Well, no!! This will not happen! we will not let it happen! They cant just cancel our contracts 2 days before guests arrive! giving no serious reasons!
Thank you for reading my "comment" and just know that Trapezaki will be open to all and you will be treated with friendlyness and see the hospitality that you deserve!! c u all