Contessina Restaurant - (Restaurants in Sami)

David B          3/10

we ate here on the first night of our holiday and not again. the food was most disappointing and well below the standard for the area. It was priced competitively but was far short of the quality of others. my partner ordered a mushroom risotto, which when it was served, turned out to be just long grain rice!!

Despite the food quality being low, there was a local group of men sitting in the resaurant playing their instruments and singing along. This was the only restaurant that had live music, which was a perk.

Dolphins Restaurant - (Restaurants in Sami)

David B          6/10

The food over all is good, however, it is not worth all the hype. The food was over priced and not as good as some of its competitors. The mermaid (next door) is by far the best in Sami. The food there is better and far cheaper! Dolphins was also very greasy and lacked the atmosphere.

Drinks are also expensive

Mermaid Taverna - (Restaurants in Sami)

David B          10/10

In my personal opinion, I think this was by far the best place to eat in Sami and was also the cheapest and absolute best value for money!! The portions were very big and worth every last cent!

The quality of the food was outstanding!

The service was excellent and on entering the restaurant, we were welcomed by almost every member of staff with a friendly attitude. I would definitely reccommend this restaurant 100%! 

Taka-Taka-Mam - (Restaurants in Sami)

David B          1/10

Awful. I did not eat at this restaurant, because I DO NOT like shaven kebabs and grills. Everytime we walked past, whatever time of day, we were without a doubt harrassed by the owner. "Hi guys! You want a grill/kebab?" NO I DO NOT. Despite us continuously turning down the restaurant, the owner carried on. If the restaurant was good enough, they would not need to harrass people to come in, let the food speak for itself!!