Veto Bar

Bars in Skala

Amy M           

Denise - I totally agree with you...what's happened there? There wasn't the same buzz that's usually about the place...Makis and Spiros...they've changed - in it for the money I think. This is definately not the place it used to be 3 or 4 years ago.

Stefan W           

Some of these comments worry me,has Veto's changed that much?Hope not.We love the place last year.We are going on Sunday to Skala.

Stefan W           

Going to Skala in a week for the third time.People that say Veto's is poor don't know what they are talking about.It is the best bar in Skala-Spiros and Makius make you feel so welcome remembering you from previous years.They are very generous with the shots of strawberry vodka.I've had many good nights in Veto's - keep up the good work!

Rach and su            

Veto is a great bar went here before scandi . . . i have to dissagree with the other comments on here because i found the drinks and the cocteils very good and well priced - the atmosphere is is really buzzing and the staff especially george are very polite and do there best to look after you . they have a takeaway next door which stays open til about 4 ish and the do great food !
C u all again soon
Rach and Su x x x

Rach and su            

We went to Veto's everynite before Scandi and I have to disagree with everyone elses comments we liked Veto a lot . Nice atmosphere and the drinks were good especially all those cocktails ! LOL ! The staff . . . well George were extremly friendly and polite ; ) C u again soon
Rach x x


hiya i went 2 Skala for 2 weeeks on the 14th august it was excellent.Vetos was excellent dont think me and my sisters could ave lived wivout goin in there played gr8 music,staff nice...quite a few cute if you are visiting skala soon dont miss out Vetos...and the bakery vetos nxt door is gr8 2 luvley pizza!!

Graham H           

Just got back from two weeks in Scala. Veto's was definitely the place to go - stayed there most nights until 3 am. The blonde waitress is Themitra and the brunette is Aspa. We were treated like family by all the staff, including the managers. Definitely going back!

Lisa A           

We just returned from 2 weeks in Skala, had the most fab time, we spent almost every night in Veto's the most memorable being the night Greece got through to the Semi's, what a night of partying and drinking all sorts, Spiros and Makis were so welcoming and friendly telling us about the Island and drinking with us, they do work hard so can understand some nights they want to chill out. Cant wait to go back next year .

Helen H           

This was our first visit to Scala and we went to Vetos nearly every night. The staff, particularly Makis, Spiros and Lambros were superb, very welcoming and by the end of our fortnight we were treated like old friends! The drinks were reasonable and the music was great. We will definitely be going back.

Jasmin E           

we went to there i think it's fantastic, i think that bar is better than any other bars!nice lads there, i met so lovely person!!!!! next year i'm going again!

Roger G           

Went here once, didn't bother going back!

Barrie W           

Veto'e was ok, but don't bother getting too upset if you don't make it there - you won't have missed much

Laura J           

This bar was ok. some nice guys, makis is sexy, and he plays with lots of girls, especially me!! Hope 2 c u again guys!!

Simon P           

This bar was great, i loved it.

Bob S           

My wife and I went to skala last year, and enjoy our evenings trying out the local bars. We were very disappointed with Veto's bar, we found the atmosphere very flat, people just staring at the TV screens with no conversation happening. The drinks seemed over priced too considering the stingy measures. If you miss Veto's out when you go to Skala - don't worry, you won't be missing anything!

Tony F           

Probably the main reson for going back to Scala is the two brothers at Veto,s.Always welcoming and they remember you year to year!They said "you still with him?" to my lady last year,but in good taste.

Not just a bar but an unofficial tourist information site.Great drinks,no short measures,if fact some mornings I wish they had!
Great atmosfere,just go there and find out.

Ian C           

Nice cool atmosphere chilled music and friendly waitress. she's poor at maths and the bill is always from her head, however she was very nice and attentive. just a nice place

Maz M           

got back in sept from a fab week in scala are second time there! vetos is wkd best bar there!made u feel really welcome and remembered us from last year!!the staff r great really friendly and a good does a great cat impression!lol!and pavlos with his mad tricks!as for spiros and makis they make the bar they are great!c u all next year!!!!!!
if ne 1 remembers us email us

maz n becky



need i say more


David B           

Just came back from Skala amazing place, Veto's was definatley the place to go.. Fell for a beautiful waitress too, can't recall her name if anyone knows? Would love to speak to her again.. As for the staff they're a great lot, good to chat and provide a very nice atmosphere..

Stephanie G           

We loved all the bars in Skala but have particular fond memories (okay so some a little blurrey!)of nites spent in Vetos!. The two brothers who own the bar are extremely friendly and really good fun! So, sit at the bar enjoy the slow vodka and relax! ... We did!

Chris W           

Good atmosphere, nice for people watching, try and get a seat by the pavement, stick to the special offers on the blackboard, or you will have a bit of a shock with your bill.

Ron W           

superb pint of strongbow and great background music if you like melodic rock

Paras S           

We went Jun 2003 and ended up at Veto's nearly everyday. Nice relaxing place to have a drink and people watch. I recommend drinking the local beer Mythos and my girlfriend was pleases as it was the only place that served Strongbow on draft. The barman and waitress were extremely friendly.

The music is also good as they run Deejay TV on wide screen which play all the latest music. Nice place hignly recommend.

Rachel S           

Vetos is by far the best bar in Skala. The entertainment that the bar staff provide alone is enough! Very friendly, welcoming and funny - just watch out for those alcoholic slush puppies they serve!

Geri G           

This bar is one of the friendliest bars in Skala. Owned by two brothers, you are always greeted with smiles and waves. Great drinks and slush puppies, and is open late for great entertainment.


vetos is by far the best bar in scala !!!!we went there everynite 4 2 weeks!!! good drinks and excellent bar staff!!!

Nigel F           

Great new modern bar on the main street in Skala,very popular with the younger locals, open till late.Try an alcoholic slush puppy.