Drogarati Cave

Places to Visit in Kefalonia

Jed W           

The previous comment was about how to turn a fantastic natural phenomena twenty years ago, into a high turnover tourist attraction in the persent day.

If you liked it now - it would have blown your socks off twenty years ago.

Dave F           

Not sure what the previous comment was all about - I saw what I expected to see, and enjoyed my visit very much. Yes there was lots of people there, but this added to the visit, the steps down to the caves, were quite steep and in places slippy, but not dangerously so. With myself and my partner, we had three kids ranginging from 8, 7 and nearly 3. all the kids loved going down (not sure about the return up the steps lol) the view of the cave was fantastic. Afterwards the free use of the pool was a welcome relief from the heat, and was spotlessly clean. I would recommend this short visit for a break away from the beaches etc.

Jed W           

Well what can I say. After a twenty year break what a disappointment the caves were. They had totally caved (sorry) in to tourism and had the 'ship them in ship them out' mentality. Gone were most of the 'tights, either vandalised or cut off to avoid the compensation culture. A flat concrete path had been bulldozed around the caves instead of letting you meander through the rocks, and the centre completely removed to allow concerts to play. I also remember a few more natural phenomena the last time I went but I think they too were removed so as to fit in more people.

The cafes and the pool area, again pandering to the tourist - just leave it alone, I don't want a plastic ciggy lighter with a naff logo on the side.

Laura N           

The caves were well worth a visit. Very unusual and very cold which gives you a break from the heat! There are 126 steps to walk down and then up again! Good photo opportunity.

A H           

Don't think the caves were that good. Seen better in Derbyshire (eg Blue John). However, it was good to be down there in the cool for a while and didn't seem too crowded at about 11.00 am. The Cafe across the road was great. Firtly there were house martins (or where they swallows?)nesting under the canopy so you could watch them coming and going and feeding th eyoung ones. Secondly there is a free pool which was not crowded. It was so good we ent back another day just to go in the pool.

Pauline S           

It's one of those places you see that takes your breath away. I was speechless. the lighting was fantastic. The cave is sooo big that it's occasionally used as a concert venue! It's quite cool down there too giving us a break from the dead heat above ground. This place was only found after the earthquake in '53. Fascinating. A must see!

Lord B           

We were staying at the Pericles so walked to the caves. Thought it was good value for money. We had just started our walk back when a taxi pulled up (much to the appreciation of my husband, as by this time it was getting quite hot). We got in and when we arrived in Sami my husband went to pay but the taxi driver wouldn't take any money. He kept patting his heart and refusing payment so we understood this to mean either, 1) it was his good deed for the day or 2) he didn't think John's heart would last out for the walk back! Either way, it was a very nice gesture and very much appreciated.

Robert P           

Very impressed! Good value for money at €3.50. We must have been lucky though because there were hardly any others there and could stay as long as we wanted, probably failing to capture it effectively on film! It was very effectively illuminated but a bit slippery under foot. I have to say I liked it more than Melanissi. The free swimming pool at nearby cafe was a lovely touch as well.

Jamie W           

There were literally hundreds of people in the cave when we arrived so obviously this detracted from the spectacal. That said, the cave is really impressive with astonishing acoustics. If you do go, make sure that you hire a car and don't go as part of a tour as all of the coaches seem to arrive at the same time. We ended up queuing for about 20 minutes to get in. The steps are steep and slippery but as its an underground cave, I fail to how people can be surprised by this.

Dean K           

What a place! Ive never seen anything like it! Really nice place and proper interesting just to be there and look around! Its a great place to visit as its massive inside!

Trevor M           

We went here around lunchtime when most of the coaches were at the lake, so it was pretty quiet - and lovely and cool away from the midday heat.
The price of 3.50 euro's was pretty good too,and also there is a small cafe with reasonable prices and free use of the swimming pool.
You can stay in the cave as long as you like, cool off and just gaze at this amazing feat of nature - and sing if you dare!

Emma C           

My husband thought it was magnificent but i was disappointed. The 100+ steps are very steep and slippy but it is better than air conditioning once u r down there. The stage in there is fantastic, formed by the stalagmites and stalagtites. We went as part of a coach party but only a handful of us went down to the caves. At 3.50 euros it was good on price but it is a very short trip. Our guide told us that they had Maria Calas (the opera singer) do a concert in there, but because of the power of her voice and the breathtaking acoustics she broke some of the mites and tites, so they haven't had an opera singer since.

Ken S           

I agree it's ashame about the vandalism but it's still pretty impressive. If you can time it as we did before any coach trips arrive you might be as lucky as we were and have it to yourselves. That way you can belt out a song and really appreciate the fantastic acoustics. Cool in every sense.

David C           

Our second favourite excursion of the holiday (after the Ionean boat trip).
The cool, damp atmosphere is a welcome relief from the sweltering heat.
The stalagtites and stalagmites are very impressive but the best thing about the cave was the magnificent acoustics. No wonder they hold concerts in there. I couldn't resist a few whoops myself!

Sue C           

We really enjoyed this. Thought it was very specatacular (although the damage is quite sad)Its a really amazing sight and we thought it was much better value for money than the lake, and when we first went in there were only about 3 or 4 people in there so we could wander round. As we left, a big party came in and I think it might have been different if we had come in then. The steps are a bit daunting but if you take your time they are ok. Lovely and cool in there also. Well worth a visit.

Andrea M           

I was expecting a little more to be honest. I almost fell down most of the steps as they are REALLY damp and very slippy. Inside the caves are pretty enough but its really quite a quick trip. There is a small café and shop opposite the caves to stretch out the visit!

Jaden A           

The cave was an impressive size yet as someone has said it was somewhat of a dissapointment after the hype and the tourism has definatley affected the formations. But it keeps you cool for five mins!

Beth L           

Definitely worth a visit - such a shame that some of the stalagtites have been damaged due to vanadlism - after a morning in the blazing sun its nice to go underground - its so cool there

Sarah B           

It was very hyped up. If you have seen some magnificant caves in your time, this one doesn't measure up. The size of the cavern was impressive, but there is only one! It takes about 10 minutes to look round it. I got my hopes up reading the reviews and was disappointed. Although if you haven't seen many caves before, it will impress you! Only 3.50 Euros to get in I think so not a rip-off.

Cheryl K           

Well worth a visit (especially if you want to cool off)!

Kate F           

After a slippery, precarious descent, we were treated by a breathtaking view of the inside of the cave. This is an amazing place, and is not to be missed. It looks truly fantastical inside, and it looks like it should have a big dragon living in it!

Sarah T           

Its worth a visit, just to say you've been (and managed all those steps!). I would recommend shoes with grips as the steps can be slippery. Although there was a seat about half way, you wouldn't want to sit on it!!! Glad I went, but once was enough.

Phillip E           

Not what I would call a "must see", just a cool, slippery cave you can do in about 5 mins. We did like the bats though. Entrance 3.50 Euros as at the 5/10/02 and you have the usual coffee/food bars charging faily high prices for a drink.

Marianne G           

It was really interesting and fascinating, but if i'm totally honest not amazing. This and the lake, particularly this, took very little time and so we were finished really quickly.

Philippa Y           


Jill M           

Fasinating. Well worth the climb down all those steps and back!

Ruth S           

Worth a visit!

Kate S           

What a site, brilliant, we got there really early and were the only two in the cave, except for the bats.

Helen M           

I would say that if you visit kefalonia than this is a must,The stairs are a little daunting but the caves are well worth it, take a camera and a jacket as it can be cold. And watch all the oldtimers beat you up the stairs. dont wear flip flops as i nearly broke my neck.

Becky C           

quite a nice quick visit, 2 10 year old boys had great fun and managed to come out brown! tip: dont wear white! becky x

John H           

The 120 or so steps leading down to the cave sound daunting but we saw Greek ladies aged 90 tackling them without any problems! Well looked after this was another breathtaking historical place to visit.

Louise C           

Really amazing site-big cave so no need to worry if you dont like small spaces-theres no crawling involved-just a few stairs!!! Take your camera!! Its worth seeing-especially considering that one inch of each stagagmite/tite takes 100 years to grow-something not everyone gets to see in their lifetime x x

Laura S           

Amazing. Make sure you have the right change, they dont like notes!! 3.5 euros.

Rob E           

This is like something out of "Tomb Raider". Fantastic, and there is a bar and the use of a pool afterwards.

Graham H           

Wonderful, but wear footwear with grip as it gets quite slippery!


The caves were enchanting and mystical, like something found in a fairy or fantasy story. Very dank inside, which is very refreshing in comparison to the usual climate. The ground surface is slippery though.

Jacqueline K           

Well worth a visit, wonderful acoustics.

Don L           

Very dramatic setting. Well worth a visit.

Sharon W           

It simply took my breath away when I entered the cave! The beauty & tranquility was amazing. It was a must see.

Janette H           

Wonderful place, I have never seen anything quite like it before, a definate must, just make sure you wear good shoes a little steep going in and out also a bit slippy under foot once inside.

Sue C           

Excellent place - well worth the visit - watch the 126 steps back up though!

Daniela T           

Einfach wahnsinn! Die Höhle ist sehr beeindruckend und atemberaubend - ein Erlebnis für sich. Man sollte es nicht auslassen, aber unbedingt eine Jacke mitnehmen, es wird relativ kühl.

Michael S           

what a fantastic place, if you appreciate the true beauty of mother nature, then this is for you.

Irene C           

A "must" if you are visiting Kefalonia. Spectacular caves and nice and cool in the middle of a Greek summer. Try to avoid visiting between 11am and 1pm as this seemed to be when most of the bus tours were there!