Bars in Lassi

Emma L           

Really nice bar with friendly english speaking staff. We went there so many times they gave us our drinks before we could order them! They play a variety of music for all ages. Highly recommended.

Martin P           

Extremely well laid out with smallish patio areas set in a garden of flowers, fountains and waterfalls. An ideal place for early evening or pre-dinner drinks and to watch the glorious sunsets over the Lixouri peninsular. Livens up later on with indoor and outdoor dance areas - although the music seems to be more “middle of the road” or romantically aimed at slightly more mature couples. Very friendly staff who sometimes served small cocktails to taste, free of charge. Spent quite a lot of time (and a few Euro’s) in there - and was not disappointed.

Eileen F           

I think you mean Cafe Bar EDEN. If so, this is the classiest bar in Lassi. Waterfalls and Olive trees and designed around a garden. Indoor dancing area. Music appeals to slightly older more sophisticated age group and gets more contemporary later on. Will appeal to anyone who likes to chill out and people watch early on and boogie on down later. Friendly staff, good selection of drinks.