Captains Bar

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Elaine W           

what a brilliant place Great cocktails, Great staff and Great atmosphere. DO NOT miss this place - you are in for a treat!!



Paul V           

big fun! how else can you describe what tina & monica dish out at captainsbar? yamas! ...and if you like your music hip, your cocktails sexy and your blahblah deep, you wanna be here. i swear the made cheers after they visited this place.
"yo mon! screaming orgasms for everybody... i'm paying!!!!"
keep em comin, girls xxxx

P N           

CaptainsBar is the toast of Skala. We enjoyed many venues around Skala but Monica and Tina crowned each evening with their wit and charm and energy. They are the hostest with the mostest. It's fun without compromise and they dont mind if you just HAVE TO dance!

Christopher M           

What a great place, really cool bar for chilling or having fun with the very funky girls behind the bar. Monica and Tina are really cool and make you very welcome, they are very friendly to everyone which makes the atmosphere in the bar fantastic. Would recommend it to anyone, i made lots of new friends at Captains and will definitely be going back one day!!!

Christopher M           

Tried most of the main bars in Skala, and would have to say Captains is one of the best. It really has something for everyone,even the kids have some special cocktails!Tina,Monica,Theos and Andreas are really friendly and make sure that you have a great time, it's fun if a little crazy at times, but that only adds to the experience, which is always happy nights on your holiday if you go to Captains.

Lyndsey M           

Found Captains Bar on our very first night in Skala and to be honest was completly blow away by the place just fantastic. Monica & Tina are 2 very sexy chicks (Monica being my choice). If your looking for a place to chill or looking for a hangover the Captains Bar is the place for you, M & T will show you a fantastic time. If your off to Skala its the place to visit believe me!!!!

Catherine T           

Found Captain's bar on the second night of the holiday and were delighted to find such a wide selection of cocktails on offer. Although they seemed quite pricey at 5 euros, they came in very large glasses and took ages to drink so actually a bargain. The staff were wonderful and the children visiting the bar were treated like little stars - I even saw the ladies giving one child a present on the last night of her holiday - the little girls face couldn't have lit up more at Christmas.
Captain's bar has something for everyone - cocktails, TV and super service.

Alex C           

Monica and Tina were so nice and made everyone feel welcome, been home 3 days and want to go back RIGHT NOW !!!!

Lee S           

I went to Skala in 2002 - found Captains Bar and had an absolutely fantastic time. I am hoping to go back this summer, found this internet site again and couldn't leave it without putting in some good words about Captains, the lovely ladies at the bar and to recommend that anyone visiting Skala comes here to ensure their holiday will be the best it can be.

Natalie S           

Had a great holiday in Skala last year, found Captain's Bar about half way through and wished we'd found it earlier. It's a very friendly place with great cocktails and lots of fun. We definitely reccomend it, and would love to go back!

Paul A           

I thought the Captains was a brilliant bar - for early evening chilling or after dinner partying. Great selection of cocktails, a very entertaining place with fun times and laughter being part of the excellent service.

Chris W           

Great atmosphere, great drinks, great hosts ..... Great Place!!! Go there .... you'll love it.

Mandy G           

A fabulous little bar tucked away from the main street, well worth taking a walk round the corner to find. We had a fantastic time on our holiday - lots of fun, largely due to the friendly atmosphere, will definitely visit Skala again sometime.

Gill S           


Roger G           

An absolutely fantastic place, Monica and Tina will go out of their way to ensure that every minute you spend at Captains Bar makes your holiday even better.

Barrie W           

I'd give Captain's Bar 10 / 10 anyday, no infact I'd give it 12 / 10. Excellent fun, can't fault it at all .... and I wouldn't want to. Loved it!!!

Kate P           

The Captain's is by far the best bar in Skala. Tina and Monica's cocktails are fantastic and the girls themselves are absolutely wicked. Really great company. Miss this bar at your peril!!

Shaun R           

The best bar in Skala. Such great Memories. Tina and Monica are fantastic. Fun and laughs and hospitality beyond the call of duty. Can't wait to return.

Jen N           

Wicked. if you never tasted a Monica Special, you havent lived! Tina is one hot chick with so much chic! Ian 'Dickhead' Cavan-watsit proves Monica and Tina welcome EVERYBODY, Darlings! I bet poor Ian was suffering so much he had to stay and get another round... Wait. I guess he did! ... right until the miserable end - dammit. probably went back the next night to see if it was really that 'bad'. One more over here please, Mon and one for our friend Ian. Bless him. No luv, he's paying.... again.

N U           

WELCOME TO FUN CENTRAL. Monica and Tina are your hosts and this train makes ALL the stops, darlings. You can get on or off at: FeelGood, Tiddly, Tipsy, Mellow, Pissed n Happy, OffYaTits, or OrfYerTroli... Great night out!

Lin D           

Great place. Dont matter who you are or what you look like, they make you feel welcomed here. The other bars do drinks but at Captains you are more than a customer, M and T treat you like a friend. They make sure you got a good seat and pay attention if you need anything, even when the place is crowded and they are running around for everbody. And you got a nice view of the sea and an nice safe, open feeling. Perfect. You miss it, you miss out, big time!

Bob S           

We really liked this bar, would recommend it. Friendly, fun and a really good atmosphere - everyone is made to feel very welcome.

P N           

We had such a great time we kept going back for more. Monica and Tina added spice to our holiday. They run a happening place and give you more than your money's worth with a big welcome, excellent service, generous portions, fine nostalgic and modern tunes all in a fabulous open atmosphere. Captains is as unforgettable as her hosts and definitely not the right place for the terminally morose or those who enjoy playing on their own. The fun STARTS when you hit Captains, Dahlings.

Paul N           

Holiday fun starts when you find Captains Bar. It's a place for party people and the style conscious. You pay for generous drinks, lively music, great atmosphere, and friendly service. The bar staff, Monica and Tina, are classy and hot. Its like they live to make you feel special, Dahlings! What a great place to chill out and have a laugh. Definitely not for the terminally morose or people who like to play alone.


Probably the friendliest bar in Skala, once we found it! It's not on the main street, but well worth walking round the corner to find it - opposite the Captain's House Hotel. Would definitely reccommend checking it out - Monica & Tina will make you very welcome.


Our friends recommended we go to Skala this summer, and that Captains Bar is the place to we are really looking forward to going for long sunny days and crazy cocktail nights!!!!

Laura R           

Had an absolutely fantastic time at your bar....will recommend it to all my friends. thanks for the vodka filled nights!! see you again soon. x x x x x

Claire P           

I spent most of my holiday nights at this bar, the cocktails were out of this world, as was i after i'd had a few!!! captain's bar... be there or be nowhere!


I had an excellent holiday in Skala last summer, Captains Bar was brilliant ... will definitely go back!


Excellent in everyway - Captains Bar is a must in Skala


Captains Bar ..... It rocks my world !! xx


well guys - looks like we've well and truly shat on ian's abusive message, good job!!!! we think captain's bar is really great, the cocktails are as crazy as the ladies!!! it's the only bar we know in skala that you can get g*y water!!!!!

hello monica and tina, and happy birthday to you monica ( but you must be true with people about your age darling! ) see you in june xxxxx

A H           

maybe ian cavannagh has removed the rod from his a**e now and is a little more chilled now - or if he had spent long enough at captains bar then he would be one chilled dude - with fine company, excellent drinks, and very sexy ladies working the bar!!!!! - and anyway, if he was as angry in skala as he appears to be then it's a good job he left captains bar coz he would have ruined the atmosphere for everyone else!!!!!! i can honestly say it's the best bar in skala - we tried all the rest - and basically they're s**t!

Simon P           



had a brilliant holiday at captains house hotel last may - will definately be back again this year. captains bar is the best bar in scala, and although hunks were a bit sca**e, monica and tina were brilliant fun - lots of laughs. you must see the best cocktail maker on the island at work - but beware, too many and you also have the best hangovers! lovely jubbly!

Lynzey J           

Captains bar rocks. To Tina, you must be more happy, i love u, but cheer up. u have to try monica's cocktails, they are something else! Loadsa booze and very little juice. very sexy ladies and go there to drink away your sorrows and have a good laugh. great atmosphere and even better people. You've got to go!!

Laura J           

i loved captains bar!! by far the best bar on the island!! you must go! monica and tina are both lovely!! and monicas cocktails are the best!! its a very friendly, fun environment and you have to go!! happy birthday to the crazy cocktail girl monica!! 28 2day!
ian cavanagh sounds like a boring old fart who needs to get a life!!! i dont know who u r but f**k off!!! you dont know how to have fun!!!!
anyone who goes to kefalonia must go to captains bar!! have fun!!!

A H           

What a great place!

A V           

Captains Bar is luvely darlings! A good place to chill out in the evenings, never a dull moment ... that's why people go back again, again & again...... We had a fantastic holiday in Skala .. Captains Bar was a large part of that!!


Captains Bar is by far the friendliest bar in Skala, good drinks, good entertainment, lovely people!


We had a great time ..... loved it!Lots of fun, a great place to spend your nights, you can't walk past without a " Hello Darlings!!!" Monica & Tina are very nice people, they will make you very welcome

Barrie W           

: - )

Barrie W           

The Place was excellent in every way !!! A definite must for Skala


B****cks to the comment below - Captains Bar is the best - if you go to Skala and miss it out - you missed the point! Monica & Tina are excellent - you won't be disappointed. So to those who have slated it .... sort it out mate - you're on holiday!!!!!


We think the comments below are way way way out ...... you couldn't find a friendlier, happier, brilliant bar if you tried. If you go to Skala and miss out Captains Bar ... you missed the point of going there in the first place. Monica and Tina are excellent, absolutely the best - they will make you so welcome, they are so friendly, they'll introduce you to other people. The atmosphere there is generally crazy ... and attracts all types of people - everyone is truly welcome. It's an open air bar too which is a massive plus as against the Loft or BB's ( and they have a cover too ... just incase it rains) CB made are holiday - we can understand why lots of people just go back year after year. So to anyone who slates it .... sort it out mate - you're on holiday afterall!!!

Lucia B           

Captains Bar is the friendliest place i went to when i stayed at Skala(october). The cocktails are really nice, id recommend you try Monikas Magic,the best of the lot!The music is very 80's but a lot of fun when you've been on Monikas cocktails all night!On the last night my friend and i tried the lager and it was really good.Im not much of a lager person but i did enjoy theirs.Cant wait to go back.

Lucia B           

Captains Bar is the friendliest place i went to when i stayed at Skala(october). The cocktails are really nice, id recommend you try Monikas Magic,the best of the lot!The music is very 80's but a lot of fun when you've been on Monikas cocktails all night!On the last night my friend nad i tried the lager and it was really good.Im not much of a lager person but i did enjoy theirs.Cant wait to go back.


Absolutely the best bar in Skala .... with the best people... don't miss it .... just go & try it .... you'll be there every night - we were!! Monica & Tina will make you very happy :-)

Laura F

Myself and my sister are looking for work in Kefalonia may to october 2004. If you know of anywhere that is looking for English staff please let me know. Thank you.

Sarah B           

Probably the best bar in Skala - it is a must!! It's hidden away behind the Captain's Hotel so look out for the signs to it off the main street etc. Try the Champagne cocktail - its well nice!! Tina and Monica are v. welcoming, we even got a couple of gifts on our last night for being regulars!!

Cheryl T           

My daughter wanted me to put a comment on here, she loved it. The drinks were really cheap and the staff were extremely friendly, but it was so small in the main bar ,that i could only manage one drink before escaping.

Ted H           

very friendly bar with exotic must try it!!!

Carl W           

Would recommend this bar to anyone. Tina and Monica are friendly and the service was excellent. Try the Englishman in Skala cocktail which is very refreshing and intoxicating.


The Captains Bar is THE place to drink in Skala. Although only a small bar, the atmosphere was great and the cocktails were the best on the island. I recommend Monicas Magic and Tropical Heat. I hope you're not camera shy though as Tina loves nothing more than to take your photo complete with cocktail and firework, we have photos of us with nearly every drink we had there, and that's a few! Also don't miss wednesday nights as that's the weekly draw with the star prize of a greek vase. Sadly we didn't win, but there's always next year!!

Jane R

Im looking for a room twin beds self catering for 7 nights from 18th August in the areas of Skala Friskardo or Assos or anywhere - but not the area of Argostoli and Loudata.

can anyone help?

Mark M           

Excellent bar. Great service from the staff. Not great prices but same as everywhere else. Ideal if you're staying opposite in the Captains House Hotel like myself. If you're British then this is one of the better bars in Skala.

Ian S           

Came back from Skala last week - the Captains Bar is excellent made so by the staff Tina and Monica - they danced and talked the night away but never any problem getting served.Its only a small bar but friendly. Have given top marks to Hunks and Babes cos me and Linz were there !

John H           

we found the captains bar very friendly and the atmosphere great we are hoping to go back asap

Rachel D           

we came here a few times we found it quite expensive but it has a really good atmosphere.

Graham V           

We initially visited the bar because of all the hype, and half expected to be disappointed. The fact that we went there every night, speaks volumes. Monica and Tina give you a welcome that is second to none, which is accompanied by terrific service. The bar also attracts like minded people, which adds to its appeal. I can still hear the call, " Its happy hour darlings"

Chris T           

Tina & Monica rule the bar - The vase competition is a great idea that keeps you going back for more, would have been a better idea to run it from Sunday to Saturday as interest was lost after the draw on Wednesday. The drinks were fantastic (Monica is a star (great hat)). Hunks - well I'm a guy so I'm not really gonna comment (hence the average score). But as for the babes - you didn't need any for customers - the ones behind the bar were enough for anyone - keep up the good work girls!

Katherine B           

My friend and I stayed at the Captain's Hotel, next to the bar, so got to know th bar staff quite well. The cocktails are great - try the B52! Really friendly atmosphere, you are made to feel very welcome. With each drink you get a ticket with chance to win a Greek vase. We clocked up 52, but unfortunately didn't win! Definately worth a visit.

Alan W           

Visited early Sept 2000.Had a great time.Visited the Captains Bar most evenings.Never saw any lager louts or any trouble in our 2 week stay.We're flying out 3rd Sept this year for 2wks.Can't wait.Couldn't find a bad eating house.ENJOY.

Kath H

We are off to Scala in early Sept. Any info./advice as to what to go for and what to avoid. We are into seafood, peace/tranquillity, locals, history, carhire, and not keen on "being ripped-off/unsafe, lager louts, and screaming kids!! Cheers, Kath and Steve (It is a sort of 2nd honeymoon!!

Paul S           

monica I love you. She has to be seen. This is the best bar in the whole wide world

Cathy M           

An excellent place to stop for that 12.00pm cooling drink, it comes in a Glass stright from the freezer !! can taste it now. A great place to stop.

Dave B           

Super little bar with a great atmosphere. An obvious stop of point when walking back from the beach. And the afore mentiond bar staff. well up for a laugh and very entertaining. Keep it up girls :-)

Michael S           

nice little bar, good selection of cocktails, the two young girls who ran the bar, tina and monica, where very funny and full of life. well worth a visit.