Nostas Apartments

Accommodation in Trapezaki

Rebecca P           
Cathy V

I visited the Nostas Apartments in 2002 and had a wonderful time. I would like to come back but am unable to find these apartments at any tourist board. If there is a telephone number to contact the Nostas apartments I am happy to book directly with them.


forgot to inform u that nostos is available from olympic holidays for summer 2002, and libra holidays for summer 2003


i actually work in a pool bar in trapezaki resort. "Nostos" (not nostas) apartments is just down the road from where i work. it's a family run property, with a pool and a quiet bar beside it. oh i shouldn;t forget 2 say that the view from the pool and from the room balconies is just smashing!!! hey if u do come over pop in the bar i work for a quick shot!!!

Gareth B

view nostos appart ments in trapezaki