Aridas Palace - Lourdas  (7 Comments)
Denis Taverna - Lourdas  (2 Comments)
Have a look at the Dionysos Taverna's takeaway menu. Free delivery anywhere in Lourdas. Menu is in English.
Inopolis RestaurantIt is a new , luxurious tavern with a wonderful veranda. The view is panoramic and includes the entire gulf of Lourdas and the coast of Leivathos as far as the cape of Liakas, whereas one can make out the northern coast of Zante in the distance.
La Mer Restaurant - Lourdas  (123 Comments)
Lizas Grill - Lourdas  (2 Comments)
Lorraines Magic HillSet up on a hillside overlooking Lourdas Bay, a unique dining experience awaits you. There'e plenty of room for everyone so, please join us. We look forward to serving you.
Mezedakia - Lourdas  (33 Comments)
Olive Lounge - Lourdas  (13 Comments)
Spiros Restaurant - Lourdas  (102 Comments)
Stamna Taverna - Lourdas  (0 Comments)