Eleni Studios - (Accommodation in Lourdas)

Tim G           

Have just returned from two very relaxing weeks at Eleni - just the tonic. Studios are spotless (although three adults would be a little cramped) and the view from the balcony over the olive goves across to Zante is stunning.

It is a hell of a walk to the beaches. 2km the signs say. Trapezaki is the nicer with a less steep road and a more gently shelving sandy beach. Lourdas beach has about five tavernas along it - very developed for the island! The road down to Lourdas beach is much more steeper - jarring on the knees as you walk down. But there is little there. The main centre of the `resort` is 200m down from Eleni itself - although the road is a good 45 degree`s! And by resort centre we`re talking 5-6 good tavernas, 2 supermarkets and a few car hire places. And lots of olive trees.

But whatever you do see the island. Jaw-droppingly spectacular, very under-devloped and the locals very friendly.

Very relaxing two weeks only slightly marred by spending the last three nights kept awake into the small hours by a small minority of the residents enjoying a `karaoke` at the open pool bar. The massacring of `Dancing Queen` at 1am one night will live with me forever! But someone has to ensure the stereotypical Englishman abroad lives.

But that is the only tiny complaint of the two wonderful weeks we had - and it`s just a matter of personal preference.

Spiros Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Tim G           

Ate here about five times in two weeks - primarily due to largest variety of veggie food, the fact that it took credit cards and for Spiros, who during the day collected the 6 for sun-lounger rental on Trapezaki beach.

Very Kefalonian. You didn't receive your bill at the end of the meal but went up to the till, Spiros would ask you what you had and that's what you paid for. They had no tabs. Very tpical of the island and on the day we left he gave us a bottle of Ouzo.

An experience.

September - (Best Time to Visit)

Tim G           

Two weeks from September 20th. First week all sun and some haze. Some cloud and a thunderstorm for two afternoons in the second week and then back to heat. Lovely. Bloody cold when we got back here though!

Onassis Dream Cruise - (Kefalonia Excursions)

Tim G           

Wonderful day cruising round some stunning islands. Lovely.

Boat a bit cramped. Also, word of warning for anyone staying in Lourdas. You're the fist pick up at 7.10am; followed by lots of other pick-ups and a long trip to Fiscardo over those scary Greek mountain roads. It's nearly two and a half hours before you get off the coach! With all the coaching it's a twelve hour day.

Assos - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Tim G           

Absolutely beautiful and quiet. Scenery amazing - public toilet not!

Drogarati Cave - (Places to Visit in Kefalonia)

Tim G           

Certainly well worth a visit, even if it just one big hole with broken hangy-thingy's.

Fiskardo - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Tim G           

I loved Fiscardo. Very small and picturesque. The island as a whole is expensive for Greece and Fiscardo is more expensive still. But well worth a visit and for posing around on your boat in the harbour. Okay, so it might only be a small, hired motorboat. But is size really that important?

Melissani Lake - (Places to Visit in Kefalonia)

Tim G           

Stunning. Not a massive feature but very humbling, eerie and spooky. The view into the water at the deepest part is amazing and the boaters were wonderful. And a bit scary sat in the back of the boat as everyone climbs in and out.

Libra - (Tour Operators in Kefalonia)

Tim G           

First time we travelled with Libra - it was a late booking. We normally go with Thomson so were interested in the comparison.

Rep was excellent, very enthusiastic and approachable with no real hard sell. Accomodation lovely. In fact we chose the Eleni becasue of the comments on this website. Transfers were efficient. Trips great although we were always the first pick-up; on one trip at 7.10am. It was still dark - we woke up the roosters!

Only one tiny whinge which was over getting a veggie meal on the flight. Ordered when I booked the holiday but not there on the outward bound flight - apparently I should have booked it at check-in. So filled out form on flight to book it for homeward flight. And they still had no record. BUT they still managed to get me one. Its just annoying when travelling cattle-class that I have to publically inform 50 people within ten feet of me that I'm an awkward eater when the stewardesses bring round the rations.