Astra Bar

Bars in Lourdas

Pat M          9/10

Have had our pre-meal drinks here every night this past week. Music was good and the barman was pleasant and friendly. Certainly a place to reflect on the day

Darenne P           

Music good, if a tad loud!! But as the weather was warm we sat outside so not too bad.

Drinks reasonably priced, the barman was a hunk, made me wish I was 20yrs younger and single
Stays open really late and you can have a dance there too if you wish

Tarina W           

We enjoyed Astra Music Bar as the bar man was always friendly and it was a good base before going for and coming back from a meal.

You needed to raise your voice over the music but he played everything from ballads to dance music.


We stayed at the Maria Anna and we went to Astra and to Muzes, drinks are same price as the U.K. the music was too loud the main attraction was the bar man called Makis, watch out you single girls have you seen the film Shirley Valentine, one sure thing he was having a good summer

John C           

We were staying at the Maria Anna on a late booking, we did visit the Astra twice, the Music was very loud unlike the music at the Muzes Bar, drinking in Kefalonia is not cheap, but me and my wife soon noticed the attraction at the bar was the bar man Makis, watch out all you single girls, some of you may remember the film Shirley Valentine!!!! we met one girl, called Claire, who was having a nice time and its only half way through the season!!!!!


Really good and well priced cocktails, would recommend it as it has good views as well.

Claire D           

Hello the astra is a wounderful place to go and have a drink. me and my friend kate have been to kefalonia 3 times now as we have got many friends out there including makey the bar man.There is a wide range of music played and what ever you want to hear. if you read this hello makey,billy,and every one at lamer including mr wildsmith! he,he,he. love you all claire and kate

Angel B           

It was a real good time! Lovely atmosphere. My opinion is that ASTRA Bar is the Best bar in Lourdas area!I found a perfect service and very friendly staff!I suggest to visit and to enjoy the fantastic coctails. The price were reasonable.
It's worth to visit!!
I promise to my girlfriend to travel again the next year to Kefalonia and to be again at Astra bar.

Lee F           

I dont know what everyone is complaining about yea maybe the prices were a bit expensive but how can you complain when you have such a great bar man Makis he is so lovely and really looks after you and he will put on any music you want if you just ask. Very friendly place lots of fun I was there till at least 3.30 every morning with my dear friends sohnia and amordeep.
Go there the astra bar after 11.30 -12.00am is the livelyest place there and its loads of fun!

Natalie H           



Aaah Astra bar, this place made my holiday, everybody keeps mentioning the lovely Claudia so i will too, she is lovely and busy and attentive and slightly mad!!! Oh and pretty, Claudia appears to remember nearly everyone on the islands drink which can lead to intoxication much quicker than usual or maybe thats the incredibly strong cocktails made by the gorgeous Makis?! both of the staff in this bar made my holiday great and my sister, me and assorted new friends had great fun trying out new drinks, checking out the local blokes and learning lots of interesting greek words and phrases, none of which i can write here!! AND i would just like to say to all the people complaining about the prices in this bar, GET A LIFE, its not expensive unless you are comparing it to bars in the sixties!!!!! A typical cocktail in london with probably half the spirits costs about 8.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so there!

Dave F           

Drank at Astra on most nights of my 2 week stay, friendly staff to take orders, drinks were excellant - can recommend for a nice place to drink after an excellant meal.

Natalie H           

Went here nearly every night. Claudia the waitress was an absolute diamond !!!! So friendly and polite - she really made the place !!! As not alot of choice within Lourdas this was the obvious place to go for a nice chilled beer in a pleasant environment. My boyfriend Darren took a particular liking to Claudia !!!!

Gemma F           

Myself and my boyfriend spent a week in Lourdas,Kefalonia and discoverd Astra bar on our first night. Although the drinks/cocktails were more expensive than you'd expect on holiday we found the service spot on - Claudia the very hard working waitress was never without a smile on her face and welcomed you each night even remembering your favourite tipple. The music was also great, mostly all the dance you'd recognize from the UK but unfortunately some dodgy greek pop on our last night(so maybe avoid saturdays if your not feeling cultured!) The views were also lovely, would thoroughly recommend it!

Lowri L           

Excellent service by Claudia. She worked so hard every night, not only remembering our drinks but taking the time to teach us Greek as well. Lovely scenery, mountains in the background and sea view to the front.

Ellaina T           

It was fantastic!!!!!!! Great bar! Great music! Fabulous Cocktails!! Great service!!

Louise T           

We couldn't wait to get back to the Astra bar in May 2003 having been there back in Sept 2001 when the drinks were great and so were the prices! The music too was stunning.
May 2003 however the German guy who used to work there has left and it's not the same place - totally heartless, very expensive and the music...well lets not go there.

Ann D           

Friendly waitress but expensive. Very populate whilst we were staying at Lourdas - couldn't get a table after 10pm.

Andy K           

The Astra Bar is certainly situated in a beautiful location in Lourdata, but I have to report that the prices are rather extortionate - in fact being more expensive than pubs in Britain. The music played is extremely out of date, and is often competing against the very loud music blasting out from another bar across the road from the Astra Bar. Also be warned that if your accommodation is located close to these bars, the music does vibrate until the early hours for several hundred metres. I must mention that the Astra Bar's staff are very polite and friendly, and that there is a very beautiful young waitress to admire for the male drinkers.

Grant M           

Otherwise known as Devs bar(after the cornershop lothario from Coronation Street),because the owner bares an uncanny resemblence to him. Relaxed,chilled out,beautiful views,top variety of music(60's cool to modern ditties),you can request your listening delights at the bar. Only drawback was the price of the cocktails,just as much as dear old blighty!

Matt W           

Lovely view but far too expensive (thought we'd been charged for the complimentary crisps too).

Barbs C           

VERY expensive!! Music was quite good but we only went there once as the Owner charged far too much for drinks.The bar was never full presumably due to this.

Kate S           

Nice location and close to out appartment, but a bit pricy when you compare to the price of eating out. 2 Vodka and oranges came to 10 euros, when a litre of vodka and a carton of orange from the super market a few steps away came to 9.60 euros!!!!! Guess where we drank from then on?

Colin P           

We thought the hike up to it was ok especially as the view was good withe the setting sun accompanied by the best music - Eric Clapton. What could be better? Drinks were fairly priced and free nibbles cant be all bad.


Drinks were OK (but much more expensive than Muses). Music was a great source of amusement! At one point a bit of 70s disco came on to be interrupted by Dolly Parton doing "Blanket on the Ground"!!